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    The Fathers of Philately

    Inscribed on the roll of Distinguished Philatelist

    by Brian J. Birch

    A detailed and most readable study of 42 of the major founders of philately living between 1844 to 1919, the best such work that we know of, with detailed citations to references, published by the RPSL in 2019, 300 pages, full color, cloth with a dj, limited stock $135.00

    A Century of Notices to the Public 1782-1880

    compiled by

    Paul Wijnants

    The major value of this set is the index, it is by 1,500 keywords, and each gives the year and location in the books of the Notices. The bracketed year and the notice gives you the key to the issue and with this you can go to other reference. Of the 4 volumes one volume is devoted to the index, It covers UK notices but on World Wide mail to most countries, as an example Via Panama has 33 notices from 1841 to 1878. The Index, Vol 1, measures 8.5x12 inches and vol 2-4 are each 12 x 17, these notices are full size. Edition of 75 sets with our alocation being 7 sets.

    2021, 4 large volumes, about 35 lbs, total of 1,780 pages, $675.00 plus actual transit, enquire first, one sets available

    Sample of an index page, extremely detail

    Dr. Paul Singer & the History of Shanahan Auctions. Five Years to the Top of the World and a Deep Fall

    by Wolfgang Maassen.

    A new book that will rival in interest and utility to the recent books on Ferrari and Fabergé. Singer appeared in Dublin in 1954, he turned a small auction company, Shanahan, into the world's largest stamp auction house. He attracted tens of thousands of customers from all over the world, offered investment opportunities, everyone was to increase their money invested in stamps very short time. With the first "Millionaire" auction in November 1958, he held a legendary party; 200 bottles champagne, Russian caviar, and over 200 guests. In 1959, Singer & Shanahan acquired the world's largest stamp collection, Maurice Burrus. In May, 1959, his success abruptly ended: The stamps for sale of the announced "Mystery Collection", a unique collection of Lombardy Veneto, was stolen, the auction for the 5-year anniversary of the company was cancelled. This was followed by the longest and most expensive trials in the history of Ireland. 2019, 187 pages, full color and cloth, limited edition, $59.00

    Doctor of Millions by Seanus Brady The story of Dr. Paul Singer, the rise and fall of the Shanahans Stamp Auction of Dublin that tried to rise too high with the Maurice Burrus collection, 1965, 176 pages, card, $45.00, enquire first

    The Journal of the Philatelic Literature-Society 1908-1918 reprinted by Wolfgang Maassen, 2019, 2 volumes, 991 pages, cloth, edition of 40 copies, $400.00, sold out

    David Beech has just written a new book Libraries & Philatelic Research, A Guide to Philatelic Research a The British Library. The 3rd Q PLR page 201 has an excellent review, however there are two errors, it is not hardbound and it is not in color and b&w, David confirmed there are not two versions. This booklet is intended to a guide to what is in the British Library however many details are of interest such as the list of 78 philatelic collection with the name of the person that formed them. 2019, 50 pages, card, 2019, $12.00

    Agathon Fabergé

    Portrait of A Philatleist

    by Kaj Hellman & Jeffrey C. Stone

    Comparable with the Ferrari book however it has more on the stamps and less of the biography. An excellent overview of his many collection with considerable detail on many, even some plating drawings. In English 382 pages, color, cloth, published at 50 euro plus transit, an excellent review is in the March-April 2018 issue of The Collectors Club Philatelist, $95, sold out

    The Mysterious Philippe De Ferrari Collector, Philatelist and Philanthropist

    by Wolfgang Maassen

    Completely text in English and French with each paragraph side by side. A book to be read, and not just to savor images of the rarities. Ferrari was a true collector and not just after the rarities. In trying to help a friend identifying missing items i ran into a Confederate pair of the 10c litho, i remember it selling perhaps five years ago for under $500.00, wish i bought it, a nice item and a nice attribution. Ferrari like Caspary, wanted the rarities but also had a good eye for lesser items.

    Another tribute to the Club de Monte-Carlo, 398 pages, large format, quality paper and illustrations, full color, cloth with dust jacket, published at 60 Euro, released at MonacoPhil 2017, Nov 29, 2017, $135.00, enquire before ordering

    The M. Ferrari De La Renotiere Auction Catalogues

    With the G.S.F. Napier index and prices realized, Hind is listed as a subscriber, All sales No. 1-14 with plates, 1921-1924, extensive annotated in pencil. The 3rd sale, April 5-7, 1922, lot 295, the One Cent Magenta and annotated as for Hind. The catalogs appears to have been also been used by Alvin Good with a listing of bidding in his hand, Alvin was George Worthingham's curator. After Worthingham's death Alvin became associated with Hind. The 12th sale, April 22-24th, 1925, has a French tax form with adhesive revenue tax stamp for Arthur Hind purchases at that sale, the tax value and the realizations agree, see our web site for a part image of this form (the later 1929 sale is not included) bound in quality full leather as three volumes, hubbed spine with gold stamping, the pages show use as would be expected, $3,750.00, sold

    Die Ferrary-Auktionen, Paris 1921-1925 and Zurich 1929

    1987 repring of all sales, cloth bound, one available, enquire

    Intimate Philatelic Interviews by Dr. Stanley M. Bierman

    We now have Dr.Stanley M. Bierman DVD's, in stock, 19 interviews with noted philatelic people between 1984 and 1998 are recorded, each on a DVD. They are in color with sound, project well and can be played on a PC. Well presented in a small album in a folding box. The DVDs were produced by APRL and market for $175. We are pleased to offer at the same price, $175.00

    The World's Greatest Stamp Collectors by Dr. Stanley M. Bierman

    More of the World's Greatest Stamp Collectors by Dr. Stanley M. Bierman

    Club de Monte-Carlo 2013

    Milestones of the Philatelic Literature

    of the 19th Century

    by Wolfgang Massen and Vincent Schouberechts

    This book was published by the Club de Monte-Carlo for the 2013 exhibit. An exceptional work on the early and major philatelic literature, the books, authors and publishers, with an emphasis on the early works dealing with forgers and forgeries. It is both detailed, authoritative and enjoyable to read.The only comparable study to date is the Crawford Index and the series by Dr.Manfred Amrehein. I consider it an exceptional work and not hurt too much by my small contribution. In English and French, full color, 512 pages, large format, limited stock, $180.00 plus our standard $5 part postage, for foreign plus actual postage.

    Milestones, there is now a 200 page supplement that was available to download at no cost. This Supplement has about 20 pages of new material in English, the rest is the text of the book in German, the illustrations are not reproduced. About 35 copies were printed and bound for those involved with the original book and for libraries, none are available.

    "Caveat Emptor" The Life and Works of S. Allan Taylor by Jan Kindler

    The best work to date on SAT, Philatelic Literature Review Second Series, Vol 15, No. 2, whole number 51, pages 58-88, rarely available

    A Catalogue for Advanced Collectors by Henry Collin and Hanry L. Calman

    Scott Stamp and Coin Company, 1901

    Text with catalog pictures printed

    Cloth Binding, Complete Text, pages 1-1,349, bound in two cloth volumes, probably normal binding

    Beautiful old half leather binding, black, hubbed, two volumes, a deluxe binding Pages 395 - 1,349, Parts 7 - 14

    Individual Parts, loose, no binding


    Dictionary of English and Italian Philatelic Terms by Roy Dehn, 2004, 91 pages, card, it works in both directions, $32.50

    Put A Stamp on It!

    by Herman Herst, Jr.

    forward by

    Kenneth Herst

    Seventy five of Pat's stories, always enjoyable to read and re-read, might even learn something. Pat loved a good story and did not let facts interfere too much, they are all based mostly on facts. From my memory i recall a 1869 invent was promoted as a new find as such created more buyer interest but in reality it had been in dealer's hands for some time. Of the 77 stories most are printed for the first time but some were reprinted from Pat's previous works. I find Chapters 24, Anonymous Philatelic Writers of real interest. 2016, 354 + 8 pages, card $16.99

    Sweden in Philately 1920

    Up To 1920

    edited by Jonas Hällström

    A companion volume by the Club de Monte-Carlo 2013 to the above literature one but covering Sweden, in English and French, full color, 279 pages, large format, published at €60, only one copy available, $100 plus our standard $3 part postage and for foreign plus actual postage.

    The London Philatelist, Archival Edition 1892-2012

    All 121 volumes of the journal excluding advertising, 20,000+ articles. A major world philatelic journal of the first quality. All digitized and set up to be searched, on DVDs (not CDs) so they will run on most PCs but NOT on a MAC even if it has a PC emulation, self loading installation, 2 DVDs in all, published at £90, enquire before ordering, $205.00


    Annotated Cumulative Subject Index to the Chronicle of the U.S. Classics Postal Issues, Journal of the U.S. PHILATELIC CLASSICS Society for Issued 1 - 200, by Joseph J. Geraci., An exceedingly detailed work covering virtually any imaginable facet for an item in the journal, complete with a searchable CD. Invaluable for any collector of the US Classics. Information is only of value if you can find it and this magnificent work makes it possible; search a stamp, a town, etc.

    Every marking shown on a cover as with the address is in the Geraci index and also the advertising showing covers; this material is not indexed in the free on-line USPCS index.

    Edition limited to 200 copies, 2007, 591 pages, card, with searchable CD, $75.00, enquire

    Philatelic Literature: Compilation Techniques and Reference Sources by James Negus A fine guide on how to go about philatelic research plus a convenient source of much bibliographic information. The listings are certainly not complete but this work is a must in researching just about any subject. 1991, 294 + 8 pages, cloth, $55.00

    Philatelist Index, 1866-1876 and 1934-1974 by James Negus 1976, 150 pages, cloth, edition of 200, one copy available, $95.00

    Crawford Index

    CATALOGUE PHILATELIC LIBRARY, The Earl of Crawford, K.T. by E.D. Bacon The Crawford Index is a superb study and a real bibliography with extensive citations on each work, comprehensive and complete. It covers books published through 1908 and auction catalogs and journals through 1906. There is a tremendous amount of details on each entry; pagination, page size, publisher, editions, end papers, notes, etc. The first place one turns for information published before 1906 and 1908 respectively.

    Catalogue of the Crawford Library of Philatelic Literature at the British Library 1991 reprint of the 1911 book along with the 1926 and 1938 supplement, a new preface by D. R. Beech and with British Library shelf marks added in manuscript. The book used for this reprint is Sir Edward D. Bacon's personal copy and has a few manuscript corrections and a number of notes. 1991, 555 pages, cloth, edition of 500 copies, $225.00

    The Royal Philatelic Society London 1869-1969 History of the society and listing of publications, 192 pages, gold leaf, cloth, $65.00

    American Philatelic Periodicals by Chester M. Smith, Jr., A listing of about 5,000 Philatelic Journals published in the US, quite useful as it gives the basic data on each journal, 1978, 78 pages, card, sold out

    Manual of Philatelic Headings used by the American Philatelic Research Library by Chester M. Smith Jr. 1979, 102 pages, card, $15.00

    Philatelic Literature, A History and Select Bibliography from 1861 by Dr. Manfred Amrhein All are in a large format and have a colorful dust jacket, excellent reading and reference. Enquire on availability.

    Bierman Philatelic Library, Pacific 97 catalog, 20 pages, card, numbered edition of 500, $15.00, sold

    Postage Stamps, A selective check list of books on Philately in the Library of Congress In conjunction with the 1940 purchase of the Frederick James Melville library acquisition, 1940, 60+ pages, card, only one copy available, $17.50, sold

    Philately: A catalog of the Collectors Club Library, New York City The 26,500 cards in the C.C. library have been arranged by subject, author, title plus listings of U.S. and foreign periodicals. Not a Crawford Catalog but it covers the more recent works. 1974, 682 pages crown folio size, acid free paper, library binding, $250.00, sold

    Confederate States of America, Philatelic Subject Index and Bibliography, 1862-1999 by Richard H. Byne

    An index and bibliography with no comparison in American philately. Over 8,200 books, articles, auction catalogs, show programs, etc. are cited giving the basic description. These items are referred to in over 25,000 references by subject. Appendices cover abbreviations, authors, publications and illustrations.

    Volume I covers the literature for the 1862-1984 period, Volume II covers 1985 - 1999 plus a few year 2000 listings and any listings from the earlier period that have just come to our attention.

    The Complete OR (Official Records) of the Civil War, Union and Confederate

    Over 200,000 pages, all searchable on DVD-ROM

    These DVD also important non-official information and abstracts such as: Dyer's Compendium, Fox's regimental Losses, Southern Historical Society Papers, Confederate Military History, Campaigns of the Civil War, Biographies of 7 Confederate Generals (Early, Stuart, Gordon, Lee, Longstreet, Sorrel, and "Stonewall" Jackson). This program will only run on a computer having a DVD drive and also the program takes a bit of getting acquainted with however a computer is the only realistic way to handle the 200,000 pages of text and maps.

    The content is divided into two large databases and is completely searchable. A must for students of the Civil War, postal history, the 1861 issue. $169.95 + $5.00, enquire first

    Harris Index to Philatelic Literature 1879-1925 introduction by K.F. Chapman A useful index for the period with a new listing of whole and volume numbers for the journals covered and a new history of Harris Publications Please note, it was originally the Harris price list, and is not an index. 1991 reprint of 1933 book, new material added, 157 pages, cloth, $29.50

    Vermont Philatelic Index by Karl E. Henson A well researched and arranged study but we wish the publishers would have invested a reasonable sum in the paper and binding however the price is now reduced from the original $30.00 to $15.00. 1993, 202 pages, card, $15.00

    Index to Harry Hayes Auctions

    Index to Harry Hayes Philatelic Literature Auctions by Raymond Price Raymond Price in issuing a five volume master indexing of Harry Hayes auctions of philatelic literature. Harry was the most prolific auctioneer of philatelic literature to date: 64,800 lots sold in 88 sales from 1960 to 1986, perhaps 10,000 titles and 50,000 realizations in all.

    Harlan W. Miller Philatelic Printer, A Biography by Harlan L. MillerA wonderful folksy story of a devoted Philatelic Printer that was responsible for many fine journals in the 1930-1960's such as The American Revenuer, Philatelic Literature Review, Bulletin of the Polonus Philatelic Society Kay Chief Stamp Journal and perhaps 40 more. 1965, 107 pages, printed on one side, some color, limited stock $65.00, enquire first

    Index to Congress Books No. 1 - No. 72, 1935-2006, American Philatelic Congress, 2007, 163 pages, card, limited edition, limited stock, $35.00

    American Philatelic Congress, Index to the Congress Books Vol. 1 - 52, 1935-1986 by Kathleen Wolsiffer 1987, 89 pages, card, 3rd q 1987, PLR, well done, $6.50

    Canadian Philately, Bibliography and Index by Cimon N. Morin

    Index to The Cinderella Philatelist 1961-1985 and to The Private Post 1977-1985 by Ian D. Crane, Cinderella Stamp Club Handbook No. 6 1986, 128 pages, card, $15.00

    Litk No. 1, $30.00An Annotated Bibliography of Burma Philately by Alan Meech Most readable, detailed and well produced listing of books articles and auction catalogs. 1993, 125 pages, 16 illustrations, card bound $40.00

    60 Year Index to the United States Specialist, Vol. 1 to 60 by R. T. Hall 1990, 354 pages, cloth, covers 1930 - 1989, ie BIA, $35.00

    Indexes to The Airpost Journal, Vol 1-60, 1929-1989 and Aero Philatelist Annals, Vol 1-25, 1953-1971 and 1975-1982 1992, 200 pages, cloth, $14.00

    An Annotated Bibliography of Burma Philately by Alan Meech Most readable, detailed and well produced listing of books articles and auction catalogs. 1993, 125 pages, 16 illustrations, card bound $40.00

    Bibliografie van de filatelie in Belgie by Robert Leroy Bibliography of philatelic literature published in Belgium with indexes by author and subject, listing of library locations, etc. Some notes in English. 1988 second edition, 298 pages, cloth, $42.50

    Jean-Baptiste Moens 1833-1908 Pere De La Philatelie by Leclercq & Waroquiers A fine catalog of Moens' books and journals with rarity factors. Well illustrated and attractively presented, in French. 1981, 58 pages, cloth $32.50

    A Bibliography of Philatelic Literature on the French Colonies, Protectorates and Overseas Territories, Vol. One by R. G. Stone 1981, 110 pages, card, $10.00

    Bibliography - Indian Philately by Philatelic Congress of India Arranged into 98 chapters by subject, then by date of publication. 1988, 426 pages, poor native paper and cloth, $42.50

    Index to Fil-Italia, Italy and Colonies Study Circle, Vol I-XXX, 2005 February, 112 pages, in English as is the Journal, a well prepared index, the journal may we offered in CD format soon however it is available in most major philatelic libraries.

    Only one of each on the below