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China Clipper

magazine bound copy are complete from Vol. 1 (1936) to Vol 66( 2002) 24 Bound Books All originals and not reprints (2002 - 2022) not bound, Complete Run, $2.700.00 delivered to US mailing address

The Postmarks and Postal History of Cameroun

Under French Administration - 1916-1959

by M. P. Bratzel Jr.

2021, 481+14 pages in full color, cloth bound, plus a CD having 658 searchable pages. Covers all phases of the philately from the development of the postal service, stamps and covers, handstamps, WW II, etc. edition of 100, limited stock, $85.00+$4.00 pp to a US address

The printed book is quite well laid out and logical, it is all in English. The CD is logical but one must understand it and have some knowledge of French, it contains the full original documentation. First go to the Appendix and find the item of interest, the D-xx number reference is a file on the CD having the original full information in French, the subsequent files are also in French.

The History of Airmail in Poland and Its

Contribution to Airmail Services of Europe (1914-1939)


Jerzy W. Kupiec-Weglinski

2021, In English and Polish, 422 pages, hard bound, $79.50 post paid to a US mailing address.

Chinese Air Mail

An exceptional four volume set, all in full color, cloth bound, excellent, paper, printing and binding. Each book shows a complete exhibit, page-by-page, Three of the exhibits are written up in English, one in both English and Chinese, published by the Chinese Post & Telecom Press, circa 2014

Published at 1,680 yuan ($125.00 !) per volume, cloth bound and well produced, the full set $250.00, one set left

A Collectors Notes and Comments on the Rare and Mysterious Colombian Airmails 1919-1923

by Barry P. Fletcher

In essence it covers Colombia airmails C1-C24B and C36-37. It is written from a collectors point of view with regard to numbers printed or known, scarcity of the different stamps on flown covers, flight details and dates, provenance of the more well known pieces, comments on fakes and forgeries, etc., etc. We assume this volume is a prelude to a more extensive book should additional information surface. 2016, 128 pages, in color, card, the author’s e-mail address is printed in the book, page on the page facing the copyright, he will gladly share information, edition of 60 copies of which 25 are for the US

French African Airmails 1932 to 1940 Gerard Collot and Alain Cornu, Weill illustrated, 2013, 272 pages, paper case binding, $85.00, enquire.

Edward Proud's massive Air Mail Study, the set is complete but now out of print

Intercontinental Airmails, Volume 1, Transatlantic and Pacific by Edward Proud

AAMC 7th Edition

American Air Mail Catalog, Seventy Edition, American Air Mail Society All new, in color and a now in a large format

AAMC, 6th Edition

American Air Mail Catalog, Sixth Edition, American Air Mail Society The standard overall work on American Airmails, the new 7th edition will evolve over a number of years

Chronology of American Air Mail Catalogs

The editions of the American Air Mail Catalog are a bit complex, a proper identification of the editions and printings would be most appreciated and listed for everyone to use if some reader would obliged in correcting and expanding the below. For prices please see our d and listed for everyone to use if some reader would obliged in correcting and expanding the below. For prices please see our assundry section.

Air Mail Operations During World War II, A Study of Routes, Rates and Markings by Thomas H. Boyle, Jr., American Air Mail Society Over 400 illustrations and 150 tables of rates and routes. 1998, 927+8 pages, card bound, $180.00

The Transports by G.H. Davis The Airmail Transport series of 1941-44, all facets, stamp design, production, usage, rates and routes, over 200 photographs of stamps and covers. 1999, 231 pages, card, $28.00

American Air Mail Catalogue, Fifth Edition, current and standard complete work. All volumes are now out of print however we do have copies of the previous editions and expect used copies will come in from time to time. The first volumes of a new edition is already in stock but it will be a number of years before the rest come out..

Please see our ASSUNDRY for used AAMS, etc. catalogs: Go to Assundry

1990 American Air Mail Catalog Pricing Supplement Vol. 1 - 5, Pricing updates with introduction to each section. 1990, 218 pages, cloth, $20.00 enquire first

Indexes to The Airpost Journal, Vol 1-60, 1929-1989 and Aero Philatelist Annals, Vol 1-25, 1953-1971 and 1975-1982 1992, 200 pages, cloth $14.00, sold out

The Buffalo Balloon Mail 1873-1877 by Robert Schoendorf A fine study of both the flight and the stamp, Scott CL 1. 1979, 30 pages, card, edition of 500, numbered, $20.00, snquire first

Jenny by George Amick The postal and philatelic story of the 24¢ 1918 Airmail Invert. 1986, 264 pages, 85 illustrations, card, out of print limited stock, enquire before ordering, $25.00, cloth with dj, $35.00

United States, The 24¢ Air Mail Inverted Center of 1918 by H. M. Goodkind 1956, 32 pages, card, outprint from CCP, $17.50, nquire before ordering

United States, The 5¢ Beacon Air Mail Stamp of 1928 by H. M. Goodkind 1965, 61 pages, card, enquire before ordering, $25.00

Airmail Special Delivery Stamps of the U.S. by Ralph L. Sloat 1977, 86 pages plus fold out table, card. $12.50

Airmail Antics by Fred Boughner Stories of the Pioneer U.S. Government Airmail Service, enjoyable. 1988, 190 pages, card. $12.50, cloth bound $35.00

Pioneer Airplane Mails of the United States by T. J. O'Sullivan The 1910-1916 period, illustrates covers and memorabilia. 1985, 338 pages, cloth, $27.50

Max-I didn't get to know him very well by A. D. Jones The life of Max Miller, the first of the early U.S. airmail pilots from May 15,1918 until his death on September 1, 1920. The story of the development of the transcontinental air mail service. 2004, 132 pages, card, $16.50

History of the U.S. Pioneer and Government-Operated Air Mail Service, 1910-1928 by O'Sullivan & Weber 1973, 190 pages, cloth, $20.00

Aerial Mail Service, A Chronology of the Early US Government Air Mail, March - December, 1918 by Don Jones A fine account of the services, well written, illustrated and printed. 1993, 128 pages, card $16.50

Turk Bird, High-Flying Life and Times of Eddie Gardner by James H. Bruns The story of one of America's first civilian air mail pilots. 1998, 104 pages, card, $12.50

Pioneer Flights of Garden City Estates, New York 1911 by Schoendorf 1982, 79 pages, card, edition of 500, $20.00

Areophilatelic Flight - Hawaii & Central Pacific 1913-1946 by Crampon 1980, 70 pages, card, covers the flights, cancels, cachets, sold out

Via Airmail, An Aerophilateic Survey of Events, Routes and Rates by Short and Ganz An anthology of new articles, notable the Domestic, Beacon and Zeppelin rates covering 74 pages, articles from the Chicago 1911 meet to the Concorde. 1992, 224 pages, cloth $22.00


Sanabria Airmail Catalogue, North America edited by S.R. Datz & R. Sine Covers the US, Canada and Mexico. The first volume of a new series intended to cover the entire world. Not as detailed as we would like but the first new edition since the 1972 edition, 1995, 120 pages, card $20.00


French Colonial Airmail rates from 1920 to 1945 by Bob Picirilli Covers the letter rates and airmail surtax for French colonies from the start of commercial aviation to the end of WW2, and provides for the first time a comprehensive source of information to explain the postage rates applied to pre 1946 French colonial airmail covers. Published by the France & Colonies Philatelic Society (GB). 234 pages, card bound, and a CD having a 7,500 cover database, sold out

Colombia, The Lansa Story, The Postal History of the Colombian Airline LANSA by Alfredo Frohlich & Dieter Bortfeldt, A comprehensive story of the history, covers, stamps and forgeries. 2005, 179 pages, in color, cloth, $135.00, sold

Columbia, Handbook of the SCADTA Provisional Surcharges 1921-1923 by Santiago Cruz & Dieter Bortfeldtprinted in Colombia but in English, new study of the provisionals including details on the forgeries, 2004, 120 pages, $135.00, sold

German North Atlantic Catapult Flights 1929-1935 by James W. Graue & Dieter Leder, A good history, flight details and detailed priced catalog, 2004, 235 pages, metal spiral bound, $62.50

Deutsche Lufthansa, South Atlantic Airmail Service 1934-1939 by James W. Graue & John Duggan, Europe to South America, a detailed listing, flight details, 2000, 236 pages card, $67.50, sold out

Special Zeppelin Mail and Postcard Catalog 2000 by Frost Similar to Sieger but perhaps a more logical approach, the first number is the airship and the second part is the flight, unfortunately though it is in English it is evidently a translation and the grammar is not well done. 1999, 303 pages, card, $29.50, sold out

Special Airship Mail and Postcard Catalog 2005 by Frost 2005, 497 pages, card, one copy only, $47.50, sold out

OAT and AV2 Markings by Murray Heifetz, 2nd edition from the AAMS, Air mail markings giving transit instructions, 1938-1974 2000, 2nd edition, 142 pages, card, $12.50 2007, 3rd edition, 168 pages, card, $17.50, sold out

Correio Aero - A History of the Development of Air Mail Services in Brazil by William Victor Kriebel The development of the airlines that carried mail in and out of Brazil, Aeropostale, Lufthansa, LATI, NYRBA, Pan Am, Varg, Condor, etc Another fine volume from the AAMS, 1997, 200 pages, card, in English, $16.50

The Mass Flights of Italo Balbo by Robert E. Lana Flights made by Italo Balbo in 1928 to the Western Mediterranean, in 1929 to the Eastern Mediterranean, in 1930 across the South Atlantic and in 1933 to Chicago. All aspects including value of the covers. 1996, 144 pages, card, in English $16.50

The Pioneer Period of Hungarian Air Mail by Victor G. Berecz Jr. Hungarian air mail from the 1800's through WW II, the major emphasis is WW I and just after, well illustrated and produced. 1996, 200 pages, card, in English, $16.50

Peruvian Civil Aviation by Herbert H. Moll The experimental flights by Chavez and Bielouvic, the flights of the 1920's and 1930's and the Faucett and Panagra Airlines 2000, 87 pages, card, $16.00

China, A Comprehensive Illustration of Covers with Sinkiang Provisional Airmail Stamps, 1932-1933 by David Lu, Each cover is described in detail with full provenance, in both English and Chinese. Well printed with excellent English test though the general arrangement is strange. 2001, 256 pages with 8 in color, hard bound with dj (not card edition), $32.50

A Philatelic Guide to the Postal History of West Indian Aerial Express and Pan American Airways 1927-1931 by Norman Alan Cohen An enjoyable and useful work, well produced for the price, well illustrated. 1997, 164 pages, plastic spiral, sold out

Air Mail Routes and Rates in South America, 1928-1940 by Mario D. Kurchan Full text in both English and Spanish, well illustrated with maps and covers. These two volumes overlap only a little.

Airmails 1870-1970 by James Mackay, 1971, 215 pages, cloth with dj, $17.50

Charles J. LaBlonde

Newfoundland Air Mails 1919-1939 with additional notes on Subsequent Flights and Air Stamps

France, Histore de L'Aérostation et de L'Aviation Française de 1783-1930 A fine catalog of French Airmail, well illustrated, printed and bound 1981, 192 pages, cloth, French $32.50

France, The Flight of the Ville D'Orleans by Ernst M. Cohn Perhaps the most fascinating flight from the 1870 Siege of Paris.

Haiti, Early Air Mail of Haiti by Peter C. Jeannopoulos, 2010, 28 pages, in color, card, $20.00

Honduras, The Black Honduras by Irving I. Green 1962, 32 pages, card, stamp, history and philately $14.50

Rocket Mail Flights of the World to 1986 by Dr. Max Kronstein An interesting coverage from the Siege to Paris in 1870 to date. 1986, 199 pages, cloth $25.00

Air Crash Mail

Recovered Mail = Courrier Recupere, Airline Crashed 1918-1978 by Henri L. Nierinck Mail from non-U.S. airplane crashes 1918-1978 Arranged by year, well illustrated and well indexed. 1984, 365 pages, cloth, illustrated, in English and French 1985, 8 page, card pricing guide, published at 1,900 BF= $65 US, net $30.00

Crash Covers an Aerophilatelic Challenge by Joseph L. Eisendrath, 1979, 210 pages, cloth, $35.00, sold out

Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways and Predecessor Airlines by Kendall C. Sanford, Imperial Airways and predecessors were Britain's international airline from 1924 to 1940 when it became British Overseas (BOAC), 96 covers and 174 cachets are shown. 2003, 12+190+18 pages, card bound, with 4 page pricing guide, out of print, $120.00

Pigeon Mail

Pigeon Mail Through History by Senor Salvador Bofarull A fun book from ancient times to the modern with the Franco-Prussian War, WW1 and 2, Santa Catalina Island in 1894, Polar Expeditions, Spanish Civil War and other services known to philately to end in 1998 with a blackmail threat to the Nestle company for diamonds to be attached to the neck of Pigeons to reveal the location of poisoned food. From the Stuart Rossiter Trust. 2001, 16+167 pages, card, £25, $60.00

The Pigeon Post into Paris 1870-1871 by J. D. Hayhurst A fine and readable study, and it is in English. 1970, 48 pages, card $25.00

The Great Barrier Island 1898-99 Pigeon Post Stamps by J. Reg. Walker, a fine study of the history, stamps and covers, CCNY handbook no. 22. 1968, 109 pages, card, $25.00


Weebau, World Space Catalogue The complete world catalogue of Space on Stamps, over 13,000 illustrations, Scott, Yvert & Teller and Michel numbers, English, French & German 1990, 2nd edition, 1,168 pages, card, mostly in French $35.00

Sanabria, Cosmonaut Autographs Identification GuideIllustrates the autographs and lists the missions and crews, 1994, 74 pages, spiral metal binding, $17.50

Francis J. Field Airmail Booklets

These small booklets were originally published by Field and are similar in nature to the series by Philip Cockrill, in essence they give the essence of the subject which is often all that is needed. For the most part the below are reprints by M.S. Todd with full royalties being paid to the family. In a few cases we can supply the original printing at the market price. Stock and prices revised April 15,2004.

Chavril Press

We are pleased to be able to stock the Chavril Press titles in the US at prices that are most favorable.

These small booklets have the essence of the subject. They do not contain the depth of the major studies but they do make fine quick references and introductions to the fields, in many cases they supply all that is wanted. Unless otherwise noted all are authored by C. R and A. M. Entwistle. They often contain a valuation guide.

Our friends in the UK should order direct from the publisher: Chavril Press, Bloomfield, Perth Road, Abernethy, Perth, Scotland PH2 9LW

The British Army Post Office in Conflict & Crisis Situations 1946 - 1982 by Charles Entwistle, comes complete with a 'Priced Checklist' for FPOs, 25 events are detailed however because of the size the Korean War and the protracted guerrilla wars in Cyprus, Malaya and Kenya are not covered, 2005, 36 pages, card, published £10.00 plus transit, $20.00

World War I in East Africa: Civil Censorship by Regis Hoffman 2001, 24 pages, card, £6.50, $13.00

A Priced Catalogue of British Army & Field Post Offices by C. R and A. M. Entwistle Laid out by APO/FPO numbers giving the theatre of operation and dates

The Post & Censor & Other Marks From Prisoners of War Letters 1914-1919 by F. J. Carter, edited by M. Russell The first edition was in 1932 and the second was never sold commercially thus this third edition is most welcome.

Wartime Airmails:

Censorship in the Royal Air Force 1918 to 1956 by N. Colley and W. Garrard Mostly WW2, 62 types by design, arranged by geographic and recorded period, also covers RAF mail not handled by the Army PS, historic background, 1500 censors recorded by country, partial cross index, rarity factors. 1993, 76 pages, large format, card, UK £17.50, $37.50

History of the RAF Postal Service Overseas 1942-1957 by W. Garrard

Undercover Addresses of World War II, Revised Edition, C. R and A. M. Entwistle. This work covers mailing addresses that permitted communication between the Axis powers and the Allies and also to conceal the identity and or location of those involved. Many things used such addresses such as the Box numbers for the Manhattan Project, addresses on mail from the Netherlands to Portugal to be sent to London, etc. etc.

French Somali Coast, Postal History 1939-45 by A. R. Torrance 1992, 24 pages, card UK £5.50, $11.00

Civil Censorship in Australia & Dependencies 1939-1945 by J. C. Smith 1991, 48 pages, card, UK £8.50, $17.00

Ceylon - Its Postal History 1914-19, with value guide 1990, 12 pages, card UK £2.00, one copy left, $5.50

Assundry, only one of each

Sanabria's Air Post Catalog

The Saga of the Air Mail by Carroll V. Glines, 1968, 180 pages, cloth, with dj, not philatelic but of interest, $12.50

Flying the Mail by Donald Dale Jackson, An extremely attractive non-philatelic book, circa 2000, 176 pages, cloth.$25.00, sold

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