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Over the years the auction catalogs have accumulated. In 1982 we started a computer listing of the catalogs but stopped after about 500 entries. At that time computers were not common and we did not think we could justify printing a catalog. We are now trying it again with the Internet, it will take some time to develop the form and enter the material. We will never have them all catalogs entered or fully described, there are now well over 5,000 different catalogs with varying contents in stock.

This is a trial listing, we must refine the format to make it usable for both of us, with time and if your interest in this project supports it, these listings will evolve into true reference files.

Valuation; the value of a catalog to the student and collector can be immense, they chronicle existence, the provenance, number existing, dates, price, etc, the condition at the time of the sale, it is surprising how many items seem to improve with age. In pricing the catalog we must admit that a large percent of the price is our overhead to stock and list them.

Some specialized auction catalogs still appear only under the heading that relates to their contents. The Walcott catalog is only listed under CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA and the Julius Steindler is only listed under MARITIME. Please also check the related headings. All below listings are limited stock.

The abbreviations should be evident, RAS-406, 1972 means Robert A. Siegel sale number 406 held in 1972. Most catalogs have the original prices realized, some have xerox copies, a few none. All are in VF condition unless noted otherwise. If no price is given the listing is a reference one and is not in stock. The absence of pr (prices realized) does not necessarily mean the copy in stock does not have it.

Sold, This file is intended to also be a reference one, when listings are made only for reference there is no price, when for sale a price is given, when the last such item is sold it is given as Sold after the price however this only means the last copy in the listed stock is sold. At present we have well over 5,000 catalogs that are not so listed thus if you want something listed as Sold please advise and we will take a look, perhaps one is still available and can be found.

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Dr. Paul Singer & the History of Shanahan Auctions, Five Years to the Top of the World and a Deep Fall by Wolfgang Maassen. Singer & Shanahan acquired the world's largest stamp collection, Maurice Burrus. In May, 1959, his success abruptly ended: The stamps for sale of the announced "Mystery Collection", a unique collection of Lombardy Veneto, was stolen, the auction for the 5-year anniversary of the company was cancelled. 2019, 187 pages, full color and cloth, $59.00.

Doctor of Milliams by Seanus Brady The story of Dr. Paul Singer, the rise and fall of the Shanahans Stamp Auction of Dublin that tried to rise too high with the Maurice Burrus collection, 1965, 176 pages, card, $35.00, enquire first

Name Sales

Sigmund Adler, H. R. Harmer, NY

Dr. Josep Agris US Coil Issues, Shreves, Sept 5,1997, hard bound, $35.00

Alfred H. Caspary, 1955 - 1958, H. R. Harmer Inc, New York Caspary in Harmer binding

Caspary unbound sets
  • US General Issues, 1847 - 1988, Sales 2 & 6, $90.00
  • CSA Provisionals, Sale 3, 1956, 163 pages, card, pr, $65.00
  • Old German States , Sale 4, 1956, 174 pages, card, pr, $37.50, sold
  • Old Italian States, Part 1, Sale 7, 176 pages, card, 1957, pr, $45.00
  • British Commonwealth Part 2, British West Indies, Sale 9, 80 pages, 1957, $35.00
  • British Commonwealth, Possessions in Europe, Asia and Africa, 101 pages, Sale 12, 1958, $47.50
  • Latin America, Sale 14, 1958, 144 pages, card, pr, $55.00
  • British Commonwealth part 4, Oceania, 94 pages, Sale 15, 1958, $50.00
  • Japan, Sale 16, 1958, 56 pages, card, pr, $55.00 Alfred Clayton, Commonwealth Classics, HRH-L, Dec, 1959 with pr, $32.50

    American Bank Note Co.Archives, Christie's Robson Lowe, NY

    American Bank Note Co.Archives, HRH Connecticut

    Lars Amundsen

    John R. Boker, Jr by Heinrich Köhler

    Clifford C. Cole, Jr., 1988, Robert A. Siegel A.C. Dibble British Empire Collection, H. R. Harmer

    John Lek Collections, HRH

    Alfred F. Lichtenstein Collection of European Countries, HRH 1735-39, 1966, $27.50

    Louise Boyd Dale and Alfred F. Lichtenstein, 1968 - 1971, H. R. Harmer, 11 catalogs with pr, introduction booklet, VF

    Louise Boyd Dale and Alfred F. Lichtenstein, 1989 -2004, H. R. Harmer

    Col. J. R. Danson

    Judge R.S. Emerson

    His Majesty King Farouk I of Egypt

    Col. E. H. R. Green, 1942 - 1946, various auction houses

    Individual Col. Green Sales

    The Glassco Collection, British Post Offices Abroad, Robson Lowe

    William H. Gross Scandinavia, Spinks - Shreves, NY, May 16, 2008, hard bound, $37.50, sold

    Josiah K. Lilly, 1967 - 1968, Robert A. Siegel

    Arthur Hind, 1933 - 1935, Phillips & Kennett, NY; Harmer Rooke, H.R. Harmer, London

  • British Empire, 1934, C.J Phillips & W. C. Kennett, New York, sale never held, catalog 145+ pages, 50+ large plates in folder, $185.00

    Foreign sales, 1934-1935, H. R. Harmer, London,

    In publishers ¼ leather binding with pr, sales 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11; $335.00 Complete set as issued, not bound, pr xeroxed, sales 1 to 11, $375.00
  • set of xerox prices realized, $37.50
  • 1st sale, GB, Europe & Colonies, BNA,
  • 2nd sale, West Indies with British Guiana, $32.50
  • 3rd sale, Asia with India and States, $35.00, sold
  • 5th sale, Australia and Oceanic, $37.50
  • 6th sale, France and Colonies, $37.50
  • 7th sale, Northern Europe, $40.00
  • 8th sale, Southern European and Possessions, $37.50
  • 9th sale, Spain and Colonies $35.00
  • 10th,sale, Asia and Africa, $45.00, sold
  • 11th sale, Central and South America, Cuba, and Hawaiian Islands $55.00, sold
  • BG 1c Magenta offered by Mrs. A. Hind, Oct 30th, 1935, $42.50, sold

    Oded Eliashar Collection of Pigeon Post Mail

    W.Parsons Todd, 1977 - 1978, R.A. Siegel

    Josephine Bird Hall, Edson J. Fifield, New York

    Ishikawa Ryohei, various auction housesIshi

    Edward S. Knapp, 1941 - 1942, Parke - Bernet

    Ferrari de la Renotière Auction Catalogs

    The M. Ferrari De La Renotiere Auction Catalogues

    With the G.S.F. Napier index and prices realized, Hind is listed as a subscriber, All sales No. 1-14 with plates, 1921-1924, extensive annotated in pencil. The 3rd sale, April 5-7, 1922, lot 295, the One Cent Magenta and annotated as for Hind. The catalogs appears to have been also been used by Alvin Good with a listing of bidding in his hand, Alvin was George Worthingham's curator. After Worthingham's death Alvin became associated with Hind. The 12th sale, April 22-24th, 1925, has a French tax form with adhesive revenue tax stamp for Arthur Hind purchases at that sale, the tax value and the realizations agree, see our web site for a part image of this form (the later 1929 sale is not included) bound in quality full leather as three volumes, hubbed spine with gold stamping, the pages show use as would be expected, $3,750.00, sold

    A reprint of the 14 sales held 1921-24, the rare Luder Edelmann 1929 sale and the Napier index published in 1925, with prices realized.

    Louis Grunin, Christie's New York

    Alfred F. Lichtenstein & Louis Boyd Dale, H. R. Harmer, New York

    Charles F. Meroni, 1952 - 1953, John A. Fox

    William L. Moody III of Texas, H. R. Harmer, New York

    Part 1, 2 & 3, The US and CSA, Harmer binding, 1/2 leather, with pr, $195.00, sold

    The Newbury Collection 1961 - 1963, Robert A. Siegel

    Morton Dean Joyce

    Ferrars H. Tows, 1948-1950, Carl E. Pelander, New York Parts 1-6 with prices realized, cloth bound as one book, $675.00

    George T. Turner Robert L. Markovits Philip H. Ward Sales, New York, some pr may be xeroxes

    Weill Brothers' Stock, Christie's Robson Lowe, New York and Zurich

    Burrus, 1962 - 1967, various auction houses

    Oscar A. Schenck, Harmer, Rooke & Co. Inc. George B.Sloane, Part 1, 2 & 3, J. Fox, 1959, sales 201-2, 206-8, & 218-220 Frederic R. Harris, Harmer Rooke Adolphe Menjour, H. R. Harmer Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1946, H. R. Harmer Charles Lathrop PACK. Harmer, Rooke, New York1944-1947 Y. Souren


    Stampless and Documents Postal History Free Franks Maritime Locals, Carriers and Express Railroads

    Advertising & Illustrated Covers

    Postal Stationery First Day Covers

    Essays, Proofs & Specimens

    US and Colonial Stampless

    US Postmasters' Provisionals and Carriers, see name sales

    1847and a few others

    1851-1860 Encased Postage Stamps 1861-1868 1869 Mixed 19th Century US Classics Mixed 19th & 20th Century Canal Zone Hawaii

    Hawaii and 1851 Issue US Covers from the Tito Collection, mailed to and from Hawaii, foreign rates, etc., full color, Spink America, April 20, 1999, 130 pages with pr, full color, soft bund, $25.00, hard bound with pr, $37.50 Newspapers

    Officals Revenue The Henry Tolman II Collection of US Revenue Stamps

    Michael E. Aldrich revenue auctions, catalogs, 1984-1988, sales no. 21, 23-25 & 28, new condition with prices realized, the lot $85.00

    The Vaquero Collection, Essays and Proofs, RAS, Sale 1158, May 12, 2017, $27.50

    The Hope Collction, US Newspapers & Periodicals, RAS, Sake 249, March 1, 2022, $32.50

    Grant Inman Collection, Complete, RAS Parts 1-7, sales1131, 1135, 1137, 1149, 1160, 1164, 1173, complete $165.00

    Private Die Proprietary Medicine Stamps by George B. Griffenhagen, 1969, 78 pages, card, $12.50

    Match & Medicine Census Book by Michael E. Aldrich A census of the stamps with over 125 illustrations, copies are tabulated by condition, well printed and most usable, enjoyable to read. 1997, 220 pages, cloth, $46.50

    Patent Medicine Tax Stamps by Henry W. Holcombe

    Christopher West, alias Elliott Perry

  • P. H. Oakey, HRH-L, 1948, pr, $22.50
  • Eno, HR 779, 1954, $12.50
  • T. A. Matthews, Balloon Jupiter, , HRH 1953, 1964, $17.50
  • H. M. Goodkind, HRH 2023, 1971, $10.00
  • Jack C. Boonshaft, H-L, 4612, pr, $12.50


    Please enquire on the below auction catalogs before ordering, those that are priced should be in stock but often only one or two copies, some that are not priced may also be instock.

    Foreign sales, 1934-1935, H. R. Harmer, London

  • Please enquire, we have many more auction catalogs.

    Foreign by Subject

    UPU Airmail Covers World Collections and Rarities of the World

    Foreign by Country

    Aden Africa, Oil Rivers and Niger Coast Africa, also see British Africa, South, West and Central


    Australia and States Austria Balkans


    Belgian Congo



    British Empire Revenue British Empire, Mixed, Markings, etc.

    British Africa, South, West, Central, Cape, etc

    Africa, South

    Africa, British East

    Africa, British Central

    Africa. British West

    Africa, Transvaal

    Cape of Good Hope Africa, British, various British Asia, Malaya British West Indies British Guiana

    British West Indies



    Cayman Islands


    Checkslovakia Chile China Colombia Cook Island Costa Rica Cuba Cyprus Czechoslovakia Danish West Indies


  • Ecuador, Martin de Bustamante collection, AFINSA, hard bound and boxed, 1996. 349 pages, $125.00, sold
  • Colection De Ecuador, Eugenio Gebauer ( also major Nepal ), C-RL-L 5736. 1996. $22.50 Ethiopia East, Near (Levant Holy Lands) and Far East

    East, Middle , also see Egypt, etc.


    Falkland Islands & Dependencies




    French Colonies


    Heinrich Köhler, Wiesbaden Germany

    Germany, Coloies and States
  • Auction Catalogs, German in German Gibraltar

    Great Britain

    Great Britain Official Stamps Greece Grenada Haiti Hispaniola Iceland India and States Ireland


    Italy & States

    Jamaica Japan Latin America Liberia Long Island






    Near East

    New Zealand



    Mercury Stamp Co., New York

    Michael Rogers, Inc., Winter Park, Florida

    Robert G. Kaufmann, Wayne Township, N.J.

    Sotheby Park Bernet Stamp Auction Co., Inc., New York Sale 1, 1977, Sale 56, 1981

    Henry M. Spelman III, San Anselmo, California

    Sale numbers 1 - 23 were held by Robert Lewenthal of San Francisco. The Lewenthal sale numbers appear to start with No. 15, my earliest catalog is April 25, 1965 however I have only 19 of the 23. Henry's sales started with No. 24 held on October 24, 1976 and continued until his final one, No. 67 held on June 29, 1989.

    Herman ( Pat ) Herst, Jr, Shrub Oak, NY Walter S. Scott Stamp Co., New York

    Waverly Trading Co., Waverley, Ma

    Richard C. Frajola, Danbury, Ct; Empire Co. & Ranchos de Taos, NM

    Sales 1 - 58, plus 4 Private Treaty sales, 1981 - 1995, June 1987 through May 1995, 58 auctions and 4 private treaty sales, 1 Confidential Bid Auction of US PA in Shanghai, 1998

    John W. Kaufmann, Washington

    H.R. Harmer Ltd, New Bond St., London

    Major run of the yellow covered auction catalogs, only a few flimsies (thin paper printed to Send overseas by air), excellent condition, most have prices realized, from

    Major Run of the British and British Colonies

    Large deluxe catalogs, all have some color, mostly World Wide and British Colonies

    Irwin Heiman, New York

    Lowell S. Newman & Co. Auctions, New Jersey

    Samuel C. Paige Auctions, Boston
    1. Dec 6,1950 - Robert F. Chambers, US Stamples, in spiral binding and staples covers, $27.50
    2. March 1951 - US
    3. November 1951 - Covers
    4. March 1952 - Covers
    5. November 1952 - US
    6. Dec 6, 1952 - William N. Randell, US Covers, $24.00
    7. March 1953 - Covers
    8. June 6, 1953 - George C. Willard, US One Cent 1851-57, $22.50
    9. December 1953 - US Covers and Stamps
    10. April 1954 - US , F.S. Whitney, W. C. Phillips
    11. June 1954 - US Covers
    12. December 1954 - US
    13. March 1955 - Roger C. Kellogg, Newfoundland, US
    14. June 10, 1955 - Maurice C. Blake, US Covers, $20.00
    15. December 1955 - US
    16. April 1956 - US, M. F. Cole, R. H. Abbe
    17. December 1956 - Herbert T. Darlington, Territorial Covers
    18. March 1957 - US 19th Century Covers
    19. June 7, 1957 - 19th Century US, $20.00
    20. Nov 1957 - Julian L. Williams, US
    21. December 1957 - MISSING
    22. May 1958 - G.M. Burr Locals and H. De Windt Fancy 20th Cty
    23. Oct 11, 1958 - Western, US Covers, $20.00
    24. March 1959 - S.B. Ashbrook stampless, H. W. Stark, US Covers
    25. June 1959, Joseph A. Harbert, MISSING
    26. Dec 4, 1959 - US, Western, Victoria, Territorial, $20.00
    27. April 29, 1960, $20.00
    28. June 1960 - Arthur R. Davis
    29. December 1960
    30. March 1961 - US, R. C. Burleigh, E. W. Phippen, $20.00
    31. May 19, 1961 - John H. Smith, Lynn Crandall Territorial, $20.00
    32. December 1961 -Dr. Carroll Chase 3c 1851-1857, US $20.00
    33. May 4-4, 1962 - Rosco C. Burleigh Vermont, E. W. Phippen $20.00
    34. Dec 1962 - MISSING
    35. April, 22 1963 - Drenan's Vermont, Oliver H. Wolcott, $22.50
    36. Dec 1963 - MISSING

    Stanley Gibbons, London

    A good run from 1968 through 1979 being 191 catalogs, many with prices realized, excellent condition, some dulication, perhaps 20 in all, delivered to a US mailing address, $250.00. sold

    Shreves Philatelic Galleries, New York

    Robson Lowe, Postal History Sales

    Robson Lowe, Bournemouth

    Robson Lowe, London Robson Lowe, Switzerland

    H. Lazarus, New York

    Robert A. Siegel, New York

    Rarity Sales, one each year from 1964 to date

    An Excellent Working Run, vf, most with prices realized, Greg Manning Auctions, Montville, NJ