Philatelic Bibliopole

Leonard H. Hartmann


This section is devoted to books of philatelic origin, for the most part, that cover the basic postage rates. Additional works relating to rates are listed under various sections such as MARITIME TRANSPORT, POSTAL RECORDS & PRIMARY SOURCES and the various specific collecting and country headings.

A section on the U.P.U. can be found at the end of this file.

A Century of Notices to the Public 1782-1880

compiled by

Paul Wijnants

The major value of this set is the index, it is by 1,500 keywords, and each gives the year and location in the books of the Notices. The bracketed year and the notice gives you the key to the issue and with this you can go to other reference. Of the 4 volumes one volume is devoted to the index, It covers UK notices but on World Wide mail to most countries, as an example Via Panama has 33 notices from 1841 to 1878. The Index, Vol 1, measures 8.5x12 inches and vol 2-4 are each 12 x 17, these notices are full size. Edition of 75 sets with our alocation being 7 sets.

2021, 4 large volumes, about 35 lbs, total of 1,780 pages, $700.00 plus actual transit, one sets available

Sample of the index page, extremely detail

International Postal Reforms

The Birth of the Postage Stamp and its Internal Effects 1840 to 1898 The Birth of the Postage Stamp and its International Effects 1840 to 1898


James L. Grimwood-Taylor

Published by the RPSL, 2020, Winter of the Crawford Medal for 2021, 1054 pages, full color, well illustrated with interesting and appropriate covers, in two volumes, cloth and DJ, limited stock $235.00

The Postal History of the Universal Postal Union

The Postal Card (Worldwide) 1869-1974

by James Peter Gough

The UPU regulations in detail, by period and country, well illustrated, published by the RPSL,2019, Vol 1 & 2, 935 pages in all, full color, cloth with dj, limited stock, $235.00

The Franco -Sardinian Route

In International Relations

Conventions, regulations, tariffs

1818 - 1851

by Robert Abensur

The title saying International Relatons is perhaps a bit confusing, the book is purely philatelic as to covers, rates and markings. 2017, From the Academie de Philatelie, 359 pages, well illustrated in full color, hard bound, in English and French, in most cases the two languages are adjacent, line for line, thus a good way to learn or refresh the other language, at present 4 copies in stock, $80.00

Parity of Currencies in Postal History 1700 - 1875, by Leonard H.J.Janssen

2001, 501 pages, well printed and cloth bound but the binding is not up to par, In Dutch but with some English translations, autographed, large format, mostly tables, only one copy avaialble, $245.00

British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840 to UPU

by Jane and Michael Moubray

From the RPSL, considerable text describing the history and mail systems for each country in addition to rate tables, maps and illustrations of covers, a number in color, both a significant and magnificent book, most useful work. If you haven't guessed by now we like it! A completely REVISED edition of the marvelous 1992 book