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This newsletter has much repeats from the previous two that had little distribution however There are additions, corrections, and deletions as appropriate. September for us has been quite complex from the weather and other problems.but have been had time now and then to work up some major long runs such as the Philatelic Literature Review, Collectors Club Philatelist and hopefully the Siegel catalogs, all we can offer as long runs for those interested. We will be in Italy Oct 1st -12th but can get orders, out before then.

We need some issues of the Philatelic Literature Review, 2nd series, between No. 1 and 39.

British West African Mail Packets to 1900

by Colin Tabeart

Postage rates; the Royal Navy packets 1848-50, General Screw Steam Ship Co. packets 1850 t0 1852; African Steam Ship Company's 1st, 2nd and 3rd contracts: Elder Dempster & Alfred Jones: the non-contract period 1872-3; first joint mail agreement with British & African Steam Navigation Co.; supplementary mails 1873-74 during the 2nd Ashanti War, etc, etc. to 1900, General and Ship Indexes, 2015, 560 pages, cloth, edition of 100 copies, $135.out of stock but more in transit

PLEASE remember we have an extensive stock of literature, much more than on our web site and are always glad to check.

U.S. Ten Cent Stamp of 1855-59 by Mortimer L. Nankeen 1960, 252 pages, cloth, a basic volume on classic US, new, $60.00, used $27.50

The U.S. Ten Cent Stamp of 1855-1857 by Stanley B. Ashbrook 1936, 87 pages, card, used but not abused, $27.50

American Illustrated Cover Catalog by John R. Biddle, Advertising covers from 1850 to 1930, 2300 illustrations in color Author's deluxe binding in ½ leather, edition of 38, $225.00, reduced to $205.00 1981, 260 pages, card, $30.00 reduced to $25.00

North Atlantic Packets Departures and Arrivals 1818 - 1840 by James R. Pullin In working up my stampless early Chicago and Kentucky collections I found this work and the below to be of exceptional value. 2009, 312 pages, dust jacket, $97.50

A History of Cross Border Communications Between Canada and USA between 1761 - 1875 by Malcolm Montgomery & Dorothy Sanderson 2010, 397 pages,

The 1836 Anglo-French Postal Convention, How this agreement between Great Britain and France made it easier to send international mail from all parts of the world, by Geoffrey Lewis, 2015, 372+ pages, in color, cloth with dj, $135.00

United States Registered Mail 1845-1870 by James W. Milgram

The US Inland Waterways, Star Routes 1824-1875, by Hugh V. Feldman The contract water mail routes for the entire U.S.; excellent, written descriptions, maps and table. 2008, 408 pages, 2008, cloth, $75.00

Hugh Feldman is well along on his latest book on the US RR, a massive work of circa 1,200 pages but it Will not replace the two old standards in any way

U.S. Railroad Postmarks 1837 to 1861 by C. W. Remele The standard work on the early markings. 1958, 169 pages, cloth, $225.00, special $205.00

Railroad Postmarks 1861-1886 by C. L. Towle & Henry A. Meyer The standard work on the later markings. 1968, 379 pages, cloth, $85.00, special $70.00

The Black Jacks of 1863-1867 by Maurice F. Cole, 1950, card, 121 pages, 105.00

Black Jacks, Harry F. Allen Collection of Black Jacks by Maryette B. Lane 1969, 148 pages, cloth, $55.00 reduced to $35.00

Spain, Adhesive stamps, A Tort, The Classic Stamps of Spain, Guia Del Coleccionista De Sellos De Correos De Espana, vol 1, 1850-1854, 1935, 401 pages, vol 2, 1855-1869, 1945, 413 pages, Vol 3, 1870-1900,1950, 365 pages, all publishers cloth bound with multi color printing (ie a red stamp is shown in red, etc), the original edition, in Spanish, $385.00 special reduced to $315.00

Histoire de la Poste Aux Letteres et du Timbre-Post….. by Arthur De Rothschild, Paris 1879, 423 pages, cloth with magnificent stamping and good paper but the spine hinges are falling apart, binding should be restored, well illustrated, an exceptional work, $425.00, reduced to $350.00

Japanese Post Offices In China and Manchuria by John Mosher 1978, 225+ pages, cloth with dj, $165.00

China, "Huayou Jijin II, The M. Mizuhara Collection" complete Vol 1, 1982 through Vol 8, 1992, in English, mint condition, each volume in the original slip cases, $1,475.00, reduced to $1,375.00

The Postal History of the Union Castle Line including Union & Castle Lines by Mike Dovey 2011, 78 pages, full color, plastic cover, published £ 19.95, $40.00

The Bombay - Aden Sea Post Office by Mike Dovey, Covers 1868 - 1914, departure and arrival dates The Bombay-Aden Sea Post Office by Mike Dovey & Peter Bottrill, 2112, card

The Railway Station Mail Agents & Stationary Sorting Offices Postmarks of India 1862-1924 By Christopher J. S. "Bartlett, 2013, 64 pages, card, some color, $40.00

The "Shipping Postmaster" Cancellations of South Africa by Mike Dovey 2014, 38 pages, in color, card, $37.50

Seaposts of the USA by Roger Hosking, 2008, 84 pages, full color, card, $55.00

The Cancellations of Hungarian Post Offices on the First Five Issues of Austrian Stamps 1850-67 by G. S. Ryan, 1980, 600 pages, cloth, English edition, one copy available, $410.00

British Empire Campaigns and Occupations Near East, 1914-1924, A Postal History by John Firebrace, 1991, 460 pages with 100 pages of illustrations, $300.00

Les Premiers Paquebots a Vapeur Transatlantiques 1840-1868 by Henri Tristant, 1984, In French, 52 pages, card $27.50

Russia Posts in the Empire, Turkey, China and the Post in the Kingdom of Poland by Sergel Prigara The stamps, entires, cancellations and postal history. 1981 English edition of 1941 book, 202 pages plus 17 plates, cloth, $42.00 Russian Posts in the XIX Century by K. V. Bazilevich The operation and administration of the mails, it does not cover the stamps or postal markings though some are illustrated. 1987 translation of 1927 book, 168 pages, cloth, edition of 603 copies new $50.00, one used copy $30.00

Postmarks of Russian Empire, pre-adhesive period by Manfred Dobin In English and Russian, well illustrated with covers and hundreds of markings and maps. St. Petersburg and Moscow are as chapters, other towns are alphabetical, about 2,000 markings. Covers 1765 to 1857 but many markings remained in use into the adhesive period. An evaluation of markings in US $ is given.1993, 544 pages, full leather, $85.00 reduced to $77.50

The Postage Stamps of Gibraltar by Geoffrey E. Duveen, 1932, 59 pages, cloth, $32.50

The Postal History of Fiji 1911-1952 by J. G. Rodger 1991, 112 pages, card bound, edition of 300, numbered $65.00

An Annotated Bibliography of Burma Philately by Alan Meech 1993, 125 pages, 16 illustrations, card bound $40.00

The definitive edition of Albert Friedemann "Die Postwertzeichen und Entwertungen … den Schutzgebieten ….. " in 4 printed binders through part 17 (1970) , in German one set only $225.00

Oxford Regional Economic Atlas, The Middle East and North Africa, 1960 ,135 pages, 64 map plates in color, card bound, $37.50

Sweden, Svergiges Frankotecken 1855-1963, Sveriges Filatelist Fourbund, the 3 card bound volumes housed In a cloth case, new condition, with the 1963 reprints tipped in $175.00,reduced to $160.00

Handbook over Norges Frimerker 1855-1955, Vol 1 1855-1888, 1963, 311 pages with 6 tipped in "reprints", cloth, new condition $125.00, reduced to $115.00

Non philatelic, American Activities in the Central Pacific 1790-1870, 1967, nine volumes plus maps, each volume circa 500 pages, white sail cloth binding, perhaps a complete set but by far the most complete set we have ever heard of, $400.00, reduced to $350.00 post paid in the US

Billig's Philatelic Handbook, Vol 1 - 28, all cloth bound, $650.00

SPA Journal, for it's period it ran equal and at time better than the APS, new condition, Jan 1947, Vol 9, No 5, missing Vol 12 and Sept - Oct 1980, to April 1981, estimated weight 90 lbs, $450.00, reduced to $400.00

Congressional Report, Report of the Board of Public Works of the District of Columbia, until Nov 1, 1872, 253 pages, with 21 x 18 colored street map of Washington & Georgetown, binding removed, $95.00

The Edward S. Knapp Collection by Parke-Bernet, 1941-1942, all three parts, cloth binding with PR, net $175.00

Our best wishes


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