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American Philatelic Congress

A Listing of articles in the American Philatelic Congress Books, introductory and connecting words such as "The" and "A", some punctuation, etc. are often omitted to save space. Please search by the most distinctive key word.

1935 Congress Book, #1

Card bound only: 24 Cents Violet of 1861 by Stanley B. Ashbrook, Broadening Your Philatelic Horizon by Barr, California Mails by Barry, Farley Gift Stamps and Reprints by Beeckman, Various Kinds of U.S. Essays and Proofs by Brazer, In Behalf of a General Collection by Davis, Philatelic Literature by Fawcett, Trends in Philatelic Journalism by Fennel, Printing Processes by Hall, Stamps of Lithuania by Haworth, Reasons for the Philatelic Changes of the 1908-21 Series by Johl, Mail Transportation by Rockets by Kessler, Business Man Takes by Stamp Collecting by Levy, Museum Philately by Manning, Preparation of Technical Philatelic Articles by Norona, Comprehensive Confederate Collection by Peters, Fascinating Facts and Intimate Incidents About Stamps and People by Phillips, China The First Issue and Its Settings by Starr, U.S. Postage Stamps An Investment by Ward, Epilogue by Klein

1936 Congress Book, #2

Card bound only: Revenue Stamped Documents of the Civil War Period by Bopeley, Philatelic Wishful Thinking by Dickason, George V. Silver Jubilee Issues of the B.E. by Fanning, Ethics of Philately by Fawcett, Some Side Lights on Air Mail History by Griffin, Chicago The Stamps and Mail Service of the Private Posts by Hennan, Reconditioning Old Covers by Hobbs, Employment of Philatelic LIterature by Kimble, Postage Stamps of the Leeward Islands by Lloyd, U.S. Issue of 1919-20 by Lybarger, Those Straight Edges You Discard by Martin, Men, Women and Children Whose Portraits Have Appeared on the Postage Stamps of the World by Miller, Recent Narrow Gauge Railway Post Offices by Richardson, Notes of U.S. No. 33 and No. 44 Stamps by Shaughnessy, History of the First American Philatelic Congress by Pistorio

1937 Congress Book, #3

Card bound only: Front Cover Advertising, A Study of Dressed Up Envelopes by Cabeen, Stamp Frequencies With Comparative Functions by Draves, Chicago Street Car R.P.O.'s by Gear, French Postage Due Markings on Letters From the U.S. 1848 to 1857 and Their Background by Hahn, Factors Contributing to the Scarcity of Certain Precancels by Hoskins, German Empire and Its Postal System by Meyer, Envelope Beginnings by Perry, Plating Centerline Blocks of the Imperforate 2c Harding of 1923 by Redhed and Steimley, Post Tree to Flying Boat in the Union of South Africa by Rice, What Philately Does Not Teach by Rich, Results of Plate Variety Studies on the Six Cent Columbian by Steimley, World War Mail by Townsend, Some Notes on Revenue Plating by Turner, Comments on the Second American Philatelic Congress by Martin

1938 Congress Book, #4

Card bound only: First Postal Air Service by Angers, Propaganda In Stamps by Armstrong, Philatelic Columnist Are Passing Up A Bet by Eyck, Philatelic Research On Stamp Designs by Bevan, Pessimism on "Printers" Forgeries by Brown, A Possible Improvement In U.S. Postmarks by Buchness, Looking Backward On The National Stamp Conference by Caldwell, Souvenir Issues by Cullum, Survival Value of Philately by Dunkhorst, Suggestions For Stamp Exhibitions by Elkins, Portraits of George Washington Reproduced in Stamp Design by Fawcett, Why, Air Mails? by Gatchell, Speculative Issues: A Problem Not New by Glass, Where Do We Go From Here by Gunlach, Stamps With Advertising Labels by Haworth, Beauty and The Beast by Herst, Is The Tail Wagging The Dog? by Hoover, Newspaper Stamp Column and Its Service To Philately by Huff, First-Day Cover Collecting by Hungerford, We Juniors by Irvine, Purge For Philately by Just, Postage Stamps of the Suez Canal Company by Kehr, In Defense Of the Story Behind The Stamps by Kunze, Value of Organization by Lindquist, Fooling With Postmasters' Franks by Longnecker, Philatelic Journey Through Classic Greece by Lyons, Philatelic Museums by Manning, An Interesting Experiment In A Limited Field of Philately by Peck, Confederate Stamps On Cover by Pertsch, Stamp Paper by Pratt, Postage Stamps of Nationalist Spain by Schwarting, A Hobby Becomes A Business by Sebring, Study Of The U.S. No. 44 Stamps by Shaughnessy, Precancel Collecting by Smith, Stamps As Historical Documents by Stoddard, 19th Century Stamps on Cover by Straus, Comments On The 1869 Series of Postage Stamps of the U.S. by Swenson, To Make You Think by Thorp, Suppressed "Freedom From Slavery" Stamps of Jamaica by Turner, Cultural Values of Philately by Van Auken, Without Gum And Straight Edged by Ward, Scott's 1939 Catalogue Revised by West, Philatelic Section Of The National Museum, Washington by Wetmore, New Ideas in Collecting by Wilson

1939 Congress Book, #5

Card bound only: Illustrated History of Brazil as Told in Postage Stamps by Cubbage, Personal Collection or Printed Album? by Dull, Stamps as Pictures by Fawcett, Distinguishing Extra Cancellation Impressions of the Barry Machines by Greenewald, My Home town by Neefus, Philatelic Exhibition Reform by Bruns, Jenkins' Camden Dispatch 1853 by Klein, Railroad Cancellations on the Civil War Revenue Stamps by Shellabear, Examination of a Multiple Transfer by Barr, Some Early Engravers by Heizmann, The "Special" Paper Printing of 1928 by Southgate, A Letter is Found by Bedford-Jones

1940 Congress Book, #6

Card bound only: About Afghanistan by Boggs, Auction Sales in Holland by Rietdjik, Problems of The Catalogers by Clark, Greece The Large Hermes Head by Silberstein, Greig's City Despatch by Kleimann, Design and Postage Stamps by Fulton, Chasing Philatelic Rainbows by Barr, Brazil Through the Don Pedro Heads by Lawrance, Earliest Philatelic Publications by M'Coy

1941 Congress Book, #7

Card bound only: Old Maine Postal History and Postmarks by Dow, U.S. Specimen Envelopes by White, Cubiertas Insured Letter Stamps of The Colombian Republic by Apfelbaum, Honduras Comayagua and Tegucigalpa Surcharges of 1877 by Schaff, Towards Philatelic Criticism by Kehr, Early Nippon Cancellations by Hatcher, Morton Danube and Black Sea Covers by Klein, Fun With Nesbitts by Thorp, Are Philatelic Writers Getting Somewhere? by Esperidion

1942 Congress Book, #8

Card bound only: Notes of the Paris 1878 Philatelic Congress by Harmer, Two Cent 1898 Issue of Canada by Denton, Development of the Study and Collecting of Postmarks by Thompson, What Are War Covers? by Norona, Counterfeits of the First Six Issues of Crete by Thompson, Philatelist and The Public LIbrary by Pettingill, Stamps and Postmarks of the Ionian Islands, Nineteenth Century by Barr, Overprint Issues of the Irish Free State by Zervas, Confederate States Packets on the Lower Mississippi by Somdal, U.S. Waterway Packetmarks by Klein

1943 Congress Book, #9

Card bound only, edition of 500 copies: Pan American Centenary of the Postage Stamp by Eugene Klein, Two Proofs for the Commemoration of the Fourth Centenary of the Discovery of Brazil by Mario de Sanctis, Postage Stamps of "El Salvador" for Territorial Transit Issued in the Year 1899 by Rafael Alexander D, The Latin American Stamp Section of the Pan American Union by Albert F. Kunze, Latin America A Desirable Field for the Philatelist by John Nicholas Myer, Rarest Stamp of Haiti It's History and Legal Status by Leon Montes, Cuba and the Centennial of the Pan American Postage Stamp by Bello and Garcia, Colombia Takes to the Air by Lyons, Map Stamp of Honduras by Schaff, Mysterious Gautheir Stamps by Eugene Klein, History of the Terra Del Fuego Stamp by Jere Hess Barr

1944 Congress Book, #10

Card bound only, edition of 500 copies: Life and Work of Eugene Klein by James Waldo Fawcett, President Franklin "Doddering Old Man" by H. Bedford-Jones, Confederate Dead Letter Office Its Envelopes and Handstamps by Van Dyk MacBride, Basutoland by Everett Erle, Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin by Louis J. Heizmann, "B Free" Franklin Letter by Jere Hess Barr, Postal History of Delaware by Harvey Bounds, Postage Due Marks on United States Covers by Robert F. Brinton, St. Andrew's Cross on Austrian and Lombardo-Venetian Stamps by Felix Brunner, Philadelphia Postmarks on Stampless Covers by Horace W. Barr, Postal History of New Jersey by Stanley E. Griffith, Beginning of Newspaper Columns by Gerardine Van Urk, Bisects by Michael Miller

1945 Congress Book, #11

Card bound only, edition of 500 copies: British Empire Commemoratives and Semi-Postal Specimen Stamps by Charles I. Ball, Early Mail Service on the Ohio & Erie Canal by Edward N. Moore, Early Ohio Postal History by Donald F. Lybarger, G I Postal Explorations in Iran by Robert W. Richardson, History of the Short-Lived Mulready Design, by Louis J. Heizmann, Holyoke Envelopes-James Purcell Contract 1894-1898 by Thomas D. Perry, Newspaper Tax Stamps of Lombardy-Venetia by Jere Hess Barr, Czechoslovak Army in Britain by George A. Blizil, Postal Booklets of the World by Fred A. Hawkins, Postal systems of the German Free Cities by Ralph E. Johnson, Markings on Steamboat Mail by Henry A. Meyer, Silver Anniversary of Metered Mail by Althea Harvey, Fort Sumter by George N. Malpass, Trends in U.S. Philatelic Literature by George T. Turner, Two Pence Blue of Great Britain by W. A. Edgar, Why Collect Early France ? by Carroll Chase

1946 Congress Book, #12

Card bound only, edition of 500 copies: Begommomgs of Scheduled Trans-Pacific Mail by H. E. Lobdell, British Postal Reforms of 1840 and the American Postal System by Howard Robinson, Canal Zone-First Issue by Rudolph B. Weiler, Collecting Covers From Odd Named Post Offices in the United States by Anna C. Hinz, Japanese Prisoners of War Mail by Captain Wm. H. Talbot, Notes on the London Cancellations of the Nineteenth Century by M. G. Burrell, Notes on the Manufacure of U.S. Coils by Norman W. Kempf, Philatelic Reminiscences of The German-Italian-Bulgarian Occupation of Greece 1941-1944 by Pandelis J. Drossos, Philately in the Wars by Floyd S. Leach, Postmaster Samuel Freeman and his Account Book by Sterling T. Dow, Random Philatelic Observations from the Mediterranean Theater of Operations by E. S. Thresher, Reference collection by H. R. Harmer, Route Agents' Use of the 1847 Issue by Walter S. Fisher, Notes on the Errors of Denmark by Theodore E. Stevenson, Some Notes on Papermaking by Dard Hunter, Southn. Letter Unpaid Marking of Louisville Ky by Lawrence L. Shenfield, That Man Seebeck by Irving I. Green, Typical Manuscript Markings of the Colonial Period of America by Maurice C. Blake

1947 Congress Book, #13

Card bound only, edition of 500 copies: Early Michigan Postal History by Thomas W. Blinn, Early New Hampshire Postal History by Gordon K. Wheeler, The Serpentine Rouletted Stamps of Finland by Charles W. Johnson, Golden Calf of Philately by August Dietz Sr, History of the United States Registry System by Donald MacGregor, Indian Post Offices Abroad in Tibet by H. E. Lobdell, 19th Century French Stamps Prepared but not Issued by Carroll Chase, One Hundred Years of Stamp Collecting by S. W. Drenan, Postal and War Savings Booklets by Gilbert L. Peakes, Postmarks and Cancellations of Jammu and Kashmir by Abraham S. Arnold, Romance of a Cancellation by Don R. Heath, special Delivery Error in the U.S. Issue for Cuba by; George B. Sloane, Stamps and Postmarks of the Ionian Islands, Nineteenth Century by Jere Hess Barr, Story of the Finding of the 4c Schermack of 1902 by Karl Koslowski, Type Sage Stamps of France by Stephen G. Rich, What We Don't Know About Great Britain #3 by Winter Mead

1948 Congress Book, #14

Card bound: B&O Railroad Mail and Cancellations by Michael Miller, Cigarette Cards by Daniel K. Miller, Early Stage and Mail Routes Through West Jersey by Margaret S. Pierce, French Colonial Semi-Postal Air Mail Proofs of the "French State" (Vichy) by John J. Britt, Ga. Western & Atlantic R.R. and Its Mail Service by Walter S. Fishel, Early Pennsylvania Postal History by Winfield J. Hain, Plating the 25c Stamp of the 1871 Issue of France by Dr. Carroll Chase, Obsolete Railroad Postmarks of Canada by Arthur V. Richardson, Overland Mail Route Via Suez to the Orient by H. E. Lobell, Philatelic Consequences of the Japanese Earthquake and Fire of September 1, 1923 by Robert P. Alexander, Philately in Sheet Music by Joseph Carson, Propaganda by Postal Stationery by Dr. Roy H. Holmes, Postal History of Reading, Berkshire, England by Basil Cooper, Discovery of the Trout and Game Stamp by George D. Cabot, Unusual Philatelic Discoveries in Reading Pennsylvania by John W. Biehl, Whither Specializations by E. F. Hurt

1949 Congress Book, #15

Card bound: Bannack City Express and Some Early Idaho and Montana Territorials by Oliver Wolcott, Brattleboro's Mystery Stamp by Elliott Perry, Columbus Bureau Precancels by Gierhart, Columbus Bureau Precancels by Gierhart, Specialization of Early Greek Adhesive Stamps by Economides, Czech Provisional Stationery-1945 by Blizil, Depot Prisoners of War - Johnson's Island Ohio by R. M. Wilkinson, Early Postal Markings Indicating Attempts at Disinfection by Dr. Carroll Chase, 5c and 10c on Cover 1847 by Jaeger, Forerunners of British New Guinea by Clayton, 40c Type Sage of France by Stephen G. Rich, Gladstone Caricature Envelopes by C. I. Ball, Haiti 1887 by Dr. C. W. Hennan, History of Penalty Overprints on U.S. Stamped Envelopes by Thomas D. Perry, Montenegro Commemorative Overprint 1893 and 1905-06 by Paul Vignos, Craks Flaws and Curls on the One Cent Stamp Plates of 1851-57 by Horace W. Barr, Postal History of Columbus Ohio by John L. Tipton, Postal Museum in Europe by Ernest A. Kehr, Reading the Dates on Japanese Postmarks by Robert P. Alexander, Secret Marks of the Bank Note Issues of the 1870's by James Osborn Lord, Observations on Collecting Fancy Cancellations on XIXth Century US Stamps by George M. Devlin, US Flag on Foreign Stamps by John Boynton Kaiser

1950 Congress Book, #16

Cloth and card bound: Aristocrats of the Stamp Album by Ward, 1898 Battleship Revenue by Turner, Check List of Known County Postmaster Handstamps of Oregon by Thompson, Colonial Mail In and Out of the Philadelphia by Graeff, Cranbury and Its Postal History by Fisher, Early Postal History of Guatemala by Mandos, Essays & Proofs - Why? by Caldwell, Estonia by Domanski, First Adhesive Postage Stamp by Drossos, Fort Delaware and Its Prisoner of War Covers by MacBride, History of Topical Collecting by Poole, Ionian Island Paid Postmarks by Barr, Notes on the Stamps of Western Australia by Luerssen, 160 Yers of Postal Progress in Delaware County, Pa by Dodge, Pittsburgh, Pa: Its Postal History by Imbrie, Postal Markings on Pre-Stamp covers by Dunsmoor, 24c Continental by Dr. Carroll Chase, Unusual Postal Cancellations on Greek Adhesives by Economides, War Issues of Rumania by Posell.

1951 Congress Book, #17

Card bound: Revenue Stamps of Lombardy-Venetia and Their Postal Use by Edwin Mueller, US Ninety Cent Stamp of 1860 by S. B. Ashbrook, Collecting Covers of the World by Hopps, Italian Postal Markings of the 18th and 19th Centuries Indicating the week of the Year by Dr. Carroll Chase, Passing of the South African Inter-Provincials by S. G. Rich, Early Czechoslovakian Town Postmarks by Glueck, U.S. Duplex and Triplex Handstamped of Oval Canceler Types by Thompson, Chicago Postal Facilities Prior to the "Post Office" Period by W. Lee Fergus, Autobiography of a Tasmanian Four Pence Blue by Apfelbaum, Camp Douglas and Its Prisoners of War Letters by Cabeen, Plate Varieties of the US Twenty-Four Cent 1860 by Elliott Perry, 1942-44 Stamps of Greece by Drossos & Barr, St. Louis Bears by Nearing, International Philatelic Exhibitions by Kehr, Postmarks and Postage Stamps Illustrating Inflation by Barr, Rarities in Blocks and Multiples by Philip Ward, X-Ray Philately by Pollack & Bridgman, Greek Post Offices in Roumania by Argyropolous, Plating of the First Provisional Airmails of Lithuania by Eisin, Postal History of Hong Kong by Canman, Afghanistan to Wurttemberg by Ward

1952 Congress Book, #18

Card bound: John Wiley's One Cent Despatch by Denwood Kelly, Camp Chase Ohio and its Prisoner of War Letters by Wilkinson, Canal Zone Third Series Counterfeits by DeVoss, Chess Stamps by Nearing, How Stamp Envelopes are Made by Perry, 1882-1902 Registered Letter Marks of New York City by Hess Barr, Pacific Railroad Stamps of Costa Rica by Mitchell, Mimeographed Postage Stamps of the Island of Kume by Alexander, Canal Zone Rarity by Conger, Palm Leaf Fan by McCoy, Western Express by Hertz, Why? by Kunze, Schleswig-Holstein by York, Greek Occupation of North Epirus During W.W. II by Drossos

1953 Congress Book, #19

Card bound: Treaty Port Issues of China by Johnson, Pricing in Stamp Catalogs by Rich, Confederate Flag Patriotic Covers by Mac Bride, French Revolutionary or Republican Calendar, 1793-1805 and Its Postal Markings by Chase, Bibliography: The Basis of Philatelic Research by Kaiser, Guatemala, The Large Type Numeral Surcharges of 1922 by Mandos, The Bissell Correspondence of 1868-1875 by Barr, Purple Pagoda of Horyuji by Alexander, A Unique Canal Zone Error by Conger, Lavender, Letters and Old Lace by Pope, Swiss Hotel Posts by Caldwell, Malta Post Office Before 1857 by Grabfield, Westown Local by Sharpless, Philatelic Coffee Advertising in Costa Rica 1921-23 by Mitchell, British Post Office in St. Thomas by Yort, United Nations Postal Administration-A Cooperative Arrangement by Tomnlinson, Italy's Liberation Locals of World War II by Ostrow

1954 Congress Book, #20

Postal Facilities and Postmarks, District of Louisiana, the Territory of Louisiana and the Territory of Missouri, Special Postage Stamps for the U.S. Office at Shanghai, Indian Territory Oklahoma and the Neutral Strip, Israel, New York Postmaster's Miniature Plate of Nine, Canal Zone First Issue on Cover, Philatelic Case History No. 863, A Missouri Correspondence 1840 to 1883, Spain No. 1, U.S. 1873-75 Twenty-Four Cent Continental Bank Note Stamp, Colonial Printings of Japanese Stamps and Postal Stationery, Aero-Philatelic History of St. Louis Missouri

1955 Congress Book, #21

Counterfeiting and the Stamp Collector by E. E. Baughman Chief U.S. Secret Service Treasury Department, Good Bad and Indifferent, U.S. Registry Fees 1855-1955, Autographed Postage Stamps, U.S. 1851 Issue, History of the Postmarks Used in the Island of Crete During the 1881-1884 Revolt, U.S. Postal Agency Barranquilla Colombia, Costa Rica: A Check List of Surcharge Proofs and Essays, Mexico-Notes on Counterfeits, The Frame Varieties of the Bicolored Ups of the Danish West Indies, Development of Aerial Communication in China, Preadhesive Markings of Christiana Oslo, Pre-Stamp Postmarks of Norway, Bolivian Graf Zeppelin Stamps

1956 Congress Book, #22

Patriotic Covers: Colonel E. E. Ellsworth, Canada: Dollar Decimal Currency, U.S.: 10¢ Jefferson 1870-1879, Greece: Post Offices Abroad Bucharest, U.S.: Stamped Envelopes, Official Return Requests, China: Japanese War Overprints of Occupied North China, U.S.: Early Precancels of Philadelphia, Brazil: Postal Tax Stamps, 1933 and 1952, 1953, Literature: Philatelic Handbooks, A List of Libraries in which they may be fund, Australia: Kangaroos, Georgians, Air Posts, Valentines: Rare Postal Usages, Switzerland: Pre-adhesive Stamp Period, U.S.: Gems of Proofdom, Panama-Pacific Die Proofs 1915, Latvija: Survey of All Issues, Postal History: The Illinois Postal History Society, Greece: World War I Charity Issues 1917 Surcharged Fiscal Stamps, U.S.: Overland and Other Western Mails, Hungary: The Rogues' Gallery

1957 Congress Book, #23

U.S.: 1918-1920 The Offsets, Colombia: 1904-1917 Types of the Numeral Issues, Postal Markings of the Kingdom of Yemen, U.S.: Registry Labels Postal and Philatelic Significance, Norway: Postmarks The Local Posts, Great White Fleet, Australia: Commemorative Postal Cards, Visit of U.S. Fleet 1908, Great White Fleet Japan: Commemorative Postal Cards Visit of U.S. Fleet 1908, Canada: Patriotics The Wilson Series, U.S.: Perforation Centennial, The One Cent Stamp of 1957, Fantasies: Lost Continent of Atlantis and other Philatelic Fables of Our Times, Airpost: China Clipper Twentieth Century Wings, Design: Why Not See the Stamps You Look at, Korea: First Issue, Labels, Essays or Stamps, U.S.: Express, Wells Fargo and Their Covers, Canada 1870-1897: The Small Queens, Airpost: India, Pioneer Airmails

1958 Congress Book, #24

Lowell Massachusetts Express and Letter Offices with Notes on the Penny Post, Haiti's "Hard Money" Issue of 1906, Canal Zone: The Type III Mount Hope Local Overprints, Postage Rates of the French Colonies 1787-1946, Nick in the Bottom Frame Line of the Two Cent Brown of 1883 U.S. Postage, Malta Postal Markings 1893-1909, Manufacture of U.S. Postage Stamps, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II in a Stamp Collection, Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, Confederate Navy Covers, Philatelic Problems and Their Solutions, Ryukyu Islands Postal Stationery 1946-1958: Provisionals and Regular Issues, New American Nation: The Federation of the West Indies, A Commentary on the Operation of the Posts in the Days of Benjamin Franklin, Elephantiasia Graecorum on Stamps

1959 Congress Book, #25

A "New Look" in Confederates, Alaska - The Early Years, Twenty Years After - A Tale of Two Cities, Canal Zone - The Hamilton Bank Note Issue of 1906-07, Further Notes on the Bissel Correspondence, Notes on the Methods of Printing of Swiss Stamps, Early U.S. Machine Cancellations, Modena Week-Dated Postmarks of 1768-1807, Czechoslovakia - Plating the 100 Haleru of the First Issue, Early View Cards of Germany, Syria - A Postal History, Egyptian Postal Offices Abroad in the Turkish Empire, Fiscals Offer Fun for Philatelist of the Future, Development of the Postal system of the Chinese People's Republic 1927-1949

1960 Congress Book, #26

Shoe-String Express, Registry Rates and Markings of Hawaii, Art of the Postage Stamp, US - Early Used Blocks 1847-1869, Canadian Expeditionary Force in Siberia 1918-19, Early Postal History of the Niagara Frontier, Postmarks Reflecting the French Revolution, Black Jack and the Whales - Civil War Whaling Ship Marks Philatelic History, Prisoner of War Franks of Canada, Berlin Postal History 1945-1960, Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals in the Tapling Collection, Illustrations of Printing Methods, Pacific Steam Navigation Company - Its Private Postmarks and Post Offices in Ecuador, Stamp Issues of Autonomous Epirus of 1914, Stamps of Manchoukuo - A Supplement to the General Catalogs for the Specialist,

1961 Congress Book, #27

U.S. Rural Free Delivery - Early County Wide Systems 1899-1904, British North America - The Necessity for A Specialized Catalog, Papermakers' Watermarks With A Check List of Known Varieties, Civil War Patriotic Envelopes - A Photographic Essay on Crests and Watermarks, Malaya - An Outline of Its Postal History, The Boston University Philatelic Library, Ruhleben Express Delivery of World War I, Anthropology on Stamps, U.S. Permit Meter System 1898-1911 - Early Development and Approbation, Canada "Small Queen" Series of 1870-97, Index - National Philatelic Museum Magazine Articles of Philatelic Interest 1948-1957, Senegal Coastal Mailboat 1886-95, U.S. The First Postal Card 1873-75, Revenue Stamps of Norway, "Ferriage Rates" of Upper Canada - Postal History of the Niagara Frontier, Sociologist's View of the Stamp Collector, Fourth "China Marines" Regiment U.S.M.C - Postal History 1927-42, Registration Stamps of Panama, Russia - The Roanov Tercentenary Issue, Second Issue of Ecuador 1872-1881, Confederate States - John H. Reagan Answers An Inquiry, Encore for Our Authors

1962 Congress Book, #28

Civil War - Postal History of Ship Island Mississippi, Japan - German P.O.W. Mail 1914-20, U.S. Postal Markings of The Pan-American Exposition of 1901, Basic Philatelic Reference Literature, I Collect People - The Personal Touch in Crash Cover Collecting, French Colonies 1892-1910 - The Allegorical Group, U.S. - First Bureau Series Plate Numbers and Their Characteristics, U.S. - The Unusual Demise of The 1847 Issue, Panama - The Acknowledgment of Receipt Stamps, "Pegasus" on Stamps The Story of a Topical Collection, Putting a Railroad Together Philatelically - The New York Central, U.S. - Registry System Forms 1869-1871, U.S. - The First Bureau Special Delivery Series

1963 Congress Book, #29

Korea - Our Present Information on the Second Issue 1895 1896-97, U.S. - Don't Throw It Away A Study of Sales Catalogs as They Apply to U.S. Stamps, Costume Issue of the Second Austrian Republic, U.S. - Pre 1855 Registry Systems, Reflections on The Penny Blue of Great Britain, U.S. - Steamboat Mail on the St. Louis Levee, U.S. - The Official Stamps 1873-1884, Not Such a Pity After All.., Air Mail - The Mail Must Go Through, Pioneer Mail Flights of 1910-1916, Bremen - A Study of Its Postal Markings, A Find" = Mail to the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia: 1918-1920, Germany - German Classics

1964 Congress Book, #30

A New Home for the Smithsonian Philatelic and Postal History Collections, Dona Emilia Rivadeneira De Heguy Engraver of Ecuador, French Colonial Stamps - Some Oddities of Postal Usage, Postage Stamps of Orchha, Perforation Varieties in Current Japanese Regular Issues, Monaco - The First Issue, Company Shops C.S.A., Kazerun and Kurdistan Overprints, Multiple Advertising on the First Postal Card of the U.S., Special Printings of the 1879 U.S. Postage Dues, Philatelic Cartography, The Three Cent "Stuart" Washington Canal Zone No. 115, Greek Occupation Stamps of the 'Dodecanese, Norway Coat of Arms Issue

1965 Congress Book, #31

Some Historical Notes on Wells Fargo & Co. in Arizona, Mail Between the U.S.A. and Coahuila y Tejas, Ghana Highlights, Chicago's Century of Progress Exposition and Philately, Rarest United States Stamps, Japan's Last Etched Stamp - Genuine and Forged, Last Pack Mail Remaining in the U.S., Postmaster General Blair's 1862 Letter, Barrio Issue of Guatemala-1886, Philatelic Measurements, The Forwarding of Ordinary Mail, Unique Marginal Markings on the U.S. Offset Printing Issue-1818-20, William Giles Goddard - Early Organizer of the U.S. Postal System, Japanese Postmarks Used in Korea, Facts & Evaluations of Germany's "Vineta", A Brief History of the Civil War in Covers and Stamps

1966 Congress Book, #32

Central African Republic - Its Postal History Unlocked, Korean Art, 1970 Flight of the Balloon "La Ville de Paris", Philippine Customs Stamps, Philatelic Wilderness, The First U.S. Postage Stamp with a Design That "Bleeds:, La Crosse, Wisconsin, "One Scent" Liberal Democrat Postal Card, Judge & Midas, 1914 Stolen Issue of Haiti, U.S. Weather Forecasts on 1st Class Mail, 1896-97, U.S. Despatch Agent at Panama, "Micro" Postal History

1967 Congress Book, #33

On the "Wilderness" of Philatelic Scholarship, Postal History, Philately and the Galapagos Islands, Authorized Use of the U.S. Official Stamps by the Various Departments, The Oneness of the 1861-1862 Regular Postage Stamps Issue, Canadian Pioneer Flights in 1918-1919, Cave Johnson, Philately's Forgotten Man, The 1870 "Papillions" of Metz, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station Markings, A Primer for Critics of Topical Philately, British Posts in the Americas, Canada's Provisional Stamps, Early Mail by Ship To and From the Netherlands Indies, All Airways Lead to Athens, Cancellations Used on the Original Nicaraguan Seebeck Issues 1890-1899

1968 Congress Book, #34

1870 U.S. Weather Watch 1905, Baltimore Letter Carriers of the 19th Century, Tangled Tale of Nepal-Tibet Postal History, SCADTA the First Commercial Airline in the Western Hemispheres, Mr. Mulready Meets the Masses, Early Posts of the Canadian Eastern Arctic Patrol, Wanamaker's Columbians, Toronto Branch and Street Post Offices 1881 to 1900, 1870 Mail Balloon "Le General Chanzy", "S. Swan" and the Embossed 3¢ 1851 , Luminescent U.S. Postal Issues, 19th Century Postal Stationery of Spain, Fred Jarrett Recalls Experiences With the Canada 12 Pence Stamps, Postal Markings of Bhutan, Gebruder Senf Facsimiles

1969 Congress Book, #35

Philately in the National Archives, Postage Stamps as an Advertising Medium for Drugs and Drug Sundries, Franklin Carrier Stamps of 1851, A New Discovery on the U.S. 1869 Issue, Double Transfers of the Bank Note Period 1870-1890, Patriotic Covers of the Confederacy, Is Topical Collecting An Underdeveloped Form of Philately?, An Oddity Collection, Second Issue of the Republic of Ecuador, Paris "Agence" for Sale of Colonial Postage Stamps, Mysterious Disaster of the "Jacquard", Island State of A Hundred Days, Postal History of Post World War One Polish Plebiscites, Zemstvo Issues of Czarist Russia, Postmasters" Provisionals of the Ryukyu Islands, Twentieth Century Postal Stationery of Spain, Professional Preparation of Specialized Collections for Public Auction

1970 Congress Book, #36

U.S. Post Office Department Printed Forms, Postal History of the James River and the Kanawha Turnpike, Peale's Mastodon, House of Nesbitt, U.S. Customs Stamps, Chesuncook Tourists' Dispatch Stamps, Earliest Rural Stations of Rural Free Delivery, Adversity Covers of the Confederacy, Guam Guard Mail of 1930, The Genesis of United Nations #4, Postage Due Stamps and Usages in French Colonies, Mongolia - A General Introduction, British India Postmarks of Nepal, The Maud Expedition 1918-1925

1971 Congress Book, #37

Honorable Discharge Emblem Commemorative of 1946, Foreign Mail to Rhode Island, Two Centuries Ago, Postal History of York County in the National Archives, Seven Thorned Queen, Postal History of Richmond, Va to 1861, A "Six Hundred" Cover, Philatelic Journalism 1886-1894, Sheriff's Reward Cards, Motor Vehicle Use Revenue Stamps, Pre U.N. Postal History, First Postal Card, A New Look at the Constantinople City Post, A Philatelic Look at Laos, 1851-1971, Does This Mauritius Stamp Exist?, Errors, Para-Errors and Irregularities in the Postage Stamps of Nepal, First Colonial Printed Shilling Stamps of New Zealand, The Great Transvaal Stamp Mystery, John Charles Fremont Presidential Campaign and Civil War Covers

1972 Congress Book, #38

Early U.S. Bank Note Companies and their Postage Stamps Issue 1847-1893, Post Office's Philatelic Truck, Patent Improvements and Experiments of the Sixties, Cuba to New York 1852-1877, Effect of the 1869 and 1869 U.S. British Convention on the Continuation of French Mail, Colored Cancellations on the U.S. 3C 1861-67 Issue, County & Postmaster Postmarks of Florida, Field Cancels of the Confederate Army of Tennessee, Luther Libby's Warehouse and the War: Richmond's Libby Prison, Allied Admirals and The Battle of Navarion, Study of Olympic Stamps With Equestrian Temes, Liechtenstein's Steinway Stamp, African Post Offices That Switched Countries, Foreign Post Offices in China, Why An Elephant?, Russian (Zemstvo) Medicine Stamps, The Circular Date-Stamps of Mauritius

1973 Congress Book, #39

Metz Papillions: George T. Tobinson's Airmail of 1870, International Postage Stamp, A Philatelic Jack in the Box, U.S. 3¢ Issue of 1851-1861: A Progress Report, "Remember that Time is Money:" Two Unusual Covers with U.S. 1847 Stamps, One Cent Stamp of 1851-57; A Reconsideration of Types 1 through 111a, Basic Plate Positioning the Bank Note Issue 1860-1890, 2¢ Washington Type II of a Regular Postage Series of 1922, Cancellations: A Descriptor System, Postal History of the U.S. Carrier Service in New Orleans, 1851-1861, New Orleans Exposition Covers, Formula Postcards of French Colonies, Henry Hechler: Saint or Sinner?, Berlin Reichspost Museum, Thematics and the Inter-American Federation of Philately

1974 Congress Book, #40

Post Ceskoslovenska 1919, Haiti 176: A Search for Identity, Publibel Pharmaceuticals, Island of Memnos, Its History and Stamps, Rjoss Smith Air Stamp, St Thomas Harbor Stamps of the Danish West Indies, "Rhein Main Airflights" In the Year 1912, Manuscript Route Agent Markings of the United States, New Orleans Maritime Mails of 1825-1830: The "Mail Route" and "Ship" 14½ Covers, Isthmus of Panama Mail Route, Model Used for the 3¢ U.S. of 1890, Fort Snelling, Cover Highlights From a Collection of the Stamps of the U.S. Offset Printing Issue of 1918-20, Duke Cigarette Cards With Stamps, Prisoner of War Covers Censored by Henry Wirz.

1975 Congress Book, #41

Mileage Postal Markings of G.B. and Ireland 1784-1839, Plate Proofs of the Postage Stamps of the U.S. 1847-1898, Rise and Fall of the Merry Widow - A Comprehensive Study of Scott's E-7, The 5¢ Blue Taylor Crack, Marine Postal History and the Nicaraguan Adventure, A Postal Tour of the 19th Century Southern Expositions, U.S. Mail Goes Aloft - In the Good Old Days - At State Fairs and Aeroplane Meets, Blockade Cover Usage From the C.S.S. Florida, Croatia 1919: The 2 Filler, Plate 2, Who Made the Paper for the First Stamps of Turkey, Portraits of a People, Politics, Psychology and the Postage Stamp, Meet the Tiger-Horse, 2500th Anniversary of the Iranian Empire

1976 Congress Book, #42

Postage Due in the U.S. to 1894, Known Blocks of the 10¢ 1847, U.S. Liberty Issue 1854-1963, Facts and Suppositions About the Full Face McKinley Postal Card of 1902, U.S. Air Mail Dual Government and Contract Rates, NY Supplementary Mail Markings, U.S. Diplomatic Pouch in the Siege of Paris, Covers of the Early American Life Insurance Companies, U.S. Surcharging Error?, Postal Highlights and Sidelights of Cape May County, NJ, Valentines of the Confederacy, Provisional Surcharges on U.S. Postal Paper During the 1950's, The Lawyer and Captain: A Story of the Civil War, The Components of Philatelic Specialization, A Postal History of the Division of the Union May 1860 through December 1861, Colorado - The Centennial State, Letters From The Cherokee Nation, Cincinnati Postmasters and Post Offices 1794-1856

1977 Congress Book, #43

El Salvador-The Seebeck Stamps, Part 1: The Issues of 1890 to 1895, The Neo-Classic 1883 Issue of Austria, New Orleans Foreign Mails 1861-1862, Anthony Trollope an Unsung Hero of the British Postal Reform, Who Was Bushrod, Haiti 176: Post Scriptum, The Occupational Issues of Jersey, Channel Island 1940-1945, Local Stamps, An Andersonville Georgia Prisoner of War Cover-the Sage of Darius Starr, U.S. Sharpshooters, Competitive Stamp Shows, Postal-History Kaleidoscope of WW II Germany, The Allied Military Government Stamps and Postal History of the American and British Occupation Zones of Germany, The Provisional Currency Reform Issues of 1948, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, July 8, 1839-March 8, 1917, Panzer Post, A Philatelic Detective Story, JCALW (Wurttemberg) Study of a Postal History Type Local Collection

1978 Congress Book, #44

El Salvador-The Seebeck Stamps, Part 2: The Issues of 1896 to 1899, Errata and Addenda, Postal History Kaleidoscope of Post WWII Germany, A Postal tour of Turn Of The Century Expositions, The General Warren Tavern, The Story of the U.S. Grilled Postage Stamps, Notes on the New Orleans Postmaster's Provisionals: Plating and Postal History, Letters, New Hebrides Islands 1842-1865, Croatian Postal Rates - They Aren't in the Catalogue, A Survey of German Postwar Postal Stationery

1979 Congress Book, #45

The 3¢ Issue of 1851-1857, Philippine Internal Revenue Stamps used as Emergency Currency Only Known Letter with a Constitutional Post Postal Marking, U.S. "Ship" Mail, Fictitious Corner Cards on Specimen Envelopes, Roseleur's Balloon Mail in the Siege of Paris, Genesis of New Adhesive Postmaster Provisional Paper and Paper Mesh, Austrian Christmas Philately

1980 Congress Book, #46

French Revolutionary Armies of the Pyrenees, Postmaster Provisionals and Local Issues of Grossraschen Le-vee Cotton Press No. 4, Matilda Newport: The Molly Pitcher of Liberia, New Orleans Post Office in the Civil War

1981 Congress Book, #47

Washington D C Early Years, German Troop Ships in the Boxer Rebellion, New York - Washington Bicen-tennial - Federal Hall Cachets and Cancellations, Johnson Box - Label or Local?, 22c Rate from Cuba to France under U.S. - French Convention of 1857, Discovery of Civil War Correspondence Relating to Union Iron-Clad Montauk, Full Face McKinley Postal Cards, Rigid Dirigible Airship U.S.S. Akron, Seventh Regi-ment Goes to War, Canadian Flag Cancels, Edward VIII Stamps of Great Britain, 1879 2¢ Vermilion Damaged Plate

1982 Congress Book, #48

Philately and Murder, One Sen Blue of Japan 1872, Over a Century of Stamp Collecting, Building a Repre-sentative Collection of Portuguese East Africa Postal History, Rattlesnake Island, Mobile Cadet Brown, Fran-queado S. Buenav Registry Stamps, Stamps on Stamps, Glasgow's Most Famous Murder Case and its Famous Postmark, German Navy in Boxer Rebellion, Organizing a State Postal History Society, Charlottesville, Virginia Handstamped Postal Markings, Confessions of a Stamp Columnist

1983 Congress Book, #49

Street Car RPO Markings on Special Delivery Mail, 15 Cancellations of the Austrian Occupation of Novi Pa-zar, Centennial Survey of U.S. Civil War Revenue Stamped Paper Issues, Citizens of Europe, Serbia Old and New Style Dates

1984 Congress Book, #50

A Postal History of the Army of Northern Virginia, U.S. Military Government Overprinted Stamps of Ko-rea Inimitable Ben Ficklin and His Partner Francis Corbett Taylor, Salomon of Haiti. Saving Venice Philatelically, The I c 1861 Stamps, Mannheim, Mails from U.S. to France via England, Canadian Inspection Stamps, Elimination of Off-Centered Perforations

1985 Congress Book, #51

U.S. Rating Marks, Haiti The Liberty Heads, Portuguese Recibo de Cobranca System, Combination Usages that Include four 5c General Issues of Confederate States of America, Stamp Booklets of the Greek Posts, Mulready Goes Marching On, Israel's Unofficial Postal Links Abroad, Restoration of Rural Mail Delivery and Money Order Service in Grossrachen

1986 Congress Book, #52

St. Helena Boer Prisoners of War Censor and Camp Handstamps. Tasmania: The Tatersall Saga, Newfoundland the Gray 1890 3¢, Philately and the Law, Judging Philatelic Literature, Haiti: Counterfeits and Forger-ies of the Liberty Head Issues, Precancelled Postal Cards and Mailer's Precancel Postmarks of Pennsylvania

1987 Congress Book, #53

Pharmaceutical Feldpost, U.S. 2¢ Issue of 1883-1887, First Issue of Soviet Russia, 19th Century U.S. Stamps Used from the Caribbean-Latin America Areas, Stamp Booklets of the Greek Posts, Part 11; Analysis of Postal Marking on Pre-Stamp Covers to Mexico, Turkish Liannos "Service Mixte" Locals, Postmark Types Produced from Handstamps made by Edmond S. Zevely, Expertising

1988 Congress Book, #54

Souvenirs of the 1897 Universal Postal Congress by J. H. Brun and J. Weimer, 1871 German Censor Markings at Versai]les by S. J. Luft, Yuan Shih-k'ai, Emperor of China by Carl A. Kilgas, Koenigsberg Censor Office by A. Engel, A Comprehensive History of Souvenir Card Collecting by Curtis D. Radford, Haiti's Definitive Issue of 1933 by F. Burton Sellers, Use of Nepalese Postage Stamps in Telecommunications by Lester A. Michel, Youth Philately

1989 Congress Book, #55

U.S. Postage Stamp Production Dies 1847-1894, Nantucket Postmarks and Postal History to 1890, Haiti's Hard Money Issue of 1906, Postal History of St. Helena During Napoleonic Exile, Development of Precancel Literature, Notes on Perforation Varieties of Prince Michael Issue of Serbia, Charlemagne Tower, Venezuelan-St. Thomas Packet Service, Warten H. Colson of Boston, Framas

1990 Congress Book, #56

Bermuda Postmaster Stamps, U.S. Private Die Revenue Stamps, Color Sampling the Contract of 1890, Plating the 1896 Line Engraved Issues of Haiti, Edwin C. Madden's Influence on U.S. Philately, Four Issues of the Kingdom of Sardinia, Tapeworm Revenues, Chinese Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Romance of our Mails

1991 Congress Book, #57

An Episode in Historical Philately, Haiti's 1924 Definitive Issue. Polish Post Offices in Byelorussian and the Ukraine, Prepayment and Reply, Forgeries in the Scott Catalog, the 1¢ Pan American Issue, Haiti: the 1891 Ten Master Proof Sheet, French Indochina, Postage Rates and Fees in British Palestine

1992 Congress Book, #58

Postal Markings of Columbus, Ohio, 2¢ Columbian "Broken Hat", Dumonteuil Forgeries of Columbia, Carib-bean Purser Mail of the Hamburg American Packet Line, Cap Haitien Provisional Marking of 1889, Tonga's Queen Salote Definitives, Medical Personalities Commemorated on U.S.S. Relief Covers, Russia's Semi-Postal Issues of 1914-1915, Doubly Extraordinary Polar Expedition

1993 Congress Book, #59

Transatlantic Correspondence During War of 1812, Trucial States, Flight of the Vin Fiz, Penny Dominion of New Zealand, Formula Cards of Haiti, Postal History of Japanese Occupation of Netherlands Indies, U. S. Consular Service

1994 Congress Book, #60

The Chambers Family and their Postmarking Devices by Frank R. Scheer, Express Stamps and Services of Egypt by Peter A.S. Smith, Soviet Field Post of the Second World War by Peter A. Michalove, Canada's First Provisional Air Mail Stamps of 1932 by James W. Brennan, Four Air Mail Street Car RPO Covers by Douglas N. Clark, War Tax Stamps of Mozambique by John K. Cross, O.A T. and AV2 Markings and Their Forerunners by Sigurdur H. Thorsteinsson

1995 Congress Book, #61

The 1¢ Z Grill Mystery by Ken Lawrence, An American relation between the telegraph and the posts by Robert Dalton Harris, The Court Fee Stamps of Thailand by Peter K. Iber, John E. Gavit, American Engraver and Printer by Barbara R. Mueller, U.S. Pouch Mail Foreign Stamps Used in Washington by Barth Healey, The Duck Stamp Phenomenon by Ira D. Cotton, U.S. Permit Imprint Mail, 1904-54 by Arthur H. Groten

1996 Congress Book, #62, Map in Pocket

Design of the 1938 Eagle Airmail Stamp by James H. Patterson, Postal Censorship and Control in Cameroun During World War II by M. P. Bratzel Jr, Early Registration Markings and Labels of Nepal by Wilfgang C. Hellrigl, Haiti's Five Postage Due Stamp Issues and their Usage by F. Burton Sellers, The Armée de Sambre-et-Meuse 1794-1797 by Stanley J. Luft & Victor J. Bullock, The Ottoman Empire: A Study of Rates Routes and Delivery Times by Erkan Esmer

1997 Congress Book, #63

Pacific 97 Handbook, New Zealand 1d King George V Embossed Envelope Stamp impression tipped in with article by Robert D. Samuel, Updating the US 1847's on Their 150th Anniversary by Brett, Five Territories of Arizona by John Birkinbine II, "Last Writes" Of Colonialism: Closing of The Foreign Post Offices in China by Dr. Frederick P. Hoyt, Certified Mail: The First Forty Years by Carl W. Albrecht, Portuguese Timor Mail and the Netherlands Indies by Mardjohan Hardjasudarma, Postal Notes: The First Issue 1883-1894 by Peter Martin, The Last Flight Out: Seven Pan American Clippers on the Eve of Pearl Harbor by the AMS, Early Postal Meters of Mainland China by Richard Stambaugh, Letter Sheets of the United States by Howard Ness.

1998 Congress Book, #64

US & Brazil Mail Steamship Companies, 1866-1893 by John L. DuBois, Provisonal Uses of the 1856 and 1861 Issue of Mexico by Dr. James Mazepa, Chilean Postal Stationery: The French Connection by Ross A. Towle, Australasian Philatelic Literature by Ray Price, US Trailer Permit Stamps by Peter Martin, Foundations of Colonial Postage due 1876-1909 by David L. Herendeen, Prestamp Cancellaitons of the Philippines by Nestor C. Nunez, A Footprint of Heaven: Fanning Island a Philatelic Outpost by Michael Forand

1999 Congress Book, #65

Papyrus, Paper and Paleography by Thomas F. Clarke, Postal History of Wisconsin Territory & Milwaukee 1815-1845 by Michael Dattolico, Parcel Post Stamps of the Ivory Coast by David L. Herendeen, US Rural Free Delivery by Randy Stehle, The Spud Tax by Peter Martin, Americans at Churchill in WW II by Kevin O'Reilly, Permanent Pictorial Postmarks of Australia by Peter Dearie

2000 Congress Book, #66

True Fancies of Maine's Fancy Cancels by Nancy B. Clark, World War II Mail from Switzerland to Canada in the Context of the Canadian Cottons Correspondence by Charles J. LaBlonde, Introduction to Private Maling Cards 1925-28 by Randy Stehle, An introduction to the Military Mail of South Viet-Nam by J. J. Cartafalsa, Milwaukee Airmails 1911-33 by Robert Baldridge and Michael Dattolico, U.S. Autogiro Mail by Peter Martin, Fifty Years of Turmoil in the Balkan 1875-1925 by Alfred F. Kugel, US Military Postal Rates during WWII by Richard Martorelli

2001 Congress Book, #67

U.S. Three-Cent Continental: Date Ranges of Varieties by John, H. Barwis, U.S. Postal Cards Used Domestically, and "Redirected," 1874-1915 by Henry J. Bertholot, Queen of German Colonial Philately by John Kevin Doyle and Jurgen Fricke, Evolution of Confederate Army Mail Service During the War for Southern Independence byStefan T. Jaronski, More Turmoil in the Balkans 1939-1945 by Alfred F. Kugel, U.S. Revenue Stamp Usages for the Boating Act of 1958 by Peter Martin, Nord Alexis and Haiti's 1906 Issue by F. Burton Sellers, Wartime and Peacetime Postal Commerce at Brazos Santiago and Point Isabel, Texas by Rex. H. Stever

2002 Congress Book, #68

A Centennial Look at the Revenue Imprinted Railroad Tickets of 1898-1902 by Robert Hohertz, Development of the Hollywood Fan Mail system by Regis Hoffman and Thomas J. Richards, Still More Turmoil in the Balkans 1990-2000 by Alfred F. Kugel, Philatelic of America's Little-Known Pacific Islands by Steven Pendleton, An Introduction to the Viet Cong & Mien Nam Stamps of Vietnam by Joseph J. Cartafalsa & John P. Carroll Jr, The Postal History of U.S. National Parks: The Eastern Parks by Peter Martin, Sugar by Mark Piper

2003 Congress Book, #69

Spanish American War Revenue Samped Paper-The Two-Cent Imprints by R, Hobertz, Haiti's Handstamped Renue Paper (1811-1936) by Dr.Gerald L. Borrinto, Trans-Pacific Mail at the Beginning of World War II by Richard Martorelli, Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways to and from Africa by Kendall C. Sanford, American Bats on Stamps by Thomas Lera, The Portuguese in Kionga by John Devin Doyle, Alred F. Kugel and Robert E. Lamb, Philadelphia Foreign Mail Cancellations, 1847-1888 by John H. Barwis, Postal History of Wind Cave National Park by Peter Martin

2004 Congress Book, #70

California Pre-statehood Mails from Sacramento, The 19th Century Postal History of Yellowstone National Park by Peter Martin, The Early Postal History of Tennessee by Paul J. Phillips, Laws (1807-1918) Governing Tariffs and Hand Stamps as Found on Haitian Revenue Paper by Dr. Gerald L. Boarino, An Astrophilatelic Rendition of the Conquest of Space: Part 1 The Pioneer Years by Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon, Laos: Beyond the Scott Catalog by Kenneth R. Thompson, The Official Seals of Egypt by Jim Kotanchik, The Maritime Markings of Algeria from 1810 to 1875 by Kenneth R. Nilsestuen

2005 Congress Book, #71

U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean 1801-1861 by R. F. Winter, British East Africa 1890-1897 by G. T. Krieger, The Sinking of the Titanic and the Floating Safe: An Obscure Connection by Mardjohan Hardjasudarma, Vietnam and Topical Collecting by Joe Cartafalsa and A. D. Curtis, In Uniforms,Coveralls and Dresses: Postal History of U.S. Women During World War II by Richard Martorelli, An Astrophilatelic Rendition of the Conquest of Space: Part 2 Man in Space by Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon, Classic United States National Park Slogan Cancellations 1916-1940 by Peter Martin, Haiti's "Stolen Issue" Revisited by F. Burton Sellers

2006 Congress Book, #72

Chicago's city goverment: A selective account of its history; and mails, 18;76-1910 by Harvey Karlen, The expansion of Italy in the aftermath of World War I by Alfred F. Kugel, Slaight lock sals by Ronald E. Lesher, William Clayton Pickergill and the British Consular ;mail stamps of Madagascar by Erick Reeber, Nauru during World War II by Robert C. Stein, Registered mail in Tasmania by Danvid McNamee, Honduras 1903-1910 the Gaurdiola and Medina issues by Roger G. Schnell, United States-United Kingdom printer matter by Richard F. Winter, An astrophilatleic rendition of the conquest of space: Part 3 Project Apollo by Dr. Reuben A. Ramkinsson

2007 Congress Book, #73

Private mail options in the Pacific Northwest by Dale Forster, WWII internment of Polish servicemen in Latvia by J.J.Danielski, Registered covers from Nauru, 1890-1914 by Robert C. Stein, Letter from Berwick by Nancy B. Clark, Catapulting into the future: First catapult airmail from North German Lloyd Line Bremen-July 22 and August 1, 1929 by Jim Graue, Saigon revenue stamps after the 1975 liberation by Joe Cartafalsa, Via San Francisco: The story of Samuel Walker Griffith and the Tuppenny Post by Bermand Beston, The Postal History of Trinidad: 1797-1898 by Dr. Reuben A. Ramkisson

2008 Congress Book, #74

1845 Cultural Nexus in transportation & communication by Diane DeBlois & Robert Dalton Harris, Communist Vietnam military mail stamps:1958 to present by Joe Cartafals & Jack Dyknouse, Minnesota tax on Christmas Trees by Peter Martin, 1893 2c Columbian Imperforate by Thomas Corette, PH of internment of Polish servicemen in Lithuania 1939-40 by J. J. Danielski, Revenue stamps of Trinidad by Dr. Reubem A. Ramkisson, Postage dues on the French PO in Zanzibar by David L. Herendeen

2009 Congress Book, #75

Treatment of the eastbound airmail of the German North Atlantic catapult flights by Jim Graue, Connections of a lady telegrapher by Diane DeBlois & Robert Dalton Harris, The path to Philadelphia's attainment of Exchange Office status for US - British mail by John H. Barwis, The disintegration of the Hapsburg Empire 1918-1923 by Alfred F. Kugel, Tourism influences the growth of Mammoth Cave and Cave City Kentucky post offices from 1842 to 1915 by Thomas Lera, The birth of a new postal system: the Palestinian National Authority 1994-2008 by Prof Paul J. Phillips and Dr. Josef Wallach, A tale of two ships: the Milo and the Herald by Mark Schwartz, Freight money covers: an update by Richard F. Winter, The world's first regular and first international airmail service by Ingert Kuzych, The nineteenth century postal history of Washington, D.C. hotels by Peter Martin

2010 Congress Book, #76

National Express and Transportation Co., Disintegration of the Romanov Empire 1917-1922, Aerophilately and the Sieges of Przemysl 1914-1915, Exceptional heavy covers flown on the world's first regular airmail, Tasmania's first barred numeral obliterations and provisional cancellations 1853-1861, Straightline town cancels on the Confederate general issues stamps, Travel with stamp booklets, WWII internment of Polish seamen in Sweden, Freight money covers from Canada

2011 Congress Book, #77

Disintegration of the Hohenzollern Empire 1918-1923, Prexies and the interaction of color, A census of Confederate covers bearing the 2¢ green stamp, The underground railroad post office in Postumia Grotte 1872-1945, Development of airmail service in Poland (1918-1928), Salem "Pointing Hand PAID" handstams, Puzzle of the Piscataqua postmarks, Court Delivery Stamps of Imperial Austria

2012 Congress Book # 78

Ukraine: The Courier Field Post issues of 1920, Distintegration of the Ottoman Empire 1918-1922, Development of airmail services in Poland 1929-1939, Why pay extra? Promotion of the use of airmail before WWII, Messrs. Lanman & Kemp by David D'Alessandris, Escape from the ocean floor, , cloth $40.00

2013 Congress Book, #79

Road to postage due penalties between the UK and France, 1840-55 by Paul J. Phillips, Special postal routes and special post offices: Local economies & the postal network of the US to 1860 by Diane DeBlois & Robert Dalton Harris, James William Denver-his public life by William Johnson, World Ware One refugee camp at Gmund and its postal operations by Ingest Kuzych, Labels of the Air and Gas Defense League in Polish Aerophilately by Jerzy W. Kupiec-Weglinski & Jacek Kosmala, Spanish Prisoner of War mail during the Spanish-Cuban/American War by Yamil H. Kouri, Jr., cloth, sold out

2014 Congress Book, # 80

Connecticut revenue stamped paper by D.A. Woodworth Jr, Paying postage in antebellum America by Diane DeBlois & Robert Dalton Harris, Use of British WWII Prisoner-of-War stationery by M. D. Dixon, Postmarks of the General Banks Division by Jim Cate, Non-contract Steamship mail by Richard F. Winter, Ukraine's Index system of the 1930's, by Ingert Kuzych, Ceylon's economic by Kathryn Johnson, Centenary of postal services in the siege of Przemysl (1914-2014) by Jerzy W. Kupiec-Weglinski and Jamusz K. Bator, cloth $40.00

2015 Congress Book, # 81

Decline of Nantucket whaling, 1841-46 by D.N. & N.B. Clark, Overseas mail routes from Victoria to the 1870s by J. H. Barwis, Indians at the PO: New Deal era murals and their legacy .by M. A. Navarro, NZ: The short life of the 1935 1 1/2d by R. P. Odneweller, National Firearms Act of 1934 by T. Lera, Postage due stamps of Hungary by L. R. Caswell, Story of a stamp: 1949 Minnesota by K. R. Nilsestuen, Ukraine: The Twenty-Hryven Issue of 1919 by I. Kuzyck, 204 pages, cloth, $40.00

2016 Congress Book, #82

Postal Age and the issue of 1851-1856 by Gordon Eubanks, Beginnings of the post in the independent Republic of Poland, Nov 1918-1920 by Dr. Julian Auleytner, Guatemala the Caribbean port in the prestamp era by Dr. James Mazepa, Resumption of mail service to Europe 1944-1948 by Louis Fiset, The growth of the US movie industry during the silent film ear by Regis Hoffman & Thomas Richards, Stamps issues of Soviet Ukrain 1919=1923 by Ingert Kuzych, Chattanooga straight-line cancellations 1863-1864 by Jim Cate, UK stamp and post office mechanization development by Steve McGill, 216 pages, cloth, $40.00

2017 Congress Book, # 83

The 2017 book has a major change in the bookbinding, not for the better in my opinion The Devil's Post Office by W.J. Duiffney, Ukraine's Vienna Issues by Ingert Kuzych, US Postal Savings Certificates, 1911-1967 by Matthew Liebson, Hubs of Communication by Nancy B. Clark & Will Keller, 129 pages, paper boards, $40.00

2018, Congress Book, # 84

3c CSA Nashville Provisional by Francis J. Crown Jr, Canada's embossed revenue stamps by Pete Martin, Peru's first postage due issues 1874-1909 by Charles Wooster, Golden Age of Hollywood by Regis Hoffman & Thomas Richards, Australian overprinted stamps Br Commonwealth Occupation Forces in Japan by Janet Klug, Postal communications in Halley's Blue Army 1917-1919 by Julian Auleytner, Austrian postal products for Western Ukraine by Ingert Kuzych, 232 pages, paper boards, $40.00

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