C.S.A. Lithograph Plating Service

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Leonard H. Hartmann

Plating of the C.S.A.

Lithograph General Issues

A plating and thus:

Authentication service for the CSA Lithographs General Issues.

Special Offer, No. 2, Stone Y, multiples of 3 and larger, will examine for a limited time for no charge except return transit, if I have not previously examined the item.

The fee schedule is in proportion to the time required and difficulty for an average plating and not by the traditional value of the item; if simple I win, if hard you win. I am also deliberately discouraging the submittal of single and pairs of stamps in extremely poor condition. For such material a proper opinion can take a tremendous amount of time.

If an item can not be plated there is no charge except for the return transit. One used strip of four in superb condition and extremely well printed was plated in error by an expert in the 1960's and took me over 30 years to figure it out. It may be a CHRONICLE article one day. At times they are not so easy!

Charges Per Item

A signed certificate with a high resolution image on an engraved letter head will be issued for each item.


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