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Peru, The Scenic View Cards, 1898 - 1901, A Postal Stationary Odvssey


Erik A. Emsing

The people, events and history behind the release of these cards in November 1898. The listing and illustration of all 4 series, printings and distribution, all 390 currently known cards with rarity factors and values. 2023, 208 pages plus one errata sheet, full color, card bound, $85.00

The Postal History of the Universal Postal Union

The Postal Card (Worldwide) 1869-1974

by James Peter Gough

The UPU regulations in detail, by period and country, well illustrated, published by the RPSL,2019, Vol 1 & 2, 935 pages in all, full color, cloth with dj, limited stock, $235.00

U.S. Domestic Postal Card Regulations 1874 to 1885

by Robert Stendel

A most welcome book, the rates and usages are much more complex than one would expect 2010, 98 pages, in color with many cards illustrated, card bound, an edition of only 200 copies, $65.00

Catalog of U.S. Stamped Envelopes Essays and Proofs by Dan Undersander An exceptional work and most certainly the final word for many years to come. Essays are covered from the original drawings, models, die essays, etc with Proofs from trial color through printers' waste. 2003, 25+367 pages, cloth with CD having illustrations in color, edition 500, $50.00

Historical Catalog of U.S. Postal Card Essays and Proofs

by Bill Falberg and Dan Undersander

An extremely interesting and useful book starting with the Forerunners, an 1861 copyright through the issues of 1958, 2008, 384 pages with cd in color, limited edition $59.00

United States Multiple Advertising and Discount Postal Cards edited by for the UPSS by Bill Falberg 2007, 185 pages, hard bound in paper case, an extremely limited edition, enquire, $80.00

Bartels and other early US Postal Stationery US

History and Catalog of the Stamped Envelopes of the United States by W.E. V. Horner, 1879, published by Durbin, 52 pages, bound. spine needs work but front stamping excellent, $285.00

History and Catalog of the Stamped Envelopes of the US by W.E.V. Hornerm MD MA Second Edition 1884, 76 pages one folding plate, published by Durbin, binding VF however the leather corners are bad, $150.00

Stamped Envelopes, Wrappers and Sheets of the Undated States by J.K. Tiffany, R.R. Bogert and J. Rechert 1892, published by Scott, 126 pages, 50 + 1 + 3, cloth, VF condition $140.00

US Envelopes, Letter Sheets and Wrappers by N.W. Chandler,1895, 65 pages, cloth, $100.00

The Nesbitt Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the United States of America, edited and compiled by E. D. Bacon, 1895,supplement to the London Philatelist 44 pages +12 plates, in paper, separated, $67.50

Die Verities of the Nesbitt Series US Envelopes by Victor M. Berthold1906, Scott, 106 pages, card, $30.00 Rare United States Envelopes by J. Murray Bartels and Victor M. Berthold1908, reprinted from the AP, paper,16 pages, $25.00

Bartels' Catalogue and Reference List United States Stamped Envelopes 1911

Bartels Cataloged of U.S. Stamped Envelopes by Pre scott Thorp 1943, 5th edition, Important work as the knifes are illustrated full size in Vol. 2.