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Jean de Sperati

Rubens of Philatelic Forgers

by Richard Schäfer

Am astounded how interested it is to me. I considerer it as important as the BPI 1955-1956 book and also the RPSL 2001 book.

Besides extreme details on the Swiss fakes it has much information on the Sperati history and information on his processes that is not "really" previously published. It is of much help on my work on the CSA Sperati's explaining the glass and celluloid master images and printing plates, he printed from these images and not the common metal plates, there is still much that is not clear on his techniques, he was an artist and a scientist in various areas, the tag line as to "Rubens" is appropriate, 2023, 276 pages, cloth with dj, gold leaf on all page edges, edition of 200 copies; published at 125 Swiss Franks plus postage, US postage is 55 CHF thus, $198.00 plus bank charges, from our US stock $190.00, enquire before ordering

The Spiros-a Family from Hamburg

by Wolfgang Maassen and collaborators


The First Major Study of the Spiro Fakes

The Series Continues

The First Volume covers the family history, the early history of the forgeries, the Spud Paper stamps each illustrating in detail and giving The Philatelist appearance data, and giving the in detail, details on the cancellations, a special treatment on Brazil, and introduction to the Spiro-Torres uncertainty as to who did what, etc.references to other early forgers and those that marketed the fakes. Volumes 2-4 are to illustrate full sheets with printed postal markings

Albania 1917 Korce

Guide to Forgeries

by Paul Eckman

2022, 33 pages, extremely well illustrated and in full color, wire spiral bound, Korce is a small town and region in Albania bordering on Greece, they issued colorful stamps that were extensively forged, $17.50

Jean de Speratic

Rubens of Philatelic Forgers

by Richard Schäfer

Am astounded how interested it is to me. I considered it as important as the BPI 1955-1956 book and also the RPSL 2001 book.

Besides extreme details on the Swiss fakes it has much information on the Speratic history and information on his processes that is not "really" previously published. It is of much help on my work on the CSA Speratic's explaining the glass and celluloid master images and printing plates, he printed from these images and not the common metal plates, there is still much that is not clear on his techniques, he was an artist and a scientist in various areas, the tag line as to "Rubens" is appropriate, 2023, 276 pages, cloth with dj, gold leaf on all page edges, edition of 200 copies; published at 125 Swiss Franks plus postage, US postage is 55 CHF thus, $198.00 plus bank charges, from our US stock $190.00, enquire before ordering

The Forgeries of the “Cantonal” Stamps of Switzerland


Richard Schafer

This book is an extension of the A de Reuterskja 1907 study and includes a reproduction of his rare English The Forgeries "Cantonal" tension of the A de Reuterskja 1907 study and includes a reproduction of his rare English The Forgeries "Cantonal" Stamps Switzerland, the book is reproduced in reduced format but the text is still legible. The forgeries are illustrated in large format and annotated as to the characteristics. At the end a number of interesting forgery items are illustrated and one that i think is from Peter Winter's 1986 exhibit at the Essen Fair and not in out edition of Woflgang's book.

2022, 315 pages, full color, cloth with dj, gold leaf on all sides, beautiful book, the book is in German however the reproduction of the original Reuterskja book is the English edition, a separate introductory booklet in English is provided. The illustrations are exceptional, large and a number are annotated as to details. Limited edition of 250 copies, 2022, published by Coronphilia in Switzerland., $160.00

British Consulate Post Office at Bankok 1855 to 1885


Michael J. R. Houder

A detailed study of the "B" overprints, cancellations and forgeries, a census of known covers, history of the service, from the Stuart Rossitor Trust.

2021, 454 pages, in color, hardback, published at 38 pounds plus postage, limited edition, $96.00

Peter Winter's

"Swan Song" Memories of an Artist and "Forger"

by Wolfgang Maassen

The fascinating life of an Opera Singer and Forger, and the philatelic reproductions as he considered them and forgeries as we collect them. It is most welcomed to get real information on a modern forger. This book is Peter Winter's operation in the 1980's through the end. His now rare 1985 and scarce 1988 catalogs are illustrated, an invaluable reference value.

A scholarly study with much formal analysis with other previously not published information on his "second copy" of the British Guiana 1c Magenta.

A must book for the forgery collector and some one that wants to know more and collect the authentic stamps, a good read. His forgeries on the web can look extremely enticing but in many cases when in hand the paper is not right and evident by a serious collector, when gummed they become more deceptive, there are exceptions! A CD showing my mounted collection is also included.

Christoph Gartner competition for Books and also Digital, second place. presentation at Monacophil 2022.

2021, 192 pages, full color, cloth bound, English edition, from the US,With CD, $65.00 + $4.00 pp to a US mailing address.

Peter Winter's

"Swan Song" Memories of an Artist and "Forger"

by Wolfgang Maassen

The fascinating life of an Opera Singer and Forger, and the philatelic reproductions as he considered them and forgeries as we collect them. It is most welcomed to get real information on a modern forger. This book is Peter Winter's operation in the 1980's through the end. His now rare 1985 and scarce 1988 catalogs are illustrated, an invaluable reference value.

A scholarly study with much formal analysis with other previously not published information on his "second copy" of the British Guiana 1c Magenta.

A must book for the forgery collector and some one that wants to know more and collect the authentic stamps, a good read. His forgeries on the web can look extremely enticing but in many cases when in hand the paper is not right and evident by a serious collector, when gummed they become more deceptive, there are exceptions! A CD showing my mounted collection is also included.

2021, 192 pages, full color, cloth bound, English edition, from the US,Witch CD, $65.00 + $4.00 pp to a US mailing address.

The U.S. and World Fakes of Andre Frodel by Kenneth W. Pugh

It covers some of his fakes and a good picture of him and the production, mostly fakes of 20th century U.S. stamps by manipulating authentic stamps, these fakes are quite deceptive. I have recently come across two CSA fakes that were superbly re-backed and may have been his work, 2021, 51 pages, full cover, on heavy paper, loose leaf and punched for standard 3 ring binder, binder not included, $40.00

Forgery of a US Forever Flag Stamp, coil strip of 5 for $10.00 post paid,. They are extremely deceptive and have been reported to the Postal Inspectors and the APS. The local PO said they would not be detected over the counter and apparently not by the sorting machines, a current search on the web did not bring out any of the original offering as authentic stamps, though a few may have it but less blatant !

The Postal History of the Universal Postal Union

The Postal Card (Worldwide) 1869-1974

by James Peter Gough

The UPU regulations in detail, by period and country, well illustrated, published by the RPSL,2019, Vol 1 & 2, 935 pages in all, full color, cloth with dj, limited stock, $325.00

Spanish Colonial and Mexican Mail in the United States


Dr. Yamil H. Kouri Jr. and Leo J. Harris

This book has much more US interest than I anticipated, it is per the title "Spanish Colonial mail in the United States". One cover originated in Spanish Illinois, St. Geneveive, entered the US mail in Lexington, Ky, 1797. By page count: Texas 60, Louisiana 44, California 52, Florida 82, etc. In English and Spanish, right column is English and the left in Spanish. Well illustrated with covers and maps. 2021, 342 pages, in full color, card bound, a total edition of 230 copies of which 100 are available in the US, $72.00 + $4 part postage.

The Fathers of Philately

Inscribed on the roll of Distinguished Philatelist

by Brian J. Birch

A detailed and most readable study of 42 of the major founders of philately living between 1844 to 1919, the best such work that we know of, with detailed citations to references, published by the RPSL in 2019, 300 pages, full color, cloth with a dj, limited stock $135.00

A Century of Notices to the Public 1782-1880

compiled by

Paul Wijnants

The major value of this set is the index, it is by 1,500 keywords, and each gives the year and location in the books of the Notices. The bracketed year and the notice gives you the key to the issue and with this you can go to other reference. Of the 4 volumes one volume is devoted to the index, It covers UK notices but on World Wide mail to most countries, as an example Via Panama has 33 notices from 1841 to 1878. The Index, Vol 1, measures 8.5x12 inches and vol 2-4 are each 12 x 17, these notices are full size. Edition of 75 sets with our allocation being 7 sets.

2021, 4 large volumes, about 35 lbs, total of 1,780 pages, $700.00 plus actual transit, enquire first, one sets available

Sample of the index page, extremely detail

U.S. Navy Censorship Markings 1940-1945


James Moses

Describes and illustrating over 575 Naval censor markings, The Collectors Club of Chicago, 2021, 334 pages, cloth, $79.95

Alaska, Postmarks of Territorial Alaska, Fourth, Revised Edition by Michael Senta M.D. This is the 4th edition however the first since Bill Helbock published the 3rd in 1986, 11 towns with no previous recorded postmarks, 364 new town types and 1,659 changes in earliest and or latest known usages, the maps, etc. from the 3rd edition are not included. 2020, 186 pages, spiral binding, $42.00

International Postal Reforms

The Birth of the Postage Stamp and its Internal Effects 1840 to 1898 The Birth of the Postage Stamp and its International Effects 1840 to 1898


James L. Grimwood-Taylor

Published by the RPSL, 2020, Winter of the Crawford Medal for 2021, 1054 pages, full color, well illustrated with interesting and appropriate covers, in two volumes, cloth and DJ, limited stock $235.00

Ocean Penny Postage


David Duncan Turner

Ocean and Imperial Penny Postage 1840-1918 Elihu Burritt to Sir John HennikerOcean Penny Postage by David Duncan Turner Ocean and Imperial Penny Postage 1840-1918 Elihu Burritt to Sir John Henniker

It covers many if not all phases and countries world wide, the Ocean Penny Postage started before the Uniform Penny Postage with numerous illustrated covers.From the US Barnaby Bates and the Cheep Postage Association through many countries with many being British and the colonies, the numerous advertising envelopes are well covered, over 500 covers are illustrated. Despite the high quality the edition was only 200 copies, 2014, 414+ 16+16 pages, large format, archival rated paper, full color, cloth with dj, limited stock, $120.00

A Bibliography of New Zealand Cinderellas by D.E.Hurley , Arranged by subject, 3 pages on forgeries,1997, 109 pages, plastic ring binding, $17.50

Heaton: a Maritime Social Philatelic Case Study

Mail across the Oceans, From the beginning to 1875

by James Van der Linden with Jozef Bernard Lux and Paul Wijnants

A philatelic maritime book for the advanced collector and one that wants to be one, not targeted for a new collector. The book is intended to supplement the numerous previous works of Maritime Mail and is complete with a list of Sources that runs for 9 pages. The emphasis is the roues and not a rate or sailing table though some are so give. Well illustrated in full color with numerous covers, maps showing the routes.
2019 from the Club de Monte-Carlo, In English and French, each section is complete in one volume and run 296 pages for 582 in all, large format, full color, cloth with dj, $100.00

Under Three Flags

The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban American War

by Yamil H. Kouri Jr.

The philatelic aspect on all sides of the war with much related pertinent history.

The 27 chapters range on the Cuban side, from Military History, Cuban Postal Systems in and out of the Island, and Impact on Civilians; on the Spanish side, from Mail from Spanish Soldiers, Sailors, Military Posts, Military Hospitals and POW's, Spanish Patriotic Labels, Interrupted Mails, and Blockade Mail; and on the U.S. side from Mail from all the Military Camps in the United States, Patriotic Covers and Labels, Wartime Correspondence

Mail from American Soldiers, Sailors, Military Hospitals, Military Postal Stations in Cuba, their Postal Markings and Mail Categories, Military Camps in Cuba, Local Provisional Stamp Issues, Official Mail Envelopes, and the Postal Issues of 1899-1902. All three sides, Cuban, Spanish and American, are well covered; Postal Markings, Stamps, Labels, Maps, Documents, Photographs, Tables, etc. A detailed table of contents and a extensive index with listing: cities, army camps, ships, etc. 2019, 752 pages,1,600 illustrations, full color; cloth with DJ. Covers, bound in Buckram with gold stamping and a dust jacket. To a US mailing address $90.00 + $7.50 postage to a US mailing address = $97.50

The Gold Rush Mail Agents to California

and their Postal Markings, 1849-1852 by Theron Wierenga

This is a real book by Theron and not just a reprint of postal documents, it covers the sailings dates and ships, rates and much useful information on the voyages, it appeared in 1987 and seems to have been neglected, an excellent study and a good read, 1987, 288 pages, cloth $40.00, special $30.00

David Beech has just written a new book Libraries & Philatelic Research, A Guide to Philatelic Research a The British Library. Our copies are in transit now but I have seen the book, the 3rd Q PLR page 201 has a review however there are two errors, it is not hardbound and it is not in color and b&w, David confirmed there are not two versions. This booklet is intended to a guide to what is in the British Library however many details are of interest such as the list of 78 philatelic collection with the name of the person that formed them. 2019, 50 pages, card, expected Oct 15th, 2019, $12.00

A new book that will rival in interest and utility to the recent books on Ferrari and Fabergé.

Dr. Paul Singer & the History of Shanahan Auctions. Five Years to the Top of the World and a Deep Fall

by Wolfgang Maassen.

This book is an exceptional philatelic history however it is also of much interest to economics and the best documented history of a Ponzi scheme that i know of. Singer appeared in Dublin in 1954, he turned a small auction company, Shanahan, into the world's largest stamp auction house. He attracted tens of thousands of customers from all over the world, offered investment opportunities, everyone was to increase their money invested in stamps very short time. With the first "Millionaire" auction in November 1958, he held a legendary party; 200 bottles champagne, Russian caviar, over 200 guests. In 1959, Singer & Shanahan acquired the world's largest stamp collection, Maurice Burrus. In May, 1959, his success abruptly ended: The stamps for sale of the announced "Mystery Collection", a unique collection of Lombardy Veneto, was stolen, the auction for the 5-year anniversary of the company was canceled. This was followed by the longest and most expensive trials in the history of Ireland. The initial English edition was only 100 copies however i am sure more will be printed. 2019, 187 pages, full color and cloth, published at 37.50 euros plus 19.90 euros for delivery to non-EU addresses., $59.00 from our US stock.

Confederate Patriotic Stationery


James W. Milgram and John L. Kimbrough

To me the word stationery implies the letter sheets but this book covers these and also the envelopes. Twenty chapters including 6 on those printed in the North, all know CSA designs are illustrated in full size. 2019, 216 pages, full color, cloth, $50.00

Florida Postal History During the Civil War

by Dean R. Briggs, MD

A detailed study of each town; with listings of known covers both into and from the towns, and illustrations. All Florida towns that had post offices during the period are listed, together with the names of postmasters, compensation rates, and post office receipts. Postal routes are described in detail. Official Union occupation post offices and the Key West, Fort Pickens and Fort Jefferson post offices are recorded along with examples of all known Union Florida postal markings. 2018, 299 pages, cloth, full color $75.00

How the Post Office Created America


Winfred Gallagher

This interesting book was reviewed in the June 28th, 2016 issue of the WSJ, How the Post Office Created America by Winifred Gallagher, published by Penguin, 326 pages at $19.00 for paper bound and $28.00 for cloth. Despite a decent index and 287 end notes I do not consider is an authorative study but as it covers over 200 years it is an enjoyable read and with the current interest in "the story" one will probably pick up some good insights into the background, limited stock, cloth edition with dj, $17.50

Catalog of Private Express Labels and Stamps United States 1839-1918, Canada 1841-1926, Mexico 1860-1918

by Bruce H. Mosher

Tremendous interest for various fields from Local to National Postal History, Express Companies, Cinderellas and even some Forgeries.and Bogus

Puerto Rico

During the Spanish American War

1898-1900 A Postal History Study

by Bill Dipaolo

Covers the American Military, Development of the Postal System under the U.S. Military, Municipal/Local Posts, Postal Markings., 2018, 147 + 8 pages, full color, wire spiral bound, initial printing 150 copies, $45.00

Put A Stamp on It!

by Herman Herst, Jr.

forward by

Kenneth Herst

Seventy five of Pat's stories, always enjoyable to read and re-read, might even learn something. Pat loved a good story and did not let facts interfere too much, they are all based mostly on facts. From my memory i recall a 1869 invent was promoted as a new find as such created more buyer interest but in reality it had been in dealer's hands for some time. Of the 77 stories most are printed for the first time but some were reprinted from Pat's previous works. I find Chapters 24, Anonymous Philatelic Writers of real interest. 2016, 354 + 8 pages, card $16.99

Agathon Fabergé

Portrait of A Philatleist

by Kaj Hellman & Jeffrey C. Stone

Comparable with the Ferrari book however it has more on the stamps and less of the biography. An excellent overview of his many collection with considerable detail on many, even some plating drawings. In English 382 pages, color, cloth, published at 50 euro plus transit, an excellent review is in the March-April 2018 issue of The Collectors Club Philatelist $100.00 sold out

The Mysterious Philippe De Ferrari Collector, Philatelist and Philanthropist

by Wolfgang Maassen

Completely text in English and French with each paragraph side by side. A book to be read, and not just to savor images of the rarities. Ferrari was a true collector and not just after the rarities. In trying to help a friend identifying missing items i ran into a Confederate pair of the 10c litho, i remember it selling perhaps five years ago for under $500.00, wish i bought it, a nice item and a nice attribution. Ferrari like Caspary, wanted the rarities but also had a good eye for lesser items.

Another tribute to the Club de Monte-Carlo, 398 pages, large format, quality paper and illustrations, full color, cloth with dust jacket, published at 60 Euro, released at MonacoPhil 2017, Nov 29, 2017, limited stock. $135.00

Winner of the Crawford Metal in 2018

U.S. Railroad Contract Mail Routes


Hugh V. Feldman

This book this book is of much value to any collector for towns on or near the rail roads, it presents the development of the early railroads in a historical context focusing on the establishment, routes and the cities and towns served as it relates the philatelic information.

The mail contract route information is presented in a well-organized manner including dates, route numbers, contract agreement and cost per mile. The arrangement is by state accompanied by charts, copies of detailed maps locating town and a detailed list of the stations served on the various mail contracts. The mail contracts normally have the individual stops and dates thus one may be able to bracket in time when a specific station was in use.

This book runs 1,096 pages. in full color, hard bound, dust jacket, illustrates 242 covers, 582 maps and 360 other images. A DVD is included containing over 800 covers many are not illustrated in the book, PMG annual reports and other reports to Congress between 1817 and 1878, these run about 10,000 pages. Also included are images of the manuscript Railroad Contracts by States, 6,773 in all. We think these contracts have never been reproduced before. Additional philatelic information is presented through the many covers included in the text that were carried by railroads in each respective states. These are described in detail and the appropriate references are included to assist philatelists in their research.

Published at $97.50 plus postage, postpaid to a U.S. mailing address, $107.50

In the UK the book is available from Hugh V. Feldman FRPSL, Juniper House, Ashdon, Saffron Walden CB10 2HB, UK Tel: 01799 584579 email: Price will be £89.00 plus postage within the UK.

British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840 to UPU

by Jane and Michael Moubray

From the RPSL, considerable text describing the history and mail systems for each country in addition to rate tables, maps and illustrations of covers, a number in color, both a significant and magnificent book, most useful work. If you haven't guessed by now we like it! A completely REVISED edition of the marvelous 1992 book

Apects of American Postal History
edited by Peter Martin

A compilation of new interesting postal history articles from the 1860s to date by a number of most respected authors, 2017, 234 pages,cloth, $70.00

AAMC 7th Edition

American Air Mail Catalog, Seventy Edition, American Air Mail Society All new, in color and a now in a large format

The Springfield Facsimiles of Confederate Postage Stamps

by Steven M. Roth, F.J. Crown Jr & Patricia A. Kaufmann

The Springfield's are an evident fake but have fooled many and continue to do so, they are frequently offered as authentic on the web. Many examples are on poor paper and easy to spot but others are not. In the 1966 Washington International one was in the exhibit on cover as authentic.

United States Telephone Stamps, Franks, Coupons by William L. Rink

It also contains Covers, Perfins, Postcards, Passes, etc. 2017, 180 pages, full color, press printed, edition of 200 copies, signed and numbered, $69.95

Insight into U.S. Postal History, 1855-2016

by Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz

This book covers an extremely wide range of US postal services and markings; packed with a surprising amount of information. Of definite value to anyone collecting U.S. covers from the 19th century through the start of the 21st. 2016, 234+6 pages, cloth, well illustrated and in full color, $50.00

World Rarities New York 2016

From The Club de Monte Carlo

The actual rarities will be shown at New York

The book will only be sold by mail from Belgium; but orders can be taken from the show. It is quite a volume showing 50 rarities, all in color, even one Confederate, in English, with a good introduction to the club, 2016, 125 pages, hard bound in a velvet fabric, published at 50 euros post paid ($57.50) we can supply from our US stock, sold out

American Illustrated Letter Stationery 1819-1899

By Jim Milgram, MD

The first book ever on this subject and a beautiful book. Chapters include City Views, Political, Causes, Gold Rush letter sheets (listing all known designs), Federal and Confederate, large chapters with complete listings of many types, Spanish-American War, Valentines, Schools, Hotels, Transportation, and finally representative types of private businesses. Forty three pages are devoted to Confederate. Rarity numbers are given for the listings when possible. Quite complete, hen possible. Quite complete, obviously some areas are only representative. The contents contain 14 chapters, 1120 true color illustrations some full page in size, 2016, 560p, 1120 full color illustrations, HB with four color dust jacket. $90.00

Confederate States of America, Philatelic Fakes, Forgeries and Fantasies of the 19th and 20th Centuries by Peter W. W. Powell, John L. Kimbrough

A good work as to identifying fakes, forgeries and bogus stamps and covers. In some cases we question the forger attributions but a matter mostly of interest to myself and others that collect forgeries. 2015, small editon. 432 pages in color, cloth, $90.00

Nevada Postmark Catalog

by James Gamett and Gordon Nelson

Each town has a rarity factor, opening and closing years for the post office, and the types of mere kings along with the first and last recorded usage, rail road post offices and some history and philatelic background. 2015, 153 pages, card, $30.00

Jean de Sperati

The man who made copies of stamps, Biography

by Lucette Blanc-Girardet

We wanted to stock this book when it first appeared but was told an English edition would come out, it never did but the page by page English translation is all we need. The illustrations are excellent, most i have never seen before. 2003, 127 pages, hard bound smythie sewn, in color, in French but with a 95 page English translation, $60.00

British West African Mail Packets to 1900

by Colin Tabeart

Postage rates; the Royal Navy packets 1848-50, General Screw Steam Ship Co. packets 1850 t0 1852; African Steam Ship Company's 1st, 2nd and 3rd contracts: Elder Dempster & Alfred Jones: the non-contract period 1872-3; first joint mail agreement with British & African Steam Navigation Co.; supplementary mails 1873-74 during the 2nd Ashanti War, etc, etc. to 1900, General and Ship Indexs, 2015, 560 pages, cloth, edition of 100 copies, $135.00, out of stock but more in transit

The 1836 Anglo-French Postal Convention

How this agreement between Great Britain and France made it easier to send international mail from all parts of the world


Geoffrey Lewis

An exceptional work on the international exchange of mail from 1836 until the UPU giving a much clearer understand of the rates than the rate and sailing data. From the RPSL, 2015, 372+ pages, in color, cloth with dj, published 65£ + transit, $135.00

The Postal History of the Oxford Union Society to 1920


Vincent West

A library association of a number of Universities at Oxford with benefits until the 1840's of free postage and sationary, overprirnted stamps, good history and philately. 2012, 54 pages, in color, card, published 15£ + transit, $40.00

Postage Due

The United States Postage Due Essays, Proofs and Specimens 1879-1986

by Harry K. Charles, Jr. Ph.D.

A major new work from the Collectors Club of Chicago. It must be noted this work extends to 1986 however the major material is the 19th century and goes into detail to the early 20th century but there is little after circa 1930. 2014, 289+ 19 pages, cloth with dj, $70.00

The first serious work on the Dues by George Arfken, published by the CCC in 1991 sold out immediately and is still quite in demand for the color photographic plate and other details.

More Stamp Counterfeiting, The Perfect Crime by H. K. Petschel The criminal aspects of stamp counterfeiting to defraud the post office, quite detailed, a good read and useful, mostly the 1950 to date, see the below for the illustrations, 2014, 201 pages, card, $28.00

United States Postal Counterfeits Illustrated, Inked Print by H. K. Petschel 1894 to date, well illustrated with many in color, from 1894 to date, 2014, 98 pages, card, $40.00

FFE, Fakes Forgeries Experts

Highly recommended, am prejudice as forgeries are one of my long standing collections, all in English. Considerable emphasis on improved items, expensive stamps and covers with margins, stamps and markings added, well printed, in color. One volume is published per year in a continuous effort to fight fraud. No volume appeared in 2016 or 2017.

U.S. Contract Mail Routes by Water

(Star Routes 1824-1875)

by Hugh V. Feldman

The contract water mail routes for the entire U.S.; excellent, written descriptions, maps and table. A spectacular book from the Collectors Club of Chicago, numerous maps and covers all in full color, 260 pages on detailed listing and analysis of the routes by state, 50 pages on the procedures and history, five appendices, three indexes and a gazetteer. 2008, 408 pages, 2008, cloth, limited edition, $75.00+ $4 part postage in the US.

Club de Monte-Carlo 2013

Milestones of the Philatelic Literature

of the 19th Century

by Wolfgang Massen and Vincent Schouberechts

This book was published by the Club de Monte-Carlo for the 2013 exhibit. An exceptional work on the early and major philatelic literature, the books, authors and publishers, with an emphasis on the early works dealing with forgers and forgeries. It is both detailed, authoritative and enjoyable to read.The only comparable study to date is the Crawford Index and the series by Dr.Manfred Amrehein. I consider it an exceptional work and not hurt too much by my small contribution. In English and French, full color, 512 pages, large format, $175.00 plus our standard $4 part postage and for foreign plus actual postage.

Milestones, there is now a 200 page supplement that was available to download at no cost. This Supplement has about 20 pages of new material in English, the rest is the text of the book in German, the illustrations are not reproduced. About 35 copies were printed and bound for those involved with the original book and for libraries, none are available.

Sweden in Philately Up To 1920

edited by Jonas Hällström

A companion volume by the Club de Monte-Carlo 2013 to the above literature one but covering Sweden, in English and French, full color, 279 pages, large format, published at €60, limited stock, $100 plus our standard $4 part postage and for foreign plus actual postage.

Intimate Philatelic Interviews by Dr. Stanley M. Bierman

The Bierman DVD's, Stanley recorded 19 interviews with noted philatelic people between 1984 and 1998, each on a DVD. They are in color and with sound, project well and can be played on a PC. Well presented in a small album in a folding box. The DVDs were produced by APRL, they market the set for $175 and we are pleased to offer at the same price.

The Gold Rush Mail Agents to California

and their Postal Markings, 1849-1852 by Theron Wierenga

This is a real book by Theron and not just a reprint of postal documents, it covers the sailings dates and ships, rates and much useful information on the voyages, it appeared in 1987 and seems to have been neglected, an excellent study and a good read, 1987, 288 pages, cloth $40.00

The Western Express Companies, Their Franks and Hand Stamps

by Oscar Thomas

The only comprehensive coverage of the subject, Included with each set of books is a DVD with over 4500 scans of western covers, 2013, two volumes, 900, full color, cloth, edition of 300 copies, $250.00, sold out

The Confederate States of America

Catalog and Handbook

of Stamps and Postal History

By the Confederate Stamp Alliance

Edited by Patricia A. Kaufmann, Francis J. Crown Jr, & Jerry S. Palazolo

The catalog covers numerous facets of Confederate Philately: Postmaster Provisionals, Handstamped Paids, Fancy Cancellations, Patriotic Covers, College Covers, Covert Mail, Official and Semi-Official imprints, Flag of Truce Covers, etc. etc. Over 10,000 priced valuations.

The general issues, my area, 50 pages, is a major expansion and clarification from anything previously published, it runs 50 pages. The CSA 10¢ blue lithograph has one Scott number but in reality it is three different designs and produced by two different printers. It is my hope that you can now understand and enjoy the adhesive stamps, a special effort was made to provide images that are large enough to be of real use to both the average and advanced collector. A new section is devoted to the Unofficial Printings, stamps printed from the original plates but not by or during the CSA, they are far fewer than one would believe from the stamps being commonly offered as reprints that are actually forgeries.

This book represents a major expansion and correction from the last Dietz Catalogs, 1959 and 1986, a completely new catalog. Many enlarged illustrations in color. A massive work, about 4.5 lbs in weight, edition unfortunately limited to 1,000 copies, a reprint or revised edition in our life time is not anticipated. I still hope to publish a detailed plating of the lithographed general issues.

2012, 528 pages, cloth, excellent illustrations in color, long out of print, in stock $325.00

Hawaii Foreign Mails to 1870 by Fred Gregory

A three volume deluxe set in a slip case, the definitive work on the Hawaii Foreign Mail covers to 1870, magnificent and beautiful, can't say more, $235.00 plus $15 for US delivery, enquire fore foreign.

Essence of Polar Philately by Hal Vogel

A surprisingly enjoyable book even for those with no interest in the subject. It ranges from, 1819 and before, 1824-25 Northwest Passage Expedition, the 1875-76 British Arctic Expedition with the notice for despatching mails, up to about 2000, listings of the expeditions and flights, many covers are illustrated. An excellent introduction and outline of a most extensive subject. 2008, 206+9 pages, in color, well printed on heavy glossy paper but the binding is poorly done and pages can easily separate, card, sold out

The Great Texas Stamp Collection by Charles W. Deaton

The story of the Texas Confederate postmasters' provisional stamps. "How some stubborn Texas Confederate postmasters, a handful of determined Texas stamp collectors, and a few of the world's greatest philatelists created, discovered, and preserved some of the world's most valuable postage stamps. The book is spiced up with intrigue, mystery, and adventure, this history of rare, Civil War -era Texas stamps and those seeking to collect them offers a lively and insightful read for any philatelist." A good story with much useful information. 2012, 146p, cloth with dj 20 color and 9 B&W photos, $35.00

Line Engraved Security Printing: the Methods of Perkins Bacon 1790 to 1935 Banknotes and Postage Stamps

by Gary Granzow

The first major work on engraving postage stamps since Jamex Baxter's 1939 book; Printing Postage Stamps by Line Engraving, Yes, it is on the nature of the engraving and not on specific stamps. An original approach to the research and understanding of line engraving on steel and the security printing it made possible. While much of the focus is on the evolution of line engraving in the UK, the findings apply to line engraving in general. Previously students have studied thousands of stamps and dated envelopes to deduce how the stamps were made and why they appear as they do. Gary has traced the development of engraving on steel, the mechanics of design transfer, hardening, inks, perforation and plate repair from 1790 to 1935 by studying primary sources and patents. Using this approach, he has made several basic discoveries and corrected a number of erroneous conclusions in the literature.

2012, 360 pages, 181 illustrations, many in color, cloth, 2012, originally published £50 plus postage of £26, reduced to , most unusual that such a book has a price reduction and we bought another quantity, $95.00

Printing Postage Stamps by Line Engraving by James Baxter A basic work for any collector of engraved US stamps 1982, reprint of 1939 book, 164 pages, cloth $32.50

United States Savings Stamps

by Harry K. Charles

A surprisingly fun and interesting book, never expected that! 2012, 245 pages, card, $28.00

Charleston, South Carolina

and the Confederate Postmaster Provisionals

by Richard L. Calhoun

It covers in detail: the Postmaster Alfred Huger, the stamp printer Evans & Cogswell, cancellations, plating study of the lithographed provisional stamp, census of all known Charleston postmaster provisionals in addition to a detailed study of the fake and bogus stamps, envelopes and covers.

2012, 152 + 3 pages, hard bound, 165+ illustrations in color, edition of 100 copies, numbered, limited stock, $125.00.

STAMP Counterfeiting

The Evolution of an Unrecognized Crime

by H. K. Petschel

A sequel to his now out of print book Spurious Stamps, a history of fakes made to defraud the postal system, it runs from 1894 to 1940. A wonderful book on the history of these frauds however many exist in philatelic hands today and are most desirable. It does not go into the technical differences in the fakes but the story of the people involved, for forgers and the detectives. This volume covers much of what was in Spurious Stamps but it gives more details as to the investigations but it does not have the indexes and references, i would not be without both. Yep, i like fakes, the story is often as fascinating as the authentic items. World wide postal fakes are normally the low values in every day use and not the rarities made to deceive collectors. 2011, 174 pages, card, $26.00

The Travers Papers

Official Records United States Postal History and Postage Stamps, 1834-1851

Compiled by
Thomas J. Alexander, George Brett, Wilson Hulme II
Edited by Barbara Mueller

The previously never published story of the 1847 stamps from official records, postal reform, postal conventions, etc.. A deluxe publication in two volumes, cloth, slip case, dust jackets, edition of 405 sets, 1,300+ pages, $225.00 plus $15.00 The Travers Papers

U.S. Domestic Postal Rates 1872-1999 by H. W. Beecher and A. S. Wawrukiewicz The definitive work on US Postage Rates for the period, tables with illustrations of numerous covers.

Naval Covers

Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds edited by Richard D. Jones

As naval covers appealed to a wide audience beyond serious philatelist such as service men and women that served on the ships, etc. there are quite a number of fake cancellations, cachets, etc. This book is printing in an edition of 200 copies thus the original thought by the publisher was the price to be $60.00 per copy however after printing and before release it has been lowered to $50.00. 2011, 79 pages, in color, card, $50.00

A Handbook of Cancels on United States Federal Wine Tax Stamps

by David G Nussmann and Donald A. Woodworth, Jr.

Lists about 1,000 companies whose cancels appear on federal wine tax stamps, also fermented fruit juice tax stamps, the history of many of these companies in given, comprehensive data on rates and usages, a searchable CD which facilitates identification of cancels where only a fragment of information may exist. 2011, 736 pages, cloth, 10 color plates, $85.00

Patriotic Envelopes of the Civil War

The Iconography of Union and Confederate Covers

by Steven R. Boyd

A detailed analysis of the Social and Political meaning of Union and Confederate Patriotic Envelopes issued during the American Civil War. This book adds great insight into the significance of these envelopes.

We understand this is a limited printing from the LSU Press, perhaps as they are marketing as an e-book at $26.60 etc., we will not stock the e-book form.

2010, 192 pages, 181 color images, cloth with dj, $36.95

UPSS Catalog of the 20th - 21st Century U.S. Envelopes, Wrappers, Cut Squares and Full Corners of the US 2nd edition, edited by J. Summers, 3rd edition by Dan Undersander

1990, 1st edition, 20th Century, 496 pages, cloth, sold out 2004, 2nd edition, 20th Century, 20 + 486 pages with knife size chart in pocket, cloth, edition of 300, $47.50

2011, 3rd edition, 20th and 21st Century, 390 + 5 pages, large format, full color, edition of 300, limited stock. $69.00

Detained, Interned, Incarcerated

U.S. Noncombatant Internee Mail in World War II

by Louis Fiset

Background explaining why, how, when, and where U.S. citizens, resident enemy aliens, diplomats, deportees from Latin America, and Axis merchant seamen were interned. More than 250 illustrations showing covers, censorship, and postal markings from camps operated by the Army, Immigration and Naturalization Service, State Department, and War Relocation Authority.

The first compilation of mail of noncombatant civilians, diplomats, and Axis merchant seamen held by the U.S. government during World War II. To understand why political groups were incarcerated as well as their postal history, background on historical events of the war relating to the groups incarcerated is necessary. Specific historical facts are present to aid philatelists in finding relevant postal history.

Chapters include the postal history of the two diplomatic exchanges with Japan carried out by the mercy ship, M.S. Gripsholm, and of Japanese American soldiers, many of whom entered military service after their incarceration in relocation centers. Twenty four 24 tables provide data on camp locations and populations, postal rates, and other details of importance to collectors, including a table on these covers' scarcity. A CD contains three of the author's gold medal exhibits offering additional illustrations of internment camp mail.

2010, 234 + 13 pages with CD, cloth with dj, from the Collectors Club of Chicago, there usual small edition, $65.00


Philatelic Expertizing -OPINIONS An Inside View

by The Philatelic Foundation

A major study of fraudulent material of real value.

Michael Laurence's 1869 book

TEN-CENT 1869 Covers, A Postal History Survey by Michael Laurence, Another exceptional book from the Collectors Club of Chicago, a limited edition as with all CCC books.

A detailed study of the postal rates by country, 1869 - 1876 and the usage of the 10¢, 1,298 covers are cataloged, 476 illustrations, 119 tables.

2010, 390+10 pages, full color, cloth bound with dj, edition limited to 500 copies, $75.00

Real or Fake: Studies in Authentication by Joe Nickell, Not philatelic but for anyone interested in "fakery" it is a good read and will also increase your insight into the fakes. 2009, 256 pages, cloth with dj, $35.00

Blindman's Mail
or How the Blind have been served by the Post by Garvin Fryer
, Details of the correspondence between institutions for the blind and the Post Office 1894-1939, 42 tables of postage rates, details on the postal rates and regulations from 1898 to date. 2010, etc, 184 pages, full color, cloth, 2010, 165+12 pages, dedication page in Braille, cloth with dj, in color, limited stock, price, $70.00

Detecting Forgery: Forensic Investigation on Documents by Joe Nickell, Not philatelic but of definite interest to the serious collector, 2005, 240 pages, card, $19.95

Pen, Ink and Evidence by Joe Nickell A most enjoyable coffee table book, beautiful pictures and some real information, especially in the reference as everything is documented. The scholar would like more of the beautiful illustrations showing all forms of pens, inks and penmanship but it is useful. 1990, 304 pages, in color, cloth, limited stock, $77.50

The History of Mail Bombs Philatelic & Historical Study by Dale Speirs

The first recorded mail bomb was in 1764 in Denmark. A mail bomb is known from 1881 in Australia, and in 1895 a letter bomb was sent to Baron de Rothschild in France, which exploded when he opened it. Letter bombs and package bombs continue to date. 2010, 128 page card, 60 pages in color, sold out

UPSS Postal Card Catalog, 2010

UPSS Postal Card Catalog, 2010, 290 pages, 8.5 x 11 size, full color, hard bound, as always the hard bound edition is limited and will sell out quickly, we will only stock the loose-leaf edition when the bound is not available, $72.00

History of Cross Border Communications Between Canada and USA between 1761 - 1875 by Dr. Dorothy Sanderson & Malcolm B. Montgomery

An exceptional and most useful book. The first 90 pages integrate the historical information, treaties, routes and exchange offices, detailed maps, exchange office marks and much, much more. The next 224 pages are an exhibit format which cover not only Canada but also the Maritime Provinces. An 83 pages addenda list the treaties, postal conventions, the different postage stamps and what they were intended for and finally the references. Page 208 has the wrong text for every copy of this work, corrected page 208, we will also supply the corrected page to all that purchased the book from us. 2010, 397 pages.

Edward Proud's massive Air Mail Study, the set is complete

Intercontinental Airmails, Volume 1, Transatlantic and Pacific by Edward Proud

Postal Cards of Spanish Colonial Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico, edited by Robert Littrell, The Spanish period for these issues, 1878 through 1898. The Cuba section also covers significant postal rate changes. 2010, 127-page in color, card $59.00.

U.S. Domestic Postal Card Regulations 1874 to 1885 by Robert Stendel rd Regulations 1874 to 1885 by Robert Stendel A most welcome book, the rates and usages are much more complex than one would expect 2010, 98 pages, in color with many cards illustrated, card bound, an edition of only 200 copies, the society journal states the book is hard bound but this is an error, $65.00

Railway Disaster Mail by Robin Gwynn and Norman Hoggarth

This is a sequel to Maritime Disaster Mail by Norman Hoggarth & Robin Gwynn 2010, 322 pages, in color, cloth with dj, published by the SRT at £65 plus £17 surface or £19.50 transit, $120.00

Postal Stationery of the Possessions & Administrative Areas of the US

by United Postal Stationery Society

The first new edition in over twenty years!

It covers: Canal Zone, Cuba, Danish West Indies, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Ryuku, and American Zone of Germany after WW II, all listings have prices, 2010, 224 pages, spiral bound, $65.00

Bank and School Savings Stamps

by James N. Drummond

The savings stamps from over 175 schools and banks (and other saving institutions) are shown, as well as the known "generic" savings stamps. Most of the images are in color. A detailed history of many of these firms along with images of the outside of the building, photographs of the president of the bank, and many other interesting materials are included. A 25 page introduction describes the purpose and use of the stamps, About 10% are Canadian and British but the rest are US. 2010, 188 pages, in color, card, $50.00.

Understanding Transatlantic Mail, Volumes 1 & 2

by Richard F. Winter

Volume 1, U.S. postal conventions with the Free City of Bremen, United Kingdom, Prussia and France are covered in considerable detail. A major work on maritime rates and markings, the first since our Starnes, United States Letter Rates to Foreign Destinations 1847 to GPU-UPU last published in 1989. We think the Starnes is the first place to look in figuring out a foreign rate cover as it will give the basic direction for further study and then go to Winter's Understanding. 2006, 482+13 pages, 531 covers illustrated, also a CD having the covers reproduced in full color.Our of print and a limited stock, cloth with dj and cd, , sold only with Vol 2, the set Vol 1 & 2 $315.00

Volume 2, Maritime postal rate markings for mail to/from Hamburg, the Netherlands, the North German Union and Switzerland. Includes CD. . 2009. 500+ pages, CD, cloth, $95.00

United States Letter Rates to Foreign Destinations, 1847 to GPU-UPU by Charles J. Starnes

Detailed rate tables from the U.S. to every country in the World for all mail systems, appendices cover British Treaty Mail via Marseilles, French and Bremen transit charges, UPU entrance dates, etc. Because of a printing problem 25% of the edition was destroyed.

New Jersey Private Express Companies

by Bruce H. Mosher,

A CD containing 264 pages, in color.The articles published in the Journal of the New Jersey Postal History Society from Feb 2003 through May 2007 in addition to a significant addendum which illustrates NJ Express memorabilia previously unpublished, 2009, $15.00

United States Newspaper Stamps by Doc. M. Pepper This series started in 2005 and reprints as needed have minor changes except for the Forgeries which was re-formatted to reduce the number of pages from 50 to 21 by removing white space, the Regular issues is a new title this year 2010

Republic Post

Texas Mail

Late 1835 to Early 1846

by Rex H. Stever

A detailed study of the operation of the post with many maps, drawings showing the mail contract routes in addition to listings of towns and markings. This book breaks new ground and is an excellent addition to Schmit's An Encyclopedia of Texas Post Offices, ter Braake's Texas: The Drama of its Postal Past, etc.

2008, 170 + xi pages, cloth with dj, $35.00

Guide to United States Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations 1907-1927

by Steven R. Belasco

More then 250 varieties of privately perforated coils were made by six companies, their history, proprietary perforations, stamps, scarcity on and off cover, and an excellent guide to the many fakes. The first book on these stamps since George Howard's 1943 volume. 2009, 216+6 pages, cloth, $55.00

The Stamp Machines and Coiled Stamps by George P. Howard

United States Supplementary Mail by Leonard Piszkiewicz

2009, 144 pages, cloth with dj, $40.00

Federal Civil War Postal History

by James W. Milgram, M. D.

A large full color book with over 750 big illustrations, 19 chapters on all aspects of postal usages and patriotic stationery Includes excerpts from dozens of exciting original letters detailed bibliography!
  1. Slavery and Abolitionism
  2. 1860 Presidential Campaign
  3. Federal Postal Usages in the South
  4. Union Patriotic Stationery
  5. Demonetization of 1857-1860 Stamps and Envelopes
  6. Soldier's Letters
  7. Handstamped or Printed Certifying Markings on Soldier's Mail
  8. Maritime Postal Usages from Coastal and Ocean Locations
  9. Maritime Postal Usages from Inland Waterways
  10. West Virginia Mail, Special Military Post Offices, and Postmarks of Reoccupied Towns
  11. Patriotic Postal Markings, Military Markings and Military Corner cards
  12. Franked Soldier's Mail, Free Mail and Post Office Official Business Postmarks
  13. Hospital Mail
  14. Christian Commission Mail.
  15. Sanitary Commission Mail
  16. Union Prisoner of War Mail
  17. Northern Parole Camps and Political Prisoners' Mail
  18. Flag of Truce Mail
  19. Express Companies and Registered Mail
  • Index and Appendix, Imprints on Patriotic Covers by Gene Freeman

    Though written on the Federal Side there is much Confederate Interest.

    2009, 408 pages, cloth, in full color, $90.00

    Special Mail Routes of the American Civil War

    A Guide to Across-the-Lines Postal History


    Steven C. Walske and Scott R. Trepel

    A most welcomed update and major expansion to the long standing work by L. Shenfield, Confederate States of America, The Special Postal Routes which was published by the CCNY in 1961,
    • Suspension of USA Post Office Routes
    • Precursor Private Express routes
    • Across-the Line Private Express Routes
    • Flag-of truce Routes
    • Trans-Mississippi Routes
    • Blockade Runner Routes
    • Trans-Rio Grande Routes
    • Covert Mail Routes
    • Private Express Routes in the CSA
    2008, 283 pages, full color, cloth, edition 550, $65.00

    Seaposts of the USA by Roger Hosking

    • The Transpacific Seapost (1922 - 1941)
    • The Porto Rico Seapost (1901 - 1942)
    • The Canal Zone Seapost (1907 - 1932)
    • The Buenos Aires Seapost (1926 - 1941)
    • The Valparaiso Seapost (1928 - 1941)
    • The Transatlantic Seapost (1891 - 1939)
    • The joint US/German Seapost
    • The US Seapost
    • The joint US/British Seapost (1904 - 1917)
    • The joint US/French Seapost (1912 - 1917)
    • Transatlantic services - mis-sent marks
    • Transatlantic services - tax marks
    • Transatlantic services - ephemera and exotica
    2008, 84 pages, full color, card, $55.00, sold out

    Historical Catalog of U.S. Postal Card Essays and Proofs

    by Bill Falberg and Dan Undersander

    An extremely interesting and useful book starting with the Forerunners an 1861 copyright through the issues of 1958, 2008, 384 pages with cd in color, limited edition $59.00

    Camp Genter: Colorado Ghost Town Mail, origins and operations of a 4th class post office by John H. Willard and Sergio Lugo The battle of a small town for postal service, mostly in the 1920's but it spans from the 1880's through the 1943, 2008, 98 pages, full color, card, $25.00

    The William H. Gross Collection

    United States Classics 1847-1869

    2007, 136 pages, full color, cloth with dj, $80.00


    United States Multiple Advertising and Discount Postal Cards edited by for the UPSS by Bill Falberg 2007, 185 pages, hard bound in paper case, an extremely limited edition, enquire, $60.00

    The Complete OR (Official Records) of the Civil War, Union and Confederate

    Over 200,000 pages, all searchable on DVD-ROM

    • Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
    • Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies
    • Map Atlas of the Official Records (high resolution)
    • National Archives Guide-Index (5 volumes)

    These DVD also important non-official information and abstracts such as: Dyer's Compendium, Fox's regimental Losses, Southern Historical Society Papers, Confederate Military History, Campaigns of the Civil War, Biographies of 7 Confederate Generals (Early, Stuart, Gordon, Lee, Longstreet, Sorrel, and "Stonewall" Jackson). This program will only run on a computer having a DVD drive and also the program takes a bit of getting acquainted with however a computer is the only realistic way to handle the 200,000 pages of text and maps.

    The content is divided into two large databases and is completely searchable. A must for students of the Civil War, postal history, the 1861 issue. $169.95 + $5.00 shipping via priority mail.

    The Postal History of The Powell Bros. Livestock Emporium, Spring Corners Spring, Pennsylvania by Norman Cohen The story of a company involved in importing and breading pure-bred live stock, numerous covers from the 1870's through the 1890's are illustrated. 2007, 44 pages, full color, $20.00

    United States Post Offices by Richard W. Helbock The set is now complete, arranged in alphabetical order giving the County, State, Year of Operation and a Scarcity Rating, a handy format for finding states.

    • Vol 1. The West including Alaska and Hawaii, 1998, 222 pages, card, $27.50
    • Vol 2, The Great Plains, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK & TX, 1998, 222 pages, card, $27.50
    • Vol 3, The Upper Midwest, IL, ID, MI, MN, WI, 1999, 264 pages, card, $27.50
    • Vol 4, The Northeast, NY, ME, VT, NH, RI, CT & MA, 2001, 288 pages, card, $27.50
    • Vol 5, The Ohio Valley: Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, 2002, 204 pages, card, $27.50
    • Vol 6, The Mid-Atlantic, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC, DC, 2004, 270 pages, card, $27.50
    • Vol 7, The Lower Mississippi Valley, MO, AR, TN, LA & MS, 2005, card, $27.50
    • Vol 8, The Southeast, Al, GA, SC, FL, 2007, 224 pages, card, $27.50

    CDs From the USPCS

    The 3c 1851 issues by Robert R. Hegland, 2007, CD, 37 page full color exhibition, $10.00

    U.S. Three Cent 1851 Essays for Postage Stamps by Roy Weber, 2007, CD, 328 pages in Microsoft Word file with many illustrations, many 100s in full color, $24.95

    Pre-UPU Rates Between the US and the German States by Dwayne O. Littauer, 2008, CD, $20.00


    Annotated Cumulative Subject Index to the Chronicle of the U.S. Classics Postal Issues, Journal of the U.S. PHILATELIC CLASSICS Society for Issued 1 - 200, by Joseph J. Geraci., An exceedingly detailed work covering virtually any imaginable facet for an item in the journal, complete with a searchable CD. Invaluable for any collector of the US Classics. Information is only of value if you can find it and this magnificent work makes it possible; search a stamp, a town, etc.

    Every marking shown on a cover as with the address is in the Geraci index and also the advertising showing covers; this material is not indexed in the free on-line USPCS index.

    Edition limited to 200 copies, 2007, 591 pages, card, with searchable CD, $75.00

    Index to Congress Books No. 1 - No. 72, 1935-2006, American Philatelic Congress, 2007, 163 pages, card, limited edition, limited stock, $35.00

    The Turbulent Decade, Georgia's Post Offices 1860-1869 by Francis J. Crown, Jr., An excellent listing by Post Office of the US - CSA - US etc. postmasters and appointment with dates by Town and the postmasters alphabetically plus an exceptional 22 pages introduction and history, appendix, notes and bibliography. It shows the transition between the US - CSA - US postal systems, highly recommended, 2007, 158 pages, cloth, edition of 200 copies, $50.00

    College and School Stamps by James N. Drummond, A detailed history and cataloging of the stamps, mostly US but perhaps 20% foreign, 2007, 236 pages, in color, perfect bound, $65.00

    OAT and AV2 Markings by Murray Heifetz, 2nd edition from the AAMS, Air mail markings giving transit instructions, 1938-1974 2000, 2nd edition, 142 pages, card, $12.50 2007, 3rd edition, 168 pages, card, $17.50

    United States Promotional Slogan Cancellations 1899-1940 dedicated to Robert J. Payne by Bart Billings Vol 1 contains the Slogan Listing from A (Address Detroit Mail) to N (National Export) and Vol 2 finishes the listing and also has a section on the Philippine slogans. 2006, 2nd printing, 2 volumes, 398 pages 1.000+ illustrations, tape bound with acetate cover overlay, limited stock, $52.50

    Undercover Addresses of World War II, Revised Edition, C. R and A. M. Entwistle. This work covers mailing addresses that permitted communication between the Axis powers and the Allies and also to conceal the identity and or location of those involved. Many things used such addresses such as the Box numbers for the Manhattan Project, addresses on mail from the Netherlands to Portugal to be sent to London, etc. etc.

    • 1992 2nd edition, 170 addresses in 25 countries, 44 pages, card, UK £10.00, $20.00
    • 2006 3rd edition, 340+ addresses in 25+ countries, 48 pages, card, UK £13.50 plus transit, $27.50

    The Suspension of United States Mail to Switzerland 1942 to 1944/1945 by Charles J. LaBlonde, This also has much good Canadian information and illustrates some Canadian covers, 2006, 84 pages, spiral bound, 2006, $20.00

    The Alexandria Blue Boy by May Day Taylor, An excellent account of the discovery of the Blue Boy and the subsequent discovery of the original letter, 2006, 43 pages, card, $6.00

    Chicago Postal Markings and Postal History

    by Leonard Piszkiewicz

    An excellent work which covers all types of Chicago postal markings from the 1832 manuscripts until the mid 1950's and some later. Markings from the rare and unusual to the common and mundane. No other has been so well covered and especially for such a long period, the closest comparison is Boston Postal Markings by Blake and Davis but it only goes to1890. Highly recommended.
    • Supplementary Mail
    • Steel Duplex Postmarks
    • Four-Bar Postmarks
    • Double-Ring Postmarks
    • Roller Cancels and Obliterators
    • Post Office Meter Stamps
    • Machine Cancels
    • Drop Letters and Local Delivery
    • Circular Rate Mail
    • Parcel Post
    • Foreign Mail
    • Air Mail Postmarks
    • Airport Air Mail Field
    • Registered
    • Special Delivery
    • Branches
    • General Delivery
    • and many more, 64 sections

    2006, 576p plus 8-page color section, cloth with dj, $75.00

    Harlan W. Miller Philatelic Printer, A Biography by Harlan L. MillerA wonderful folksy story of a devoted Philatelic Printer that was responsible for many fine journals in the 1930-1960's such as The American Revenuer, Philatelic Literature Review, Bulletin of the Polonus Philatelic Society Kay Chief Stamp Journal and perhaps 40 more. 1965, 107 pages, printed on one side, some color, limited stock, $65.00

    The Post Office Seals of the United States and Possessions by Jim Kotanchik

    An excellent new work covering all aspects of the subject of officially sealed, far more than just a priced catalog, a fine history. Besides US it covers the possessions ; Ryukyu, Philippine, Canal Zone

    • Registry Seal and Envelopes of 1872
    • Postage Stamp Agency Seals
    • Special Purpose Labels
    • Sea Post Seals
    • Dead Letter Office Labels
    • The Issue of 1877, 1879,1888, 1900, 1907
    • Black Wartime Issues
    • Black and White, 1919
    • Modern
    • Quartermaster Seals
    • Typeset Seals
    • Miscellaneous
    • Crash and Wreck Labels
    The book covers far more than the common "Opened by Mistake" concept.

    • 2006, 349 pages, full color, cloth with dj, $85.00

    The Post Office Seals of the United States, Vol. One, The Regular Issues by Adam Perkal and Seymour Kazman Covers regular seals from 1872, complete with catalog and pricing guide. 1984, 160 pages, 100 illustrations, cloth sewn signatures, $45.00

    Official Seals of the World by James N. Drummond The numerous Post Office Seals and Tapes used in over 150 countries, to re-seal and repair covers, 648 pages, full color, edition of 100 copies, card, $99.00, sold out

    The Grinnell Hawaiian Missionary Stamps by Patrick Pearson

    From the Royal Philatelic Society of London
    • 2006, 112 pages, hard bound, out of print, sold out
    • 2006, 112 pages, card, $29.50

    Hawaiian Missionaries and the Grinnell Controversy by Fred F. Gregory, 2006, A DVD based on a lecture given at the Collectors Club of New York, well produced, good sound and video, runs 65 minutes, $15.00

    The Grinnells and the Mystic Stamp Company, The Mystic stamp company has issued three booklets on the Grinnell forgeries which we consider a significant part of the story.These are or were available from Mystic at no charge however we find it necessary make a small charge.

    • The Grinnell Missionaries, 2003, 65 pages, card
    • The Case for the Grinnell MIssionary Stamps, 2006, 57+ pages, card
    • Response to the 2004 Royal Philatelic Society Opinion on the Grinnell Missionary Stamps, 2006, 23 pages, card. Not available however it may be placed on the Mystic web site in the future,
    • The two booklets, $10.00

    The United States Post Offices in China and Japan 1867-1874


    Richard C. Frajola, Michael Perlman and Lee Scamp

    From the Collectors Club of New York but from Richard Frajola, his best work to date.
    • Sailing date information for Pacific Mail Co. Steamers, trans-Pacific and branch-line
    • Postal markings and postal history of the U.S. offices in Shanghai, Yokohama, Hiogo, Nagasaki, and Hakodate
    • American mails to and from Japan and China before 1867
    • History of the PMSS and the San Francisco markings applied to mail received from the steamers
    • Overview of mail services to China before 1867
    • Overview of mail services to Japan before 1867
    2006, 256 pages, color, cloth, the CCNY raised the price a few weeks after it appeared, $65.00

    US Postal Agency in Shanghai, China 1867 to 1922, Geroge Fisher, Richard Frajoal, Confidential Bid Auction #1, March 21, 1998, $32.50

    United States Postal Card Catalog by U.S. Postal Stationery Society

    The standard work, previous edition appeared dated 1985, 1990, 1995
    • 1995 edition, 50th Anniversary Edition, 422 pages, cloth, limited stock, $25.00
    • 2000 edition, 55th Anniversary Edition, 473 pages, cloth
    • 2005 edition, 60th Anniversary Edition, 490+ pages, cloth
    • 2010 editon, 65th Anniversary Editon, cloth $72.00

    United States Patriotic Envelopes of World War II


    Lawrence Sherman

    This new edition is in full cover and list over 11,060 cachets versus 9,660 in the first edition which sold out in several months.

    New Sections

    • Hand Painted Cachets
    • The impact of the Patriotic Covers on the war effort,
    • The wartime work of Jacques Minkus, etc.
    • Over 1,000 price changes from the 1st edition

    2006, 428 pages, full color, $75.00

    Encyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting


    Rodney A. Juell & Steven J. Rod

    A new work on US Stamps and Collecting, from the stampless period though the start of the 21st century. An almanac of US philately.

    2006, 720 pages, in full color, cloth with dj, the prefered 1st editon, $55.00

    The Dealers' Guide to Chemical Restoration of Postage StampsFor years we would not stock this booklet though a few used copies came in form time to time as being a Chemical Engineer I felt that it could cause more harm than good but now I think the general concepts are of value. 1976, 8th and last edition, published at $18.00, in stock at $15.00

    The 1851 Issue of United States Stamps:

    a Sesquicentennial Retrospective

    An exceptional book from the United States U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, the edition was limited to about 25 copies over the actual copies ordered as of March 1, 2006 and it sold out at Washington 2006. 2006, 378+ pages, cloth, $145.00

    Western Express, journal of the Western Cover Society, from 1950 through 2005 on one DVD as a fully searchable PDF file, complete with a one year membership in the society. $60.00 for those residing in the US, an additional charge may be required for those abroad.

    Please note that some computers can read only CD's and not DVD's. To obtain this price you must become a member of the society, if you are already a member the cost is only $40.00, but you must order the DVD directly from the society.

    The Engraver's Line by Gene Hessler

    An Encyclopedia of Paper Money & Postage Stamp Art. A tremendous amount of information on the engravers and engraving companies for US stamps, bibliographic, listings of engravers and modelers by stamp. Invaluable for serious students of US adhesive stamps. The contents are magnificent however the editing, typesetting and general layout are poor for the 1993 volume but much improved for the 2005 one, the paper, printing and binding are fine.

    We now have The World, the first volume in 1993 covers mostly the US and the new volume covers mostly foreign. I say mostly as there is some overlap in the work of the engravers. We have also been able to obtain more copies of the original edition and have reduced our price to the original one. Those that purchased the 1993 book from us can obtain, at no charge, the supplement on request with there next order.

    The Engravers Line, United States only 1993, 437, cloth, 14 page supplement, sold out

    The International Engravers Line, Other than the United States 2005, 381+10 pages, cloth, 4 page addenda, $70.00

    American Philatelic Congress, 1936, No. 2, card, reprinted by the APC in 2005, 64 pages, edition of 143 copies, limited stock, card, $45.00

    Stuart Rossiter Postal History Journal

    Published by the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund of the UK, a quality journal devoted to postal history, mostly GB and the Empire.
    • No. 6, 2 Articles: The United States of America: Suspension of Mail Services to other countries in Wartime, Revolution and Civil Commotion by Robert Johnson, Mail Routes through the Baltic States by Geoff Lovejoy, 2005, 117 pages, card, £12.50 plus transit, $26.50
    The First Perforated U.S. Issue, 1857 by Jon Rose, Similar in format to the two previous books by Jon published by Linn's however it is published by the Collectors Club of Chicago and had much of there expert impute plus quality of publication. The physical size and format matches Jon's previous books published by Linn's. The press run of 500 is quite small for a book of such general interest. 2005, 156 pages, cloth, $37.50

    The History & Local Post of Rattlesnake Island, Lake Erie by John Wells, 2003, 112 pages, in color, card, $20.00

    The Revenue Stamps of North Carolina, including Tax Tags and Related items by Scott Troutman, 2005, 39 pages, well illustrated in color, card, $20.00

    Handbook of the Postal Cards of the World's Columbian Exposition by Ken Wukasch This work covers much more than just the Goldsmith cards but gets seriously into the operation of the PO at the exposition. A catalog of all known cards including new finds not previously published. There is an additional section which lists and illustrates 83 collateral and advertising (which are Fair oriented) government issued cards. Well illustrated and includes pricing. 2005, 176 pages plus 2 additional in color, cloth $50.00

    Chicago's Great White City, A Postal History Panorama of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition by Harvey M. Karlen, 2004, 6+282 pages, cloth, edition of 150, the text, content, wording and printing are excellent and invaluable to any collector however without exception the illustrations are from xerox copies and are poor though legible and evident to the collector. I am prejudice as I collect Chicago and Harvey is an old friend but I do think this is a major work. Out of print, limited stock, $97.00

    The United States Five Cent Stamp of 1856 by Richard C. Frajola and Frederick R. Mayer

    A major new work on a classic for both the stamp and postal history collector. The book covers the stamp production, distribution, domestic and foreign usages, etc. from the Collectors Club of New York. The first book from the CCNY in over 10 years, 2005, 176 pages, in full color, cloth, $45.00

    Post Offices and Postmasters of Inyo County, California 1866-1966 by Robert P. Palazzo. Well written and produced, showing maps, covers, old pictures, etc., 2005, 54 pages, card, $8.95

    The International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog by Joel A. Hawkins & Richard Stambaugh, For details see: Meters, 2005, 1240 pages, card, limited stock, $96.00

    The Pony Express

    The Pony Express, A Postal History, by Richard Frajola, George Kramer and Steven Walske, Census of all recorded Pony covers, complete trip listings, details of postal and historical operations, detailed maps, most known covers are illustrated, 2005, 176 page, mostly in color, cloth, $45.00

    The Pony Express by M.C. Nathan and W.S. Boggs The history of the service and a plating of the adhesive stamps. The plating of the 10c and 25c are not covered in either of the above two works. 1962, 108 pages, cloth, $175.00

    The City Despatch Post 1842-1852 Issues, A study of America's First and Most Versatile Stamp-Producing Plate by Scott R. Trepel, 2003, 25+14 pages, color and b&w, card cover, a fine study of the history, covers and the plating, published compliments of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc., $12.50

    Morality and the Mail in Nineteenth Century America by Wayne E. Fuller, 2003, 264 pages, cloth with dj, from the University of Illinois Press, a scholarly treatment, Fuller's last book, detailed coverage on the delivery of mail on Sunday, the Paperback rate controversy, Lottery and morality aspects, a most enjoyable and informative book to read for the postal historian, limited edition, $50.00

    German North Atlantic Catapult Flights 1929-1935 by James W. Graue & Dieter Leder, A good history, flight details and detailed priced catalog. Many if not most of these covers are to the US. 2004, 235 pages, metal spiral bound, $32.00

    AAMC 6th Edition

    American Air Mail Catalog, Sixth Edition, American Air Mail Society This new edition will appear over a number of years, the below volumes are now available or promised. The standard overall work on American Airmails.
    • Vol 1, US Pioneer Flights 1910-1916, US Government Flight, US Air Express, Crash Covers, Airport Dedication, Mexico First Flights, US Pioneer Flights 1910-1916, US Government Flight, US Air Express, Crash Covers, Airport Dedication, Mexico First Flights 1998, 552 pages, cloth, $37.50
    • Vol 2, First Flights of US Airlines since deregulation, Glider Mial, First Jet Flights, 2003, 588 pages, cloth $37.50
    • Vol 3, Foreign Contract Air Mail Routes (FAMS), Alaska Canal Zone, etc., 2005, 486 pages, cloth, $37.50
    • The Airmails of Canada and Newfoundland from the American Air Mail Society The first volume of the new 6th edition of the AAMC. Covers: Pioneer Flights, SCADTA, Semi-Officials, Airship, Government and other covers 1926-1997, Crash Covers, Balloon, Helicopter, Forces, etc. 1997, 552 pages, cloth, $37.50
    UPSS Catalog of the 20th Century U.S. Envelopes, Wrappers, Cut Squares and Full Corners of the US, 2nd edition, edited by J. Summers
    • 1990, 1st edition, 496 pages, cloth, sold out
    • 2004, 2nd edition, 20 + 486 pages with knife size chart in pocket, cloth, edition of 300, $50.00

    Birth and Development of American Postcards

    The Birth and Development of American Postcards: A Historical Catalog and Price Guide to U.S. Pioneer Postcards by Daniel Friedman, Am enjoyable and useful work on the first Postcards, reviewed by Richard Graham in Linn's, March 22, 2004, 380 pages, card, $43.95

    Max-I didn't get to know him very well by A. D. Jones The life of Max Miller, the first of the early U.S. airmail pilots from May 15,1918 until his death on September 1, 1920. The story of the development of the transcontinental air mail service. 2004, 132 pages, card, $16.50

    Postal History of Spanish New Orleans, A Study of the Development of Mail Service and Postal Communications to and from New Orleans during the Spanish Period, 1763-1804 by Dr. Y. H. Kouri From the Stuart Rossiter Trust, An exceptional study of all postal functions relating to the City of New Orleans during the Spanish period, with excellent historical background, also some references to the Southwest Territories. 2004, £38.50 plus transit, $88.50

    Mourning Covers: The Cultural and Postal History of Letters Edged in Black by Ernest A. Mosher, a major work as to US postal history and the subject matter, 12 + 341 pages, card, sold out

    The Post Office Mail Sent Across the Lines at the Start of the American Civil War, May to July 1861 by Steven C. Walske An excellent new coverage of the Mails Suspensions, Railroad Mail Routes through Virginia, Railroad Mail Routes through Tennessee, Tennessee-Kentucky Mails after June 12th,. Distributed at no charge compliments of the author to USPCS and CSA members. Free to our regular customers if you are not a member of either society, with an order. 2003, 36 pages in full color, card, $5.00 US or $12.00 abroad.

    Catalog of U.S. Stamped Envelopes Essays and Proofs by Dan Undersander An exceptional work and most certainly the final word for many years to come. Essays are covered from the original drawings, models, die essays, etc with proofs from trial color through printers' waste. 2003, 25+367 pages, cloth with CDR having illustrations in color, edition 500, $50.00

    Postal History of Walla Walla County Washington by Robert Keatts Normal county material but a greater than normal section of biography of postmasters. 2003, 99 pages, card, $14.95

    Montana Territorial Postmarks by Wesley N. Shellen and Francis Dunn Just out from La Posta, a fine addition to the Meschter work. 2003, 128 pages, card, $26.50

    Montana, The Postal History of Montana through June 30, 1870 by Meschter An enjoyable and useful study, history, PO dates, covers, etc. 1989, 92 pages, card, La Posta Monograph 4, $12.00

    Prexie Postal History by Richard W. Helbock Prexie 1938 Presidential Series, postal history including overseas airmail The latest edition and most welcomed but don't discard your1988 one as it remains of value

    • 2003, 96 pages, card, $26.50
    • 1988, 100 pages, card, $20.00

    The Two Cent Stamp of the Small Bank Note Issue of 1890 by Richard M. Morris Exploring Relief Breaks, Papers and Shades, a useful booklet 2003, 40 pages with two pages of color chips and a black out mask, spiral bound, $26.50

    Indian Placenames in America, Vol 1: Cities, Towns and Villages by Sandy Nestor Indian names often indicate Indian origin and are thus of special interest, arranged by state, much background information. 2003, 240+8 pages, cloth, $45.00

    Nevada Express

    Nevada Express, Wells, Fargo & Co, and Other Letter Expresses, 1857-1895 by James M. Gamett. In addition to the well known Pony Express and Wells, Fargo services 22 other express companies are covered, each with a census of the known covers along with many illustrations of covers and contemporary views of the towns. In all the book contains 110 halftones and a number of line cuts.Our own publication, published December 23rd, 2002 2002, 192 pages, cloth, $45.00

    United States Doanes, 2nd Edition by R. W. Helbock and Gary Anderson, Rubber handstamps issued by the POD to thousands of small office, mostly between 1903 and 1906, lists nearly 23,000 Doane cancels, a scarcity rating system, more than twice the listings of the previous edition in 1993. 2002, 336 pages, card, $28.50

    Post Offices of Kentucky's Big Sandy Valley by Robert M. Rennick The 341 PO in Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin & Martin Counties 2002, 140 pages, card, $12.50

    Chicago's Mail, An anthology of postal history articles focusing upon the community's growth, ins interests, and its attitudes by Harvey M. Karlen The author is first rate as is the text however the illustrations are not as one would expect from the CCC. This was well realized thus the printing is quite limited, in fact the lowest of any CCC book to date. This is a collection of mostly previously published articles from pre-Post Office through the Chicago Perforations and the Civil War to the Century of Progress. 2002, over 276 pages, cloth $39.50

    The Micarelli Identification Guide to U.S. Stamps, Regular Issues 1847-1934 by Charles N. Micarelli An easy to use, well illustrated, guide for identifying the look alike stamps. 2006, 162+6 pages, card bound, $39.50

    U.S. Forces During World War II by Stanley C. Jersey

    • New Hebrides Islands: Military Postal History of the U.S. Forces 1942-1946, Over 200 covers and 100's of markings are illustrated. 1995, 194 pages, cloth, out of print, limited stock, $45.00
    • Postal History of U.S. Forces in British Solomon Islands Protectorate During WW II, 1968, 90 pages, cloth, out of print, limited stock, $20.00

    The Place Names of New Mexico by Robert Julyan More than 7,000 names with Post Offices and abandoned settlements covered. 1996, 385 pages, card, $22.50

    Sanitary Fairs by Alvin and Marjorie Kantor R. A. Siegel is to auction this collection in the Spring of 1995. A Philatelic and Historical Study of Civil War Benevolences A beautifully produced book of great interest to any collector of American Civil War or Charity material. Each fair is covered with respect to both the philatelic and historic aspects, many illustrations of the stamps, covers and proofs, also the fantasies. Our only reservations is the plating of the stamps is not covered. 1992, 304 pages, 16 pages in full color, cloth $75.00

    Postmarks on Postcards, An Illustrated Guide to Early 20th Century U.S. Postmarks by Richard W. Helbock US postmarks and cover collecting for the 1900 - 1920 period, Detailing the various marking types, their use and some indication of collector interest.

    • 1987, 1st edition, 256 pages, card, limited stock, $12.50
    • 2002, 2nd edition, 290 pages, card, $30.00

    United States Postal Card Catalog by U.S. Postal Stationery Society The standard work, previous edition appeared dated 1985, 1990, 1995

    • 1995 edition, 50th Anniversary Edition, 422 pages, cloth, limited stock, $30.00
    • 2000 edition, 55th Anniversary Edition, 473 pages, cloth, limited stock, $30.00
    • 2005 edition, 60th Anniversary Edition, 490+ pages, cloth
    • 2010 edition, 65th Anniversary Edition, 290+ pages large format, cloth, $72.50

    Appletons' United States Postal Guide - October 1863 More than a list of POs, also the laws and regulations along with a section on Local Post Office Regulations, operating data on major POs: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis. This volume should prove to be most useful.

    • 2002 reprint of 1863 book, 232 pages, cloth, $39.00

    The Forwarding of Mail by the U.S. Post Office Department, 1792-2001 by Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz 2001, 230+8 pages+8 color plates, A fine study and well presented, cloth $40.00

    Byne Index

    Confederate States of America, Philatelic Subject Index and Bibliography, 1862-1999 by Richard H. Byne An index and bibliography with no comparison in American philately. Over 8,200 books, articles, auction catalogs, show programs, etc. are cited giving the basic description. These items are referred to in over 25,000 references by subject. Appendices cover abbreviations, authors, publications and illustrations.

    Volume I, the literature for the 1862-1984 period, Volume II covers 1985 - 1999 plus a few year 2000 listings and any listings from the earlier period that have just come to our attention.

    We consider the Byne Index to be one of the top three CSA reference books. For a new collector the listing is the 1959 Dietz Catalog, the 1929 Dietz Postal History, and finally the Byne Index. For the established collector the sequence is reversed as it starts with the Byne Index, the 1929 Dietz and the 2012 Catalog.

    Confederate Philately with over 10,000 references is one of the most extensively documented in philately, without the index you can't find what is in your own library.

    • 1986, Vol I, 1862-1984, 352 pages, cloth, $45.00
    • 2001, Vol II, 1862-1999, 208 pages, cloth, $45.00

    Kenneth J. Kutz

    Most enjoyable and useful books covering in equal portion the philatelic and historical interest. If you have an interest in either end you will find the books delightful. They are all well written and produced in all aspects

    Alaska, Nome Gold by Kenneth J. Kutz The book contains 129 fascinating letters between a young man trying to make his fortune in the gold fields and his sweetheart in St Louis, virtually all of the postal markings are illustrated as halftones. 1991, 240 pages, cloth with DJ, edition of 600, $32.50

    California, Gold Fever by Ken Kutz Not really a California book but it evidently has a place here. A history of gold from the mid 1850's, many illustrations of covers, a rarity guide. 1987, 400 pages, cloth with dj, 600 illustrations in color, $75.00

    Black Gold The Gold of the Hydrocarbon; the story of Oil, World Wide 1995, 304 pages, leather, edition of 50, $50.00

    Untold Wealth, Canada's Mineral Heritage The Mineral Wealth of Canada; Gold, Copper, Coal, Lead, Tin, etc. 1998, 380 pages, cloth with dj, $50.00

    Klondike Gold Gold on the Canadian Side of the Klondike 1996, 272 pages, cloth with dj, $45.00

    Victoria Gold The Gold Fields of Australia 1993, 240 pages, cloth with dj, $37.50

    United States Stamps 1927-32 by Gary Griffith This book is a continuation of his work on the 1922-26 postage stamps, the Regular Issues, Commemoratives and Air Mails; from original research in the various Official Records, Smithsonian, National Archives and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 2001, 512 pages, cloth bound $50.00, card bound $27.50

    Minnesota Place Names, A Geographical Encyclopedia, by Warren Upham Geographic Names, Origin and Historic Significance 2001, 3rd edition, first since 1969, 736 pages, cloth, $52.50

    The United States 1847 Issue: A Cover Census by Tom Alexander A detailed listing of nearly 13,000 covers arranged by place of mailing and data, also a separate section on fake covers, over 200 covers illustrated, 16 pages in color, the characteristics of mail from each state. From the USPCS. 2001, 949 pages, cloth with DJ, $80.00

    A Catalog of U.S. Revenue-Stamped Documents of the Civil War Era by Type and Tax Rate by Michael Mahler A valuable and fun book for the Civil War Collector, quite attractive, pricing pamphlet. 1999, 268 pages, cloth, $45.00

    Thomas Leavitt, His History and Postal Markings, 1875-1892 by Robert J. Payne, The first machine cancellation, used in 29 cities with major usages in Boston and New York, about 375 illustrations, 2000, 342 pages, cloth, $42.50

    U.S. Booklets and Booklet Panes, 1900-1978, Volume 1: Flat Plate Regular Issues, 2004, 280 pages, card, only one copy available, $29.00

    Kentucky Post Offices by Robert M. Rennick

    A detailed study of the Post Offices with emphasis on the location, history, opening, naming, etc.
    • Place Names of Pike County, A detailed study of one of the more colorful Kentucky counties. 1991, 148 pages, card, some postmarks are illustrated, $10.00
    • Kentucky's Bluegrass, A Survey of the Post Offices, covers 10 Bluegrass counties; Fayette, Bourbon, Madison, Woodford, Scott, Clark, Franklin, Jessamine, Estill & Anderson, 1993, 154 pages card (cloth $30.00), $12.50
    • Kentucky's Bluegrass 2, A Survey of the Post Offices, covers 11 Bluegrass counties; Lincoln, Mercer, Washington, Shelby, Harrison, Montgomery, Garrard, Nicholas, Owen, Boyle & Powell, 1994, 168 pages, card, $12.50
    • Kentucky's Salt River Valley, A Survey of the Post Offices of the Greater Louisville Area, 1997, 180 pages, card, $12.50
    • Post Offices of Northeastern Kentucky, The 343 PO in Greenup, Lawrence, Carter, Boyd and Elliott Counties. 2000, 140 pages, card, $12.50
    • Post Offices of Kentucky's Big Sandy Valley, The 341 PO in Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin & Martin Counties 2002, 140 pages, card, $12.50

    North Carolina

    Post Offices and Postmasters of North Carolina, Colonial to USPS by V. S. Stroupe, R. J. Stets, R. Y. Wetmore and T. L. Crumbley

    An extremely attractive and useful set, for the NC, US and CSA collector. The book is arranged by County with every postmaster appointment listed, a map is provided for each County and the markings are well illustrated in full size, rarity factors are given. With the appearance of Vol. 4 the set is complete.

    • Vol. 1, Alamance - Durham Counties, 1997, 402 pages, cloth $46.00
    • Vol. 2, Edgecombe - Northampton, 1997, 428 pages, cloth $46.00
    • Vol. 3, Orange - Yancey, 1998, 430 pages, cloth $46.00
    • Vol. 4, Indexes, Bibliography & Addenda 2000, 412 pages cloth $46.00
    • Complete Set Mailed at one time, $176.00
    • Individual volumes subject to availability.

    Nebraska Territory

    Nebraska Territory Postal History by Charles W. Winter An illustrated catalog of all known Nebraska Territory postmarks along with an excellent presentation of covers and good historical background. Despite the title the Pre Territorial is well covered. A second type of the ALGOMA label is described for the first time. A photo gallery covers Patriotic and Map covers in addition to Foreign Rates. For more details please see Nebraska. 1999, 176 pages, cloth, 147 halftone and hundreds of line drawings, $35.00

    The Transports by G.H. Davis The Airmail Transport series of 1941-44, all facets, stamp design, production, usage, rates and routes, over 200 photographs of stamps and covers. 1999, 231 pages, card, $28.00 Updates in the PDF format for the above two books by Anthony Wawrukiewicz's may be obtained on his website, or by selecting Updates.

    Florida Stampless Postal History 1763-1861 by Florida Postal History Society A brief history of each town, all postmasters, compensation and receipts, establishment and discontinuances dates, Seminole War forts and camps, stampless markings, quantity known of each, listings also include markings known only in archives, extremely useful. 1999, 311 pages, card, $42.50

    Linn's U.S. Stamp Facts 19th Century Basic current data on each adhesive postage stamp, well illustrated 1999, 272 pages, card $16.50

    The Set is Now Complete ?

    Mellone's Planty - Cacheted FDC

    We have heard another five volumes may appear covering the more recent covers.
    • Vol I, 1901-1928, 1994, 112 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol II, 1928-1929, 1994, 112 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol III, 1930-1932, 1995, 128 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol IV, 1932, 1995, 128 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol V, 1932-1933, 1995, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol VI, 1933-1934, 1995, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol VII, 1934-1935, 1997, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol VIII, 1935-1936, 1997, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol IX, 1936, 1998, 104 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol X, 1936, 1998, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol XI, 1936-2936, 2000, 104 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol XII, 1937, 2000, 110 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol XIII, 1937-1938, 2001, 122 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol XIV, 1938, 2001, 96 pages, card, $17.95

    Straightline, Fancy & Unusual Cancels and Handstamps on Confederate General Issue Stamps by Conrad L. Bush A listing of all straightline, fancy and unusual cancels and handstamps. 1997, 90 pages, 160 illustrations, hardbound, edition of 500 copies, $35.00

    The Identifier

    Larry Lyons

    The Identifier for Carrier's, Locals, Fakes. Forgeries and Bogus Posts of U.S. by Larry Lyons Volume one contains 129 posts, 934 pictures and 428 sketches. A major work for any classic US collector and indispensable for the collector of locals, carriers and forgeries. To see a sample of the fine color and black and white illustrations in this book please select Lyons but be warned it will be slow to load. These are not illustrations that I am proud of but I can not render acceptable quality at an acceptable file size, the printed book is much better.
    • Vol 1, 1998, Covers Ackers to Empire, 496 pages, cloth, $88.50
    • Vol 2, 1998, Covers Essex to Putman, 490 pages, cloth, $88.50
    • Vol 3, 1998, Covers Raymonds to Ziebers, 512 pages, cloth, $88.50
    • Foreign Orders please add $6.00 per volume for postage.

    New York, 200 Years of Cayuga County by Charles H. Sweeting From manuscript and straight-lines to philatelic notables. 1998, 346 pages, cloth bound, edition 102 copies, $40.00

    A Comprehensive Checklist of Earliest Known Usages, Earliest Documented Covers, of U.S. Stamps 1847-1931 from the APS by by Siskin, Lawrence, etc. 1998, 40 pages, card, $6.00


    1849 - 1935

    California Town Postmarks 1849-1935 by John H. Williams A massive work illustrating all known California Town Postmarks in full size, over 17,000, basic data on each marking and post office in addition to a monetary evaluation. As this is out own title we will ship to any part of the World by surface mail for this price, edition limited to 450 sets. 1997, 1,504 pages, two volumes, cloth,$105.00

    Vermont Place Names by Esther M. Swift More detailed and of greater philatelic value than most PN books. A good but brief history the 1st, 2nd, etc. PM are often provided. The new printing is an exact reproduction of the original however the overall page size is slightly smaller and a three page biograph of the author has been added.

    • 1977, 701 pages, cloth, limited stock, $65.00
    • 1996, 705 pages, cloth, $45.00

    Forgeries and Fakes by Alexander J. Séfi An excellent monograph prepared for the 1929 Philatelic Congress of GB going into the scientific methods of fake and forgery detection.

    • Original Reprint, "Swiss Origin Reprint", $25.00
    • Ragatz Reprint circa 1960, 28 pages, card, $13.50
    The United States Trans-Mississippi Issue of 1898 by R. Neal & J. Rossenthal Well illustrated and printed, covers the stamps, proofs, essays and usages 1997, 166 pages, card, $35.00 1997, 166 pages, cloth, $48.50

    Prisoners' Mail

    Prisoners' Mail from the American Civil War by Galen D. Harrison Union and Confederate covers from 83 Union and 58 Confederate Prisons, compiled from a census of over 2,700 covers, earliest and latest known usages for the handstamped examination markings. The book is expected around the end of December, 1997. 1997, 307 pages, 300 illustrations, cloth $45.00

    The Major Book

    Match & Medicine Census Book by Michael E. Aldrich A census of the stamps with over 125 illustrations, copies are tabulated by condition, well printed and most usable, enjoyable to read. 1997, 220 pages, cloth, $35.00


    United States Stamps 1922-26 by Gary Griffith The first book on the 1922-26 postage stamps, the Regular Issues, Commemoratives and Air Mails; from original research in the various Official Records, Smithsonian, National Archives and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 1997, 400 pages, 244 photographs, card $27.50

    Discovering U.S. Rotary Booklet Pane Varieties 1926-1978 by B. H. Mosher A well done monograph, detailed on printing, perforating, paper & ink 1979, 128 pages, card, $12.00

    Postal Markings of U.S. Waterway Routes 1839-1997 by Fred Mac Donald Includes U.S. Route Agent and R.P.O. Operations 1839 to 1978, Contract Listings 1843 to 1905 and the Detroit Marine Operations 1895 to 1997, markings are illustrated. 1997, 196 pages, cloth, $35.00

    Canal Zone

    Postal Markings of the Canal Zone by Lawson P. Entwistle Each marking is detailed and illustrated, marking devices are shown, a plastic angular gauge is provided giving 10° spacing to measure markings. 1982, 1st edition, 262 pages, card, limited stock, $10.00 1992, 2nd edition, 328 pages, card, $20.00

    Incoming Steamship Mail 1847-1875

    United States Incoming Steamship Mail 1847-1875 by Theron Wierenga An excellent study covering the coastal and South Atlantic routes; Panama, New Orleans, Vera Cruz, Charleston, Havana, New York and Brazil. The routes, markings, rates, covers, original documents
    • 1983, 242 pages, cloth, out of print but a few copies in stock, $45.00
    • 2000, 478 pages, cloth, new and expanded, $55.00

    The United States 1¢ Franklin

    1861 - 1867

    The United States 1¢ Franklin 1861-1867, and an Introduction to the Postal History of the Period by Don L. Evans with contributions from C. W. Bert Christian All facets from postal history through the proofs and premieres gravures. A major work on a Classic US Stamp in addition to the Postal History. 1997, 440 pages, 545 black and white photographs, 32 in color, card, $40.00 (out of print, limited stock), cloth edition, $63.00

    Minnesota Territory

    The Minnesota Territory in Postmarks, Letters and History by Floyd E. Risvold Another definitive work from the CCC. One of the better philatelic works as to history and philately, markings, stampless letters, classic stamp usages, lettersheets, fake covers are fully covered, even the definitive coverage of the 1970 Fort Snelling stamp by Belmont Faries. Now out of print but we have a good stock. 1985, 329 pages, full color map in pocket, cloth, $65.00

    National Political Convention Tickets and Other Convention Ephemera by E. Krohn From the 1860's to date, the tickets were well produced by the leading Banknote Engravers and Printers of the day.. This book should be useful in tying the various political covers together as there is little philatelic material in print beyond Jim Milgram's books that only go to 1872. 1996, 200 pages, card, $20.00

    US Postage Stamps of 1869 by Jon Rose Each stamp has it's own covering everything from the design, essay, proofs, specimens, multiples, cancels, etc. 1996, 200 pages, card at $16.00

    US Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper by W. V. Combs Three fascinating books on the much neglected filed of our first tax stamps. A superb study in all respects, excellent history and philately.

    • First Federal Issue 1798-1801, 1979, 133 pages, paper boards, $32.50
    • Second Federal Issue 1801-1802, 1989, 158 pages, cloth, $20.00
    • Third Federal Issues 1814-1817, 1996, 240 pages, cloth, $27.50

    The Combs Catalog of Usages and Varieties of U.S. Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper 1791 - 1817 by W. V. Combs A catalog of the usages with updates for the 1st and 2nd issue. 1992, 100 pages, cloth bound, edition of 475 copes, $27.50

    A Price Guide to U.S. APO Cancels of Second WW by J. Forte & R. Helbock A convenient pocket reference as to the locations, period and rarity. 1996, 140 pages, card $15.00

    Cancellations & Killers of the Banknote Ear 1870-1894 by James M. Cole Useful and attractive work on the Banknote Era Cancellations and Killers. The format is that of the Herst-Sampson and Skinner-Eno books with the markings arranged by design, 63 classifications. Cole emphasizes the 1870-1894 period while the previous works are mostly pre 1870. An excellent index is provided; arranged first by State and then by City. Richard Graham has provided an excellent article on the devices. A three level rarity scale is provided. Highly recommended as with all previous books from the United States Philatelic Classics Society.

    • 1995, 357 pages, 140 halftones and 5,000 line cuts, ut of print, cloth, $87.50
    • The same but not bound and punched for 3 ring binder, $60.00

    Postmasters & Postoffices of the United States, 1782-1811 by R. J. Stets The critical and poorly documented founding

    years, 3,000 PO & 6,200 PM. 1994, 294 pages, cloth bound $45.00

    Presidential Campaign Illustrated Envelopes and Letter Paper, 1840-1872 by James W. Milgram An important work of both philatelic and historic significance, over 400 illustrations. 1995, 263 pages, cloth $42.50

    Abraham Lincoln, Illustrated Envelopes and Letter Sheets 1860 - 1865 by James W. Milgram Most comprehensive and extremely well illustrated, much related material covering Slavery, the Confederacy, and Lincoln before and after the 1860 - 1865 period, enjoyable. 1984, 272 pages, cloth $30.00

    Western Roundup edited by W. T. Crowe and M. X. Zelenak An excellent compilation of articles on Western Covers, The Philatelic Foundation Seminar Series Textbook No. 1. 1990, 119 pages, card $27.50

    The Prexies by Roland E. Rustad The Prexies, the regular issue series from 1938 to 1954. This work will be of great value to the WW II collectors, the emphasis is on the adhesive stamps with respect to the printings, quantities and dates but the usages are also well covered. Another fine reference volume from the BIA. 1994, 343 + 8 pages, card, $30.00

    Linn's Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Stamps of the United States 1933-45 by Bauer A good philatelic coverage of each stamp, background on the subject, and naturally FDR's involvement. Good historic content, well indexed. 1994, 375 pages, card $15.00

    Free Franks and Autographs of the War Department and the Army 1789-1860 by Grover Hinds A useful compilation of franks and autographs, dates of service, prices 1994, 76 pages, card $11.00

    The Legendary Persian Rug, The large and small Persian Rugs by Thomas C. Kingsley The spectacular $200 and $500 stamps and the unissued $5,000 proof, the bi-color 50¢ - $5.00 proprietary stamps. A handsome volume, well printed on quality paper, covers all facets from the printing and distribution through the usages and a survey of the surviving examples. 1993, 152 pages, 145 illustrations, 20 in color, cloth $55.00

    Introduction to United States Revenue Stamps by Richard Friedberg An extremely good overall book on these most diverse stamps, well written and well produced, recommended.

    • 1994, 160 pages, card $15.00, enquire
    • 1994, 160 pages, cloth $45.00, sold

    The 1996 Specialized Catalog of U.S. Non-pictorial Waterfowl Stamps by David R. Torres All varieties are illustrated, a paragraph to a page on each issue, values for most. 1996, 52 pages, card, $16.00 reduced to $7.50

    Field Guide to Revenue Stamped Paper Priced catalog of Civil and Spanish American War documents imprinted with revenue stamps, Scott's RN, ie checks, drafts, stocks, bonds

    • Part 1, The Western States, 1989, 80 pages, card, $16.00
    • Part 1 Rev., The Western States, 1997, 128 pages, card, $26.00
    • Part 2, The Southern States, 1989, 96 pages, card $16.00
    • Part 3, The Central States, 1989, 96 pages, card $15.00
    • Part 4, The Eastern Central States, 1990, 112 pages, card $16.50
    • Part 5, The Eastern States, 1990, 128 pages, card $17.50
    • Part 6, New York State, 1991, 128 pages, card $17.50
    • Part 7, Stocks, Bonds, RR Tickets, 1991, 128 pages, card $17.50
    • Set Parts 1 - 7, the series is complete $112.50 or 1-7+ 1 Rev $138.50

    SANABRIA, North America 1995 The first Sanabria since the fables 1972 edition. covers US, US Possessions & Dependencies, Canada, Newfoundland, Mexico 1995, 120 pages, card $20.00

    A Caribbean Neptune:

    The Maritime Postal Communications of the Greater and Lesser Antilles in the 19th Century by Robert G. Stone Bob's long awaited work on the West Indies is out. It is of much interest and value for collectors and students of North, Central, South America and Europe Maritime Mail in addition to those of the major islands: Cuba, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. Major services existed with France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and the United States. The book contains hundreds of illustrations, 17 maps in addition to numerous sailing tables. Please see page 38 of Catalog 18 for details. 1993, 396 pages, cloth, $65.00

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