State Postal History, A - K


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Leonard H. Hartmann

State Postal History, Alabama through Wyoming

State Postal History volumes in most cases fall into one of four basic categories. A true Philatelic Postal History will cover the collecting aspects such as known covers, markings, usages and the like. The Postmarked type usually don't go much beyond listings of the markings. The Post Office volumes usually only list the offices, establishment and discontinuance dates along with the first postmaster. It has long been a mystery to us why all postmasters through say the 1870's aren't listed as their signatures often appear on free franked covers and are of much interest to collectors. Dave Baker's Indiana book was the first state volume to list all postmasters, now there is one for Kentucky and Tennessee.

The fourth classification, Place Names, is new to many philatelists. These volumes are normally of non-philatelic origin and usually give the post office name along with a brief history, location and often establishment and discontinuance dates. These volumes are proving to be of great value. Most Place Name volumes are published by State Universities and Historical Societies and are often difficult for us to locate, if you know of one that we don't list please drop us a line.

Spanish Colonial and Mexican Mail in the United States


Dr. Yamil H. Kouri Jr. and Leo J. Harris

This book has much more US interest than I anticipated, it is per the title "Spanish Colonial mail in the United States". One cover originated in Spanish Illinois, St. Geneveive, entered the US mail in Lexington, Ky, 1797. By page count: Texas 60, Louisiana 44, California 52, Florida 82, etc. In English and Spanish, right column is English and the left in Spanish. Well illustrated with covers and maps. 2021, 342 pages, in full color, card bound, a total edition of 230 copies of which 100 are available in the US, $72.00 + $5 part postage, additional books are $1 part postage to a US mailing address..

Not Really a State but !

Puerto Rico

During the Spanish American War

1898-1900 A Postal History Study

by Bill Dipaolo

Covers the American Military, Development of the Postal System under the U.S. Military, Municipal/Local Posts, Postal Markings., 2018, 147 + 8 pages, full color, wire spiral bound, initial printing 150 copies, $45.00

Every State Having a RR is covered in detail

U.S. Railroad Contract Mail Routes


Hugh V. Feldman

This book presents the development of the early railroads in a historical context focusing on the establishment, routes and the cities and towns served as it relates the philatelic information. The mail contract route information is presented in a well-organized manner including dates, route numbers, contract agreement and cost per mile. The arrangement is by state accompanied by charts, copies of detailed maps locating town and a detailed list of the stations served on the various mail contracts.

The mail contracts normally have the individual stops and dates thus one may be able to bracket in time when a specific station was in use.

This book runs 1,096 pages. in full color, hard bound, dust jacket, illustrates 242 covers, 582 maps and 360 other images. A DVD is included containing over 800 covers many are not illustrated in the book, PMG annual reports and other reports to Congress between 1817 and 1878, these run about 10,000 pages. Also included are images of the manuscript Railroad Contracts by States, 6,773 in all. We think these contracts have never been reproduced before.

Additional philatelic information is presented through the many covers included in the text that were carried by railroads in each respective states. These are described in detail and the appropriate references are included to assist philatelists in their research.

Published at $97.50 plus postage, postpaid to a U.S. mailing address, $107.50, postage to other countries is the published price of $97.50 plus actual postage,

postage to Canada is $45.95 and to Mexico and most other countries $66.50.

The Western Express Companies, Their Franks and Hand Stamps by Oscar Thomas

The only comprehensive coverage of the subject, Included with each set of books is a DVD with over 4500 scans of western covers, 2013, two volumes, 900, full color, cloth, edition of 300 copies, $250.00, sold out

United States Post Offices by Richard W. Helbock The set is now complete, arranged in alphabetical order giving the County, State, Year of Operation and a Scarcity Rating, a handy format for finding states. Sorry on these please enquire, limited stock

Postmasters & Postoffices of the United States, 1782-1811 by R. J. Stets A most useful work covering the critical and poorly documented founding years, 3,000 PO & 6,200 PM.

American Stampless Cover Catalogs

The Standard Reference Catalogs of American Postal History

American Stampless Cover Catalog The general listing of stampless markings by State including Colonial, Territorial, US Possessions and Unorganized Territories from the early 1700's to about 1870. It is also applicable to early stamped covers, a fine information and pricing guide. Softbound editions are not recommended and may or may not be in stocked.