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Leonard H. Hartmann


R. H. White

Encyclopedia of the Colors of United States Postage Stamps by R. H. White Covers the 1847 - 1918 issues, The standard work on the colors, papers and gum of US stamps.

Color in Philately by R. H. White Philatelic articles on color of various stamps are of interest. The binding is poor and we expect pages to fall out with normal use. This book is not to be confused with a color guide for stamps but a discussion of color with some illustrations in color. 1979, 175 pages with 16 bound in plates; pocket contains one errata slip, 12 cards having color charts and a booklet, complete as issued, $60.00 sold out, incomplete copies lacking 12 card plates, $25.00 please enquire

Munsell Book of Color

The fabled 1976 edition with removable chips, Glossy Finish Collection, two Large Custom volumes with thousands of removable chips, this is for a research laboratory and not just an advanced collector, one 1976 set was recently offered on the web at $1,400.00 (current edition is $1,000.00 chips are printed on pages), $850.00, sold

Methuen Handbook of Colour by A. Kornerup & J.H. Wanscher, Introduction and revised by Don Pavey, English Edition, Third Edition 1981, 252 pages, 1,440 color samples, cloth with dj, only one copy available, new condition, $310.00

Pictorial Treasury of U.S. Stamps A well done general book on U.S. adhesive postage stamps, quite attractive, popular as a gift for a new collector; not as detailed as a Scott Catalog but much easier to use and more attractive, a friend found a remainder and shared it with us. The color illustrations are quite good, catalog prices are given for 1925, 35, 45, 55, 65 and 75. 1974, 223 pages, cloth, in color $20.00

Richard M. Morris

Pittsboro Guides

Useful color guides with tipped in color chips, the best available.

Color Charts

The Color Handbook, Universal Identity System, 1,500 Different Colors by Franklin R. Bruns, Jr, circa 1970

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