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Old Maps

Map of Alaska, showing distribution of Mineral DepositsU.S. Geological Survey, 1912, 19 x 26", in color, lists many small towns, $32.50

J. H. Colton and Company, 172 William Street, New York

The below maps are from an 1850 Colton General atlas of the world with some being dated as late as 1855, the maps were originally hand colored by the publisher. Most measure circa 13 x 16 inches but a few are double being 13 x 33 inches. Each single size map is shipped flat in a DuPont Melinex sleeve, the double maps are shipped folded in the center as they were originally issued.

The number after the geographic designation is the original Colton map number,

Other Maps

Navigable Rivers, Canals & Rail-Roads of Great Britain & Ireland with the Coal Fields, Light Houses . by Harper & Brothers, NY, 24 x 21 inches, $45.50

Isle de La Martinique, 6 x 7.5 inches, old but not dated, circa 1800, would mount nicely on album page, $55.00

German Area, Two maps by Joh. Walch in Augsburg, colored, each 7.5 x 9 inches, old but not dated, we think circa 1800, one of Brandenburg, Pommern and the other Boehmen, Maehren u. Schlesien, quite attractive, the pair $135.00

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