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California Town Postmarks 1849 - 1935

Post Office & County Finder

This file is intended to help in finding California Postmarks and Post Offices in conjunction with California Town Postmarks 1849 - 1935 by John Williams.

Where a town name was used in more than one county or in more than one time period, all possibilities are listed chronologically, with abbreviated year-dates of operation. The second and following towns with the same complete name are represented by ditto marks ("). Variant spellings, punctuation, and spacings may share a line, such as Big Pine/Bigpine; Black's Station/Blacks Station; Blocksburg/ Blocksburgh. Spelling errors found in postmarks are listed, with a reference to the correct town spelling.

Alphabetization: all spaces and punctuation marks are ignored. Thus San Dimas is followed by Sand Mound rather than by San Emigdio.

Branches and Stations: In this County Finder section only, Branch, Station and Rural are abbreviated; Br, Sta and Rur with no punctuation. In the main body of the catalog, branches and stations are listed immediately following the entry for the parent office. Thus the entries for the parent Oakland office will be followed by Aeroplane [Sta Oakland]. To save space, the entries in this County Finder for the stations and branches of Los Angles, San Diego and San Francisco will be the name of the branch or station followed by [Br/Sta , Los Angeles/, San Diego/, San Francisco]. For example:

Dates: If a beginning year date is from 49 to 99 the complete year is in the range 1849-1899. Beginning year dates of 00 to 35 are in the 1900-1935 range. The ending year dates can be placed in the proper century based on the beginning dates. Open indicates that the office was open on or after 31 December 1935, the ending date for this catalog. While periods of operation later than 1935 are mentioned in the text, they are not listed in this County Finder.

Search: To search this file, use the Document or Local Search function and not a Web Browser.

This search function is usually found under the Edit of File heading and may be titled Search, Find or Find In this Document, etc.. If you want to find Carneros but can't read the "C" just search for "arnero" or better yet a shorter string should another letter be unclear say "arne". Then look it up in the book for the full details.

After finding a match you should repeat the search, perhaps more than once; the same characters may also be in other post offices. You may be able to search on a case sensitive basis, ie to distinguish Carn from carn and to search in the up and or the down direction in the file, some browsers have a Search Again button.

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