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France in French, and The Assundry

We now stock a selected line of French titles along with a few English titles and our Assundry of single copy used titles.

Assundry is a little of this and a bit of that, used copies, only one copy of most are available, unlike the rest of this catalog which represents titles that we have multiple copies.

This listing is only a small fraction of our stock of out of print and used titles that are not in our printed catalog or on the INTERNET. If you are looking for a specific title please drop us a quick note, Leonard

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Stock Titles, France in French and English


Two companion volumes on the French Mail in South America

Poste Maritime Francaise, Premier service postal du Pacifique Sud, le Consulat de France à Panama (1843-1848).by Louis-Eugene Langlais publsihed by Academie de Philatelie, 2006, 148 pages, card bound, in French, published at 35 euro, limited quantity, $61.25

Postal Maritime Francaisel, Consulat De France a Panama 1848-1881, Second service in the South Pacific 1872-1874 by Louis-Eugene Langlais published by Academie de Philatelie, 2008, 211 pages, full color, card bound, in French, published at 50 euro, limited quantity, $87.50

Express Mail, After Packets and Late Fees in India Before 1870 by Max Smith & Robert Johnson, From the Stuart Rossiter Trust, detailed rates and extensive tables of dates for overland express mail, steamers relating to Madras, Bombay abd Calcutta, 2007, 291 pages, card, £20.00 plus transit, $55.00

A Bibliography of Philatelic Literature on the French Colonies, Protectorates and Overseas Territories, Vol. One by R. G. Stone 1981, 110 pages, card, $10.00

Catalogue des Estaqmpilles et Oblitérations Postales De France et des Colonies Françaises, Yvert, 1929, 620+ pages, card bound, binding is gone and the last 12 pages or so are mangled or missing but the rest is in quite good condition considering the brittle nature of the original paper, a rare and useful book, $85.00, sold

Philatélie à la Française, Philatelic Foundation Monograph No. 2 International Mail, 1699-1869 by Martin F. Stempien, Jr., The Hulot Plates of 1849-1876 by Marc W. Martin First Issues by John E. Lievsay Guadeloupe, 1859-1915 by Edward J.J. Grabowski, all in English. 1992, 101 pages, card bound, $25.00

France, Nomenclatuere Des Bureaux De Poste, De Belgique et du Nore de La France Occupés Guerre 1914-1918 by J. De Bast A detailed study of the WW I markings of Belgium and Northern France. 1990, circa 400 pages, marking card, cloth, Dutch and French, $45.00

Couleurs et Nuances Timbres De France 1849-1900 A fine new work on the color identification of classic French adhesive stamps by Jean-François Brun, Gèrard Bermejo, Roger Calves and Jacques Robineau. The book consist of 120 specially printed color samples that have been specially printed to match the shades of the Classic French Stamps; arranged by color and attached, six to a page. The strips are glued only half the length so the stamps can be slipped partly under the sample. Under each chip you have the catalog numbers of the respective stamps, on the facing page a more extensive cross reference on color with Yvert and Cérès In French but there is a one page English explanation on it's use. 1992, 130 pages, multi ring printed binder, no longer available.

France; The Merson Type by Dr. Jean Storch and Robert Françon A magnificent study, mostly on the adhesive stamps, proofs, essays, forgeries but a good amount of postal history. From The RPS, London; bilingual text, facing pages in English and French 1990, 198 pages, paper case binding, 200 illustrations

France, Military and Postal History of the Revolutionary Armies in the West of France 1791-1802 by Stanley J. Luft A well done study of the history and philately, produced on a Laser Jet Printer by Envision Monographs, type is first rate, as the illustrations are stampless they are quite acceptable. 1993, 113 pages, card bound, $27.50

The Pigeon Post in Paris 1870 - 1871 by J. D. Hayhurst 1970, 48 pages, card, a fine study, in English, $25.00

The Flight of the Ville D'Orleans by Ernst M. Cohn Perhaps the most fascinating flight from the 1870 Siege of Paris. 1978, 175 pages, cloth, deluxe edition, $65.00


France, Roosevelt, De Gaulle and the Posts by D. M. Giangreco Franco-American War Relations Viewed Through Their Effects on the French Postal System, 1942 - 1944. The background behind the RF overprints. 1988, 192 pages, card, 100 illustrations including covers, $15.00

Nomenclature des Entiers Postaux Officiels de France et de Monaco by Jean-François Brun, priced catalog of France & Monaco postal stationery. 1986, 56 pages, card, in French but well illustrated, $9.50

French Morocco, 1943 - 44 Tour Hassan Issues by Charles Neidorf 1953, 56 pages, card, limited stock, $10.00

French Islands by O. W. Newport and J. T. Whitney Postal markings of Chausey, Mont Saint-Michel, Bréhat, Ushant (Ouessant), Belle Isle, Ile de Ré and Ile d'Oléron; also hotel cachets. 1981, 94 pages, 376 illustrations, card, $22.50

France, Cilicie Occupation Militarie Francase by M. Max Mayo A fine catalog - handbook covering the postal history, markings and stamps, many in color of this small territory of Turkey. 1984, 200 pages, card some illustrations in color, $35.00

La Guadeloupe by L. Dubus, P. Pannetier, A. Marchand SUPERB study of markings and rates, 1859 - 1890, in French 1958, 214 pages, card, $50.00

French Somali Coast, Postal History 1939-45 by A. R. Torra 1992, 24 pages, card UK £5.50, $10.00

Jean-Baptiste Moens 1833-1908 Pere De La Philatelie by Leclercq & Waroquiers A fine catalog of Moens' books and journals with rarity factors. Well illustrated and attractively presented, in French. 1981, 58 pages, cloth, $32.50

Vincent Pothion

  1. Paris Marques Postales et Obliterations de Paris 1700 au 31/12/1848, 2002, 79 pages plus errata, card with prices, $55.00, sold
  2. Paris Obliterations 1849-1876, 2000, Nouvelle édition, 93 pages, card with prices, sold out
  3. Catalogue Des Bureaux Ambulants, 1845-1965 & Des Timbres à Dates Des Préposés Des Postes Aux Gares, 1854-1960,, Railroad Cancellations, 1999, 83 pages, card with prices $47.50
  4. France Obliterations 1849-1876 (sans Paris), 1998, 72 pages, card with prices, $45.00
  5. Nomenclature Des Bureaux de Poste Francais 1852 - 1876 Petits et Gros Chiffres Cotés, 1998, 124 pages, card with prices, $50.00
  6. Catalogue Des Cachets Petits Chiffres Des Gros Chiffres, 1862-1876, 1991, 47 pages, card with prices, sold out
  7. Catalogue des Cachets Courriers - Convoyeurs - Lignes, 1877-1966, The markings having a scalloped outer border. 1990, 90 pages, card with prices, sold out
  8. Catalogue des Cachets Courriers - Convoyeurs Stations (France et Algerie 1866-1890), 1988, 83 pages, card with prices, 23 e, $37.50
  9. Numéros Blancs, 1876 - 1895 1980, 10 pages, card, $12.50
  10. Initiation a L'Obliterations Francaise An introduction to the numerous types of French postal markings, well illustrated. 1996, 110 pages, card, sold out
  11. Catalogue des Timbres a Date Facteurs Boitiers Type 1884 The circular marking surrounded by dots introduced in 1884 and used into the 20th century. 1997, 60 pages, card with prices, 130 F, $35.00
  12. Marques Postales et Obliterations des Bureaux Francais a L'Ethranger, 1561-1948 & Bureaux De Distribution D'Algerie French obliterations used in foreign countries with specialized Algerie. 1982, 60 pages, card with prices, sold out
  13. Catalogue des Marques Postales Des Bureaux de Distribution de France, "Cursives" 1819-1858 Markings with italics and script type. 1989, 77 pages, card with prices, sold out
  14. Catalogue des Obliterations Temporaires de France 1855-1961 Temporary post offices, ie. expositions, congresses, fairs, etc. 1996, 52 pages, card with prices, $37.50
  15. Catalogue des Timbres "Grilles" 1849-1852, Paris, Province, Algerie 1997, 87 pages, card with prices, 150 F. $37.50
  16. La Poste de L'Ancienne France des origines á 1791, 6th Supplément au Catalogue de 1965 by Louis Lenain 1993, 119 pages, card, sold out

Assundry, Only one of Each

LaPoste de l'Ancienne France des origines à 1791 by Louis Lenain, 1965 book, 752 pages, 1968 supplement, 78 pages, 1974 supplement, 123 pages, 1981 supplement, 57 pages, all card, complete, $375.00, sold

Les Tarifs Postaux Francais 1627-1969 by Dr. Joany, also Alexandre, Barbey, Brun and Desarnau, Vol 1 and 2, complete set, Vol 2 updated Vol 1 and extends to 1988, the classics work on French postal rates, cloth, sold

Encyclopedia De La Poste Maritime Francaise by Raymond Salles The entire world of French Maritime mail including the U.S., Nine volumes, 1,933 pages, 2,800 markings, 20,000 voyages, 122 maps, in French.

Stray Salles Volumes

New Arrivals, used books

Memorial Philatelique, VI La France Premieres Emissions de 1849 a 1900 by Gustave Bertrand1948, 162 pages, card, $42.50

A.B.C. de Collectionneur de Marques Postales by Andre Leralle, 1944, 57 pages, card, $12.50

Centenaire du Timbre-Poste Francis 1849-1949, 1949, 103 pages, card, $10.00

Catalogue Des Marques et Cachets D'Entree en France 1800-1881, Provenances D'Europe by Gilbert Noel, 1965, 65 pages, card, $17.50

Catalogue des Departements Conqis et Des Provinces Illyriennes by Gilbert Noel, 1967, 55 pages, card, $15.00, sold

Catalogue des Marques Postales Des Bureaux de Distribution de Framce "Cursives" 1819-1855 by Jean Pothion, 1968, 41 pages, card, $12.50, sold

Cocordance des Calendriers Gregorien et Republicain, R. Clavreuil, 1963, 83 pages, card, $22.50

Franchises - Contresieigs Marqes administratives de Framce des Pays conquis de la Republique Helvetique... 1798-1804 by Raymond A. Viet, 1963, 114 pages, card, $25.00

Nomenclature des Bureaux de Postes Francais 1852-1876 Petits & Gros Chiffres Cotes by J. Pothion,1968, 108 pages, card, $30.00

Histoire de la Poste a Lyon des origines a 1876 by Georges Chapier, 1965, 95 pages, card, $27.50

Histoire et Marques Postales de L'Yonnne, 1700-1876 by Jacques Dreano.1965, 152 pages, card, $30.00

Marques Postales et Obliterations des Cotes du Nord 21, des origines a 1876 by Jean Chevalier, 1968, 159 pages, card, $27.50

Marques Postales et Obliterations 1700-1876 Bouches-de-Rhone - 12 by G Honorat G. Combres & J. Brun, 1966, 173 pages, card, $32.50

Marques Postales Estampilles & Obliterations de la CORSE de 1739 a 1904, La Corse, 19-90 , 1947, 49 pages, card $12.50 Marques Postales Estampilles & Obliterations de la NORD de 1698 a 1876, L. Dubus and E. Fregnac, 57 , 1947, 90 pages, card, to Dr. Carol Chase and signed by both, $37.50

Marques Postales Estampilles & Obliterations de la INDRE de 1720 a 1876 Dr. P. Lejeune La Corse, 35 , 1959, 61+ pages, card $22.50

Marques Postales Estampilles & Obliterations de la OISE 1648 a 1876 , 58by L.J. Moutafoff and Charles Poujol , 1956, 77 pages, card $20.00

Marques Postales Estampilles & Obliterations de la CORSE de 1739 a 1904, La Corse, 19-90 , 1947, 49 pages, card $10.00

Les Marques Postales du Bureau Francais de Geneve 1669-1798 by Louis Lenain, 1955, 30 pages, card, $12.50, sold

Essai de Classification des Obliterations sur les Timbres Au Type Sage.1876-1900 by Carlos Bocquet, 1958, 24 pages, card, copy 406, $12.50, sold

Contribution a Lettude des Marques Postales De La Corso, Marques Postales et Marques Administratives des Prisons Revolutionnaires by Rene Riviere, 1961, 12 pages, card, copy 270, $12.50

France & Colonies Philatelist, stray issues from Vol 1, No 1, Nov-Dec 1941 through 1946, also some 1961, a one inch stack of pages, early are definitely complete, lose, $47.50, sold

The Cancellations on French Stamp of the Classic Issues 1849-1876 by Lesgor and Minnigerode, 1948, 136 pages, cloth, in English, sold

LaPoste aux Armées et les Relatious Postales Internationales des origines à 1791 by Louis Lenain, 1968, 180 pages, card, $92.50

Les Marques Postales de la Grande-Armee par son histoire 1805-1808 by Ph. F. de Frank 1948, Postilion Publicaitons reprint, 383+ pages, in plastic multi ring binder, sold

The Siege of Paris Septenber 1870 - January 1871 Par Ballon Mounte by R. R. Thompson 1975, 322 pages, cloth, numbered edition of 525, in English, $135.00, sold

Vente Sur Offres by E. H. de Beaufond, 1952-1959, no 8, 9, 13-20, $12.50

Vente by Laurin & Brun, No. 131, 1952, with pr, $10.00

Vente Sur Offres by M. James 8 catalogs 1952 20c 1849, Etats Allemands Espagne 1953, 1956, 1958, 1959, $20.00

Bulletin Trimestriel de la Societe de Borda1946, 1948, 1950, 1951, all 4, $15.00

Catalogue des Marques Postales & Obliterations D'Algerie 1830-1876 by Halden & Beaufond, 1949, 197 pages, map, cloth bound, $135.00

Catalogue des Cachets a Date D'Entree France, Algerie, Levant by Noel, 1957, 63 pages, cloth bound, $62.50

Catalogue Des Marques et Cachets D'entree en France 1800-188, Provenances D'Europe by Nole, 1965, 65 pages, $17.50, sold

La Purification des Lettres en France et a Malte by Carnevale-Mauzan, 1960, 75 pages, card, $22.50, sold

L'Achemienement des Correspondances entre le Lavre et les Pays D'Outre-Mer by Raymond Rousselin, 1957, 104 pages, copy 50 of 150, $27.50, sold

Histoire Monetaire De Saint-Domingue et de la Republique D'Haiti by M. Robert Goez-Girey, 69 pages, 1958, $25.00

De L'italie et Des Ses Forces Militaries par Le Général Mr. Oubinot 1834, Paris, 324+ pages with folding map, original card $135.00

Les Premiers Timbes de Tunisie (1849-1888) by Olivier de Pomyers, 1935, 45 pages, card, sold

Encyclopédie des Timbres-Poste de France Tome I Départements Etablissements de Poste en exercise du 1er Janvier 1849 a Octobre 1853

Histoire Générale des Postes Francaises, Tome VI, 1738-1789 1955, 758+ pages, card, $55.00, sold

Histoire Postale des Départments Francais d'Allemagne du Nor by Leralle 1957, 45+ pages, card, $27.50, sold

Les Chevaliers du timbre (De Ridders van de postzegel) The German invasions of Belgium, 1985, 116 + pages, in limp binder, $27.50

Le Comté de Nice les Alpes-Maritime, 1717-1876 preface du Dr. Carroll Chase, 1947, Y&T, 274+, fold out tables, card, $55.00, sold

Bundes-Entschadigungs-Gesetz (Novelle) mit Einfuhrung von Dr. H. G. van Dam, 1956, 164 pages, card, $15.00

Historiere de la Poste Aux Lettres en Haute-Auvergne 1793 by Nougaret 1954, 71 pages, card, $10.00, sold

Le Cabinet Noir by Eugène Vaille 1950, 411 pages, card,$37.50, sold

Henri IV Créateur de la Poste Aux Letter by Fouquet 1954, 10 pages, card, $7.50, sold


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