Charles W. Winter

$35.00 post paid

Publication: December 27, 1999, 176 pages, 7 x 10 inches

Binding: Buckram, Smythe sewn signatures, Gold spine and cover stamping

Illustrations: Over 230 drawings of markings, 149 halftones and 8 line drawings of maps

Edition: 450 copies, will not be reprinted

Publish for the Western Cover Society

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The essence of this book is a detailed catalog of all known postmarks of Nebraska during the Territorial period, 1854 to 1867. In all there are 220 different markings cataloged, all are illustrated except for two. In addition to the earliest and latest known usages we have the number of recorded examples for each marking. Postmaster compensation, a direct indication of the receipts are given for every Post Office, every other year as reported in the Official Register.

Though the book is devoted to the Territorial period there is considerable coverage of the Pre-Territorial period and many of the markings were also used after Statehood.

Much background history is also provided to permit the postal history to be put in perspective with the Westward Expansion. A second type label from the fire of the steamboat ALGOMA is described and illustrated for the first time.

The Postal History of the United States is being filled in, we now have a comprehensive coverage of Pre-Statehood Nebraska markings. Early Nebraska was previously a much neglected portion of our Westward Expansion.

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