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The Postal History of the Universal Postal Union

The Postal Card (Worldwide) 1869-1974

by James Peter Gough

The UPU regulations in detail, by period and country, well illustrated, published by the RPSL,2019, Vol 1 & 2, 935 pages in all, full color, cloth with dj, limited stock, $235.00

U.S. Domestic Postal Card Regulations 1874 to 1885

by Robert Stendel

A most welcome book, the rates and usages are much more complex than one would expect 2010, 98 pages, in color with many cards illustrated, card bound, an edition of only 200 copies, $65.00

Catalog of U.S. Stamped Envelopes Essays and Proofs by Dan Undersander An exceptional work and most certainly the final word for many years to come. Essays are covered from the original drawings, models, die essays, etc with Proofs from trial color through printers' waste. 2003, 25+367 pages, cloth with CD having illustrations in color, edition 500, $50.00

Historical Catalog of U.S. Postal Card Essays and Proofs

by Bill Falberg and Dan Undersander

An extremely interesting and useful book starting with the Forerunners, an 1861 copyright through the issues of 1958, 2008, 384 pages with cd in color, limited edition $59.00

United States Multiple Advertising and Discount Postal Cards edited by for the UPSS by Bill Falberg 2007, 185 pages, hard bound in paper case, an extremely limited edition, enquire, $70.00

19th Century U.S. Envelopes by United Postal Stationery Society A fine work but the 1954 Thorp-Bartels remains important as the new edition has a completely different format and many items have been omitted such as the Express Companies, Advertising Collars, etc.

Thorp-Bartels Catalogue of U.S. Stamped Envelopes, Century Edition 1954, 597 pages, cloth, perhaps still the standard work, $160.00

Cutting Knife Handbook by United Postal Stationery Society The first book of the envelope knifes since the 1943 Thorpe volume, organized per the 1984 edition of the 19th Century U.S. by UPSS. 1999, 140 pages, $45.00

UPSS Catalog of the 20th - 21st Century

U.S. Envelopes, Wrappers, Cut Squares and Full Corners of the US

2nd edition, edited by J. Summers, 3rd edition by Dan Undersander

United States Postal Card Catalog by U.S. Postal Stationery Society The standard work

Postal Stationery of the Possessions & Administrative Areas of the US

by United Postal Stationery Society

The first new edition in over twenty years! It covers: Canal Zone, Cuba, Danish West Indies, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Ryuku, and American Zone of Germany after WWII, all listings have prices, 2010, 224 pages, spiral bound, $65.00

Privately Printed Franks on US Government Envelopes by A.P. Haller 1988, 128 pages, loth binding or looseleaf as issued no binder

United States Stamped Envelopes, Essays and Proofs by Maisel The UPSS revision of this material from the 1954 Thorp. 1989, 106 pages, cloth, $25.00

Specimens of Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the U.S. by J. R. Weimer The UPSS revision of this material from the 1954 Thorp. 1991, 96 pages, cloth

Catalogue of the 20th Century Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the US by Thorp 1968, 205 pages, cloth

Handbook of the Postal Cards of the World's Columbian Exposition by Ken Wukasch This work covers much more than just the Goldsmith cards but gets seriously into the operation of the PO at the exposition. A catalog of all known cards including new finds not previously published. There is an additional section which lists and illustrates 83 collateral and advertising (which are Fair oriented) government issued cards. Well illustrated and includes pricing. 2005, 176 pages plus 2 additional in color, cloth, $50.00

Chicago's Great White City, A Postal History Panorama of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition by Harvey M. Karlen, 2004, 6+282 pages, cloth, edition of 150, the text, content, wording and printing are excellent and invaluable to any collector however without exception the illustrations are from xerox copies and are poor though legible and evident to the collector. I am prejudice as I collect Chicago and Harvey is an old friend but I do think this is a major work. Out of print, limited stock, $97.00

Bartels Catalogue of U.S. Stamped Envelopes by Prescott Thorp 1943, 5th edition Important work as the knifes are illustrated full size in Vol. 2.

Bartels' Catalogue and Reference List United States Stamped Envelopes 1911 1911, 4th ed 195 pages, cloth, 17 contemporary plates printed in Berlin Binding a bit shaken but it could be restored, $80.00

The Nesbitt Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the United States of America, edited and compiled by E. D. Bacon, 1895, 44 pages +12 plates, in paper, $67.50

United States Commemorative Stamped Envelopes 1876-1965 by F.L. Ellis and W. H. Maisel, 1974, 88 pages, card, limited stock $12.50

A Contemporary Account of the First U.S. Postal Card 1870-1875 Vol. 2 of Centennial Handbook of the First Issue Postal Card by Fricke. 1973, 151 pages, card, a fascinating and useful book, $10.00

Plating of the First U.S. Postal Card by C. A. Fricke 1973, 72 pages, card, Vol. 1, companion volume to the above, $5.00

U.S. International Single Postal Card of 1879-1897-1898 by C. A. Fricke 1974, 60 pages, card, covers the plating $5.00

Hartford Issue of U.S. Stamped Envelopes, 2¢ Recut Dies by Drakos 1977, 159 pages, cloth, two color printing. enlargement in pocket $20.00

The Recut Two-Cent U.S. Envelope Dies of the Series of 1904 by Barkhausen 1950, 59 pages, paper case, sold out

The Postal Stationery of the US Possessions and Administrative Areas by the UPSS,

Foreign Postal Stationery

Guide to the Postal Stationery of Iraq

by Clayton Rubec and Akthem Al-Manaseer,

Covers the issues from 1863 to 2015, RPSL, 2016, 110 pages, card, published at 25 £ plus 9 to 15 £ postage, $47.50

Postal Cards of Spanish Colonial Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico

edited by Robert Littrell

The Spanish period for these issues, 1878 through 1898. The Cuba section also covers significant postal rate changes. 2010, 127-page in color, card $59.00.

Higgins & Gage World Postal Stationery Catalog

The H&G is the most recent World Wide catalog. The World is covered alphabetically, Vol 7 is G and it covers Germany and Great Britain. The first year given is the publication date of the current edition and the second year is that of a Pricing Supplement. The book format is loose-leaf, 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

The below individual prices are the last published prices and are given only as a reference, these book are rarely available but when available they sell for more, if we have one it is so noted with the current price..

The Postal Stationery of the Bechuanalands and Botswana by Peter Thy and John Inglefield-Watson covers the stationery, proofs and essays from 1886 to 1997, published by the British Philatelic Trust, originally at £50 but now reduced by the Bechuanalands & Botswana Society to £20 plus transit, for copies purchased before June 2008 there is a first year membership included, 2004, 184 pages, hard bound, $62.50

Danish Postal Stationery by S. Ringström Denmark, Danish West Indies, Schleswig and Iceland from 1871 to 1984. 1985, 218 pages, cloth, each listing is priced $20.00, sold out

Postal Stationery of the Philippines, US Administration 1898-1946 1983, 56 pages plus 8 page price supplement, card, $9.50

The Postal Stationery of the Canal Zone by Blessington and Schwartz 1985, 68 pages plus 6 page price supplement, card, $10.00

Postal Stationary Monographs by Paulo Sa Machado, Catalogo dt Inteiros Postais Limited edition monographs, numbered and autographed

Australia, Aerogrammes of Australia and its Dependencies 1944-1980 by Stein 1985, 188 pages, cloth, $20.00

Australia, Victoria Postal Stationery 1869-1917 by Carl L. Stieg An excellent descriptive and priced catalog of Victoria, Australia, 2001, 219 pages, plastic prong binding, $50.00

Belgian Colonies Postal Stationery by E. Norman Lurch Listing starts with the Congo Free State in 1886 through the Belgian Congo in 1908, Occupation of German East Africa, etc. to Katanga in 1960. Large map enclosed, also an acetate overlay for the 1910 overprints. 1989, 64 pages, card cover, autographed, sold out

France, Nomenclature des Entiers Postaux Officiels de France et de Monaco by Jean-François Brun, priced catalog of France & Monaco postal stationery. 1986, 56 pages, card, in French but well illustrated, $9.50

The Comprehensive India States Postal Stationery Listing by Edward F. Deschl Covers the 28 Feudal States and 6 Convention States. 1994, 323 pages, cloth, sold out

British Indian Postal Stationery by Derek Lang A wonderful replacement for the awkward four volume set by the same author that appeared between 1978 and 1984, updated, consolidated and more attractive. From the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund, 1998, 222 pages, card, published £25 plus transit, $75.00

Indian Military Air Letter Cards 1942-47 by O. R. J. Lee Published by the Forces Postal History Society in GB. 1985, 76 pages plus 21 plates, card, $27.50

Paraguay, Postal Stationery Catalog by Joseph Hahn, Raymond Todd and Bill Walton Mostly pre 1950 material but some items to date., Brian Moorhouse, Mainsheet Special Edition No. 3 2003, 40 pages, card, £8, $13.00

Catalogue of the Postal Stationery of Peru by Herbert H. Moll A priced specialized catalog from the UPSS covering envelopes, postal cards, letter cards, wrappers in addition to the view card issues. 1999, 100+ pages, wire bound, limited edition, $20.00

Russia, Catalogue of Propaganda-Advertising Postal Cards of the U.S.S.R. 1927-1934 by G. V. Shalimoff and G. B. Shaw, edited by Jean R. Walton The book is in English with translations of all Russian text on the postal cards into English. For additional information Russian Propaganda 2002, 300 pages, wire spiral binding, $70.00

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