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Leonard H. Hartmann

New and Recent Additions to Stock, Foreign

British Consulate Post Office at Bankok 1855 to 1885


Michael J. R. Houder

A detailed study of the "B" overprints, cancellations and forgeries, a census of known covers, history of the service, from the Stuart Rossitor Trust.

2021, 454 pages, in color, hardback, published at 38 pounds plus postage, limited ediiton, $76.00

The Forgeries of the “Cantonal” Stamps of Switzerland


Richard Schafer

This book is an extension of the A de Reuterskja study and includes a reproduction of his rare English edition of his 1907 book The Forgeries "Cantonal" Stamps Switzerland, the book is reproduced in reduced format but the text is still legible. The forgeries are illustrated in large format and annotated as to the characteristics. At the end a number of interesting forgery items are illustrated and one that i think is from Peter Winter's 1986 exhibit at the Essen Fair and not in out edition of Woflgang's book.

2022, 315 pages, full color, cloth with dj, gold leaf on all sides, beautiful book, the book is in German however the reproduction of the original Reuterskja book is in English as originally published. No English edition of this book is planned however a separate introductory booklet in English is provided. The illustrations are exceptional, large and a number are annotated as to details. Limited edition of 250 copies, our allocation of 15 copies arrived June 23rd, 2022, published by Coronphilia in Switzerland., in stock $160.00 + $4.00 part postage to a US mailing address

Mails of the 1861-1867, European Intervention in Mexico

by Steven C. Walske & Yamil H. Kouri

The title tells it all, Spanish, English, French operations, Civilian Postal Systems, French to Mexico City, Imperial Mexico tracing the troop movement across Mexican territory, census of covers handled by Spanish, French Field post, Mexican Republic Army, Austro-Belgian and Packet Sailings, etc.. Too many ramifications to be covered in a few lines, it takes a book. Printed in Spain by the same organization but much better quality than the one on the Yamil's Spanish North American that they produced. In English and Spanish, 2022, 314+14 pages, cloth, limited edition, $75.00

The Spiros-a Family from Hamburg

by Wolfgang Maassen and collaborators

It covers the family history, the early history of the forgeries, the Spud Paper stamps each illustrating in detail and giving The Philatelist appearance data, and giving the in detail, details on the cancellations, a special treatment on Brazil, and introduction to the Spiro-Torres uncertainty as to who did what, etc.references to other early forgers and those that marketed the fakes

2022, 160 pages, full colour, 420 illustrations in b/w and color, hard cover with sewn stitching, English language, $75.00

2023, The Second and final Spiro book by Wolfgang is scheduled to appear, it emphasizes the individual facsimiles of Germany, the circa 1,300 recorded full sheets.

2024, The Third and finalSpiro book by Wolfgang is scheduled to appear in 2024,

The Postmarks and Postal History of Cameroun

Under French Administration - 1916-1959

by M. P. Bratzel Jr.

2021, 481+14 pages plus a CD having 658 searchable pages, in full color, cloth bound, Covers all phases of the philately from the development of the postal service, stamps and covers, handstamps, WW II, etc. edition of 100, limited stock, $95.00

The Postmarks and Postal HIstory of the Camerooms Under British Administration 1916-1961

by M.P. Bratzel, Jr.1994,

Wartime Revenue Stamps of Cameroun, A Critical Examination by M. P. Bratzel Jr. Covers 1940 - 1945, 8 issues, 50 different stamps and 15 major varieties. 1996, 47+4 pages, 9 pages in excellent color, card, $45.00, enquire first

The Postal Tariffs of Cameroun under French Administration -- 1916-1961

by Marty Bratzel

All aspects of postal tariffs of the Cameroun under French administration. This is the most complete and best documented postal rate work that we know of; numerous rates are given along with other services such as money orders, C.O.D., postal cheques, reply coupons, debt collection, insurance, etc. Many covers are illustrated. 2007, 215+6 pages, searchable CD in pdf format having over 500 pages on the tariffs, spiral wire binding, $95.00

Peter Winter's

"Swan Song" Memories of an Artist and "Forger"

by Wolfgang Maassen

The fascinating life of an Opera Singer and Forger, and the philatelic reproductions as he considered them and forgeries as we collect them. It is most welcomed to get real information on a modern forger. This book is Peter Winter's operation in the 1980's through the end. His now rare 1985 and scarce 1988 catalogs are illustrated, an invaluable reference value.

A scholarly study with much formal analysis with other previously not published information on his "second copy" of the British Guiana 1c Magenta.

A must book for the forgery collector and some one that wants to know more and collect the authentic stamps, a good read. His forgeries on the web can look extremely enticing but in many cases when in hand the paper is not right and evident by a serious collector, when gummed they become more deceptive, there are exceptions! A CD showing my mounted collection is also included.

2021, 192 pages, full color, cloth bound, English edition, from the US,Witch CD, $65.00 + $4.00 pp to a US mailing address.

The U.S. and World Fakes of Andre Frodel by Kenneth W. Pugh

It covers some of his fakes and a good picture of him and the production, mostly fakes of 20th century U.S. stamps by manipulating authentic stamps, these fakes are quite deceptive. I have recently come across two CSA fakes that were superbly re-backed and may have been his work, 2021, 51 pages, full cover, on heavy paper, loose leaf and punched for standard 3 ring binder, binder not included, $40.00

The Postal History of the Universal Postal Union

The Postal Card (Worldwide) 1869-1974

by James Peter Gough

The UPU regulations in detail, by period and country, well illustrated, published by the RPSL,2019, Vol 1 & 2, 935 pages in all, full color, cloth with dj, limited stock, $325.00

The History of Airmail in Poland and Its

Contribution to Airmail Services of Europe (1914-1939)


Jerzy W. Kupiec-Weglinski

2021, In English and Polish, 422 pages, hard bound, $79.50 post paid to a US mailing address.

A Century of Notices to the Public 1782-1880

compiled by

Paul Wijnants

The major value of this set is the index, it is by 1,500 keywords, and each gives the year and location in the books of the Notices. The bracketed year and the notice gives you the key to the issue and with this you can go to other reference. Of the 4 volumes one volume is devoted to the index, It covers UK notices but on World Wide mail to most countries, as an example Via Panama has 33 notices from 1841 to 1878. The Index, Vol 1, measures 8.5x12 inches and vol 2-4 are each 12 x 17, these notices are full size. Edition of 75 sets with our allocation being 7 sets.

2021, 4 large volumes, about 35 lbs, total of 1,780 pages, $700.00 plus actual transit, enquire first, one sets available

Sample of the index page, extremely detail

Another new book from Clark Souers

Greek Wars, 1897-1922, Stamps & Forgeries

The series continues, forgeries of the common stamps after WWI, in some cases they are considered common and low value as many circulating are forgeries. Each volume shows enlargements of the characteristics with a fed word description, in color, well printed on quality paper, card.

  • Greek Wars, 1897-1922, Stamps & Forgeries 2021, 85 pages, numerous full color illustrations, quality paper, card bound, $22.50
  • Hungary, 1919, Stamps & Forgeries 2020. 67 pages, numerous full color illustrations, quality paper, card bound, $22.50
  • Ukrain Tridents 1918, & Forgeries 2020. 63 pages, numerous full color illustrations, quality paper, card bound, $22.50
  • Armenia Stamps, 1919-1923, & Forgeries 2020. 54 pages numerous full color, quality paper, card bound, illustrated, $22.50
  • Forgeries of Common Stamps after World War 1 Eastern Front, Balkans Caucasus, Version 2 2019. 89 pages numerous full color, quality paper, card bound, illustrated, $22.50
  • Version 2 is not a good title, in essence it is a major expansion to the original 2017 book, 63 pages on the same material.

    An exceptional work on the common forgeries of the period, the stamps are real but the fakes are so common that the authentic ones are not fully appreciated. A labor of love by Clark and priced so the information will be distributed, he is now working on other volumes that we hope they will get out.

    Under Three Flags

    The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban American War

    by Yamil H. Kouri Jr.

    The philatelic aspect on all sides of the war with much related pertinent history.

    The 27 chapters range on the Cuban side, from Military History, Cuban Postal Systems in and out of the Island, and Impact on Civilians; on the Spanish side, from Mail from Spanish Soldiers, Sailors, Military Posts, Military Hospitals and POW's, Spanish Patriotic Labels, Interrupted Mails, and Blockade Mail; and on the U.S. side from Mail from all the Military Camps in the United States, Patriotic Covers and Labels, Wartime Correspondence

    Mail from American Soldiers, Sailors, Military Hospitals, Military Postal Stations in Cuba, their Postal Markings and Mail Categories, Military Camps in Cuba, Local Provisional Stamp Issues, Official Mail Envelopes, and the Postal Issues of 1899-1902. All three sides, Cuban, Spanish and American, are well covered; Postal Markings, Stamps, Labels, Maps, Documents, Photographs, Tables, etc. A detailed table of contents and a extensive index with listing: cities, army camps, ships, etc. 2019, 752 pages,1,600 illustrations, full color; cloth with DJ. Covers, bound in Buckram with gold stamping and a dust jacket. To a US mailing address $90.00 + $7.50 postage = $97.50

    Belgian Colonial

    From the Azores to New Zealand, the Belgian Colonies on all six continents (1451-1916) their origins, history, and communication (pre-philately) by Patrick Meselis,

    A major philatelic work; exceptional with respect to history, philately, overall production and at a most favorable price. The Belgian Colonial influence is far more than most of us suspected, there are 14 pages on New York alone, 28 on the Antarctic, 18 on New Zealand, 20 on Brazil, far more than just the Congo. Published with the assistance of the Stuart Rossiter Trust, 2005, large format (9.5 x 13 inches), 419 pages, in full color, in English, cloth with dj, $80.00

    Dominican Republic, The Classic Stamps by Danilo A. Mueses,

    An excellent study of the stamps, postal history and forgeries, in Spanish and English, the outer column in Spanish and the inner in English, almost paragraph for paragraph thus excellent for some one wanting to brush up on the language, 2001, 240 pages, in color, card, $45.00

    The Prestamp Period of El Salvador (1525 - 1866)


    Guillermo F. Gallegos and Joseph D. Hahn

    Being published by the Collectors Club of Chicago, expected delivery mid April, 2015. An exceptional book with respect to understanding the postal operations of all of early Spanish America and not just El Salvador though the book is devoted to El Salvador, the rates, covers and markings, extensively illustrated, edition limited to 300 copies, 286 + 18 pages of which 26 are in color, cloth, with dj, pre-publication price of $72.00 plus transit has expired, the list price is $80.00 plus postage $3.00 for the US or $25.00 for abroad.

    Ecuador: The Philately of the Seebeck Era, January 1892 to Mid-June 1897, its Stamps, Proofs, POSTAL STATIONERY AND POSTAL HISTORY, by Robert A. D'Elia, FRPSL and Douglas B. Armitage, FRPSL, Bill Welch, FRSPL, Editor,

    The stamps are most detailed and the postal history is more than adequate. Extensive illustrations and text on the many overprints and surcharges, genuine and forged, and is complete with a full index and bibliography. The book is designed as a teaching tool, to allow the reader to learn, in detail, about these stamps, proofs, postal stationery, and their postal history, and especially, how to recognize the genuine stamps and overprints from their reprints and forgeries. It also, indirectly, provides a guide for collectors of the stamps of other Seebeck Countries. The edition is numbered and our copies autographed, edition limited to 204 copies. 2005, 407 + 31, pages, 16 pages in color, cloth, published at $135 US and £76 UK with transit, net US delivery, $135.00

    The Images of IV Issues of the Kingdom Sardinia 1855-1863 by Francesco Maria Amato, 1994, 124 pages, case bound, all in Italian but mostly illustrations with a four page English summary of the captions prepared for us by an old friend, published at 24.80 euro, $30.00

    The Revenue Stamps of URUGUAY, Patente de Rodados de DEPARTAMENTO de MONTEVIDEO, Vehicle Registration Department of Montevideo 1928-1963, Joe Ross, 2005, 69 pages, plastic binding, $40.00

    The Revenue Stamps of Jordan & the Occupied Territory (West Bank) Joe Ross & Avo Kaplanian, 2004, 81 pages, plastic binding, $40.00

    The Revenue Stamps of Iraq by Joe Ross and John Powell From 1915, the 1890 Turkey stamp with overprints, to 1997 Medical Prescription surcharge, good background information. 2002, 3rd edition, 104 pages, plastic binding, over 200 color illustrations, $40.00

    The Revenue Stamps of El Salvador by Joe Ross Well illustrated catalog from 1883, well indexed 1994, 53 pages, plastic binding, edition of 250, numbered $40.00

    The International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog by Joel A. Hawkins & Richard Stambaugh, For details see: Meters, 2005, 1240 pages, card, UK - Continent price is £65 or €95, US delivery $96.00

    The Postal History of Ascension, St. Helena & Tristan da Cunha by Edward B. Proud, 2005, 248 pages, cloth with dj,published at £40 plus transit, $85.00

    The Postal History of the Leeward Islands by Edward B. Proud, The history and postal history of Antigua, Dominica, Montserrat, St. Christopher and Virgin Islands to March 31, 1967, 2005, 408 pages, cloth with dj, published at £45 plus transit, $95.00

    Handbook and Catalogue, Postal History Bosnia & Herzegovina 1878 - 1918 by Berislav Sekelj

    2005, 384 pages, in color, card, in Croatian, German and English, the English text is excellent but not as extensive as the German however anyone interested in the subject should have little trouble, $63.50

    Madame Joseph Revisited by Brian Cartwright FRPSL. A major expansion over the original work published in 1994 and now long out of print. A well produced booklet in a limited edition. For details please see: Madame Joseph, 2005, 96 pages, in color, hardback with dj, ring binder with 40 transparent overlays in custom stepped slip case, published by the Royal Philatelic Society of London, £44 pounds for members £49 pounds for others plus in both cases £16 pounds postage; delivered to a US mailing address, $120.00

    The Postal History of the World War II Mail Between New Zealand and Switzerland by Robin Startup and Charles LaBlonde, Contains much GB Archive material, as well as NZ, Swiss and Red Cross archival, extensive bibliography, 2005, 130 pages, card, $20.00

    The Swedish Stamps 150 years from the Swedish Postal MuseumAn excellent overall work covering and stamps and usages, also the reprints and forgeries, especially Sperati, in English and Swedish, useful and enjoyable. 2005, 255 pages, in color, cloth with dj, $37.50

    Letter rates in Sweden 1831-1855 by Lennart Ivarsson from the Swedish Postal Museum As this book is in Swedish except for a one page summary the first 46 pages on covers and forms is lost to most of us however the remainder of the book consist of tables of postage rates and should be of much value to those of us that are not linguist. 2005, 342 pages, a number of covers and forms are in full color, cloth with dj, $62.50

    What Does the Letter Cost?, Vad Kostade brevet? by Sven Carlin Covers Swedish rates from 1636 to 1975, mostly domestic but we note some to Denmark, Norway, Finland, etc. In Swedish 1975, 137 pages, paper case binding $22.50

    Postal History and Stamps of Tuva by S. Blekhman, translated by Ron Hogg 1997, English translation of 1976 book, 114 pages, card, $37.50

    Index to Fil-Italia, Italy and Colonies Study Circle, Vol I-XXX, 2005 February, 112 pages, in English as is the Journal, a well prepared index, the journal may we offered in CD format soon however it is available in most major philatelic libraries.

    • Printed, plastic ring binding, limited stock, £15 plus transit, $27.50
    • CD Rom, in PDF format, £3 plus transit, $6.00

    Nauru 1915 to 1923, A Study of the Adhesives of Great Britain overprinted for use in Nauru by Keith Buckingham Published by the B.P.A. Expertising Educational Charity in an edition of 290 copies. A detailed study of the stamps, usages and forgeries, 2005, 114 pages, hard case binding, 8 photograph quality color plates, published at £35 plus transit, $85.00

    The A.I.E.P. Handbook of Philatelic Expertising by Wolfgang Hellrigl, A most enjoyable coffee table book on Expertising, full color, many illustrations of fakes and world class rarities, a table of the experts for various countries, many are pictured with the basic contact information, e-mail, telephone and mailing address, our copies are now in transit and should arrive by the end of May 2005, 2004, 320 pages, large format, full color, hard bound, published 90 Euro, $117.50

    A Postal History of the Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees in East Asia During the Second World War by David Tett

    For details please see POW & Civilian Internees in East Asia
    • Vol 1, Singapore & Malaya 1942-1945, the Changi Connection, 2002, 21+387 pages, cloth with dj, £35 plus £6 transit, $70.00
    • Vol 2, The Dutch East Indies 1942-1946, published by the BFA as the author is now a SRT trustee, 2003, 470 pages with 8 color plates, cloth with dj, £35 plus £6 plus transit, $70.00
    • Vol 3, The mails to and from Burma, Thailand and Indochina. The principal concentration of mail was to and from the Burma-Thailand railway, but mail from the Bangkok Internment camp, the mails from the civilian laborers, and the work of the Dutch Post Office in Bangkok are also extensively covered. Postal items to and from British, Dutch, Australian and American prisoners are illustrated. 2004, 380 pages, 400 illustrations, mostly in color, cloth, $102.50
    • Vol 4, Philippine Islands, to appear
    • Vol 5, Hong Kong 1942-1945, to appear
    • Vol 6, China, Taiwan, Formosa, Manchuria and Japan, to appear

    Post Offices in Finland 1638-1985, English translation by Anneli Hvidonov, An introduction from the Philatelic Federation of Finland, 1989, 107+2 pages, card, $20.00

    Postal History of Portuguese India by Umesh Kakkeri 2004, 174 + pages, some plates in color, hard bound in paper case, all in English, $33.00

    History of Portuguese Military Postal Service, Colonial War from 1961-1974 by Eduardo & Luis Barreorps Well printed and in full color. The authors, Eduardo and Luis Barreiros grew up in a military family and are intimately knowledgeable about the subject and about the military which the postal service served. In Portuguese and English, 2005, 460 pages, and weighs almost 5 pounds. cloth with dj, limited stock, $60.00.

    The British Army Post Office in Conflict & Crisis Situations 1946 - 1982 by Charles Entwistle, comes complete with a 'Priced Checklist' for FPOs, 25 events are detailed however because of the size the Korean War and the protracted guerrilla wars in Cyprus, Malaya and Kenya are not covered, 2005, 36 pages, card, published £10.00 plus transit, $20.00

    Colombia by Dieter Bortfeldt

    The Workbook, Notes on Reprints and Forgeries of Colombian Stamps, Part 1, The Classic Period 1859-1868 by Dieter Bortfeldt, printed in Colombia but in English, 2004, 211 pages printed one side, in color, cloth bound, numbered edition, $130.00

    The Lansa Story, The Postal History of the Colombian Airline LANSA by Alfredo Frohlich & Dieter BortfeldtA comprehensive story of the history, covers, stamps and forgeries. 2005, 179 pages, in color, cloth, $100.00

    The Cordova Issue of 1899, Department of Antioquia by Dieter Bortfeldt, printed in Colombia but in English, 2005, 144 pages, in color, cloth.

    • Copies 1 - 20 numbered come with two pages having 14 of the stamps, $85.00
    • Later copies do not have the actual stamps, we will stock after the above are sold

    Handbook of the SCADTA Provisional Surcharges 1921-1923 by Santiago Cruz & Dieter Bortfeldtprinted in Colombia but in English, new study of the provisionals including details on the forgeries, 2004, 120 pages, $70.00

    Postal History of Hong Kong, by Edward B. Proud

    • Vol 1, 1841 - 1958
      • 1989, 424 pages, 8 pages in color, cloth, with supplement, limited stock, $120.00
      • 1994, 48 pages, self cover, supplement to above
    • 1841-1997, This appears to replace Vol 1 above but has no color illustrations
      • 2004, 1152 pages, cloth with dj, new published price £80 plus transit, $170.00
    The Postal History of Aden & Somaliland Protectorate, by Edward B. Proud 2004, 360 pages, cloth with dj, published £45 plus transit, $95.00

    German North Atlantic Catapult Flights 1929-1935 by James W. Graue & Dieter Leder, A good history, flight details and detailed priced catalog. Many if not most of these covers are to the US. 2004, 235 pages, metal spiral bound, $32.00

    The Postal History of Jamaica by Edward B. Proud The markings are quite well organized for easy use, even a separate listing of the numeral ones. 2004, 632 pages, cloth, £55 plus transit, US delivered $115.00

    Iraq Censor Cover, 1940-2003 by Ghidan Sarmmed, 2004, 120 pages, color and b&w illustratons, in transit now $50.00

    Tierra Del Fuego, the 1891 Postage Stamp and it's Usage by Brian Moorhouse and John C. West, 80 pages, 18 pages in color, cloth, published £20 plus transit, $45.00

    Italian Stampless by Paolo Vollmeier

    • Venice Republic of Venice 1200-1797 by Paolo Vollmeier 2003, 2 volumes, 820 pages, color, cloth with dj, separate booklets giving detailed English and German introduction, $375.00
    • Sicily The Postal History of Sicily from its beginnings to the Introduction of the Postage Stamp by Paolo Vollmeier, A magnificent book, in English, much color. 1998, 686 pages + 5 maps & tables in folder, color, cloth, dj & cloth sc, in English $285.00
    • Naples, The Postal History of the Kingdom of Naples from its beginning to the Introduction of the Postage Stamp by Paolo Vollmeier & Vito Mancini , 1996, 3 volumes, 1491 pages, cloth with dj and slip case, separate booklet giving detailed English and German introduction, $210.00
    • Lombardy-Venetia, Catalogo Dei Bolli Postali Del Territorio Lombardo-Veneto Balle Origini All'intrduzione del Francobollo from Ducal period in 1796 through the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia in 1850 by Paolo Vollmeier, 1979, 389 pages, cloth with dj, detailed English introduction, $130.00
    • Tuscany, I Bolli Postali Toscani Del Periodo Prefilatelico fino al 1851 from the first control marks, circa 1450, up to 1851by Paolo Vollmeier, 1974, 296 pages, cloth with dj, separate booklet giving detailed English and German introduction, $135.00
    • Sardinia, Storia Postale Del Regno Di Sardegna Dalle Origini All'introduzione del Francobollo by Paolo Vollmeier, 1985, 3 volumes, 1190 pages, cloth with dj and slip case, out of print

    Australia New Zealand UK Mails to 1880, Rates Routes and Ships Out and Home, by Colin Tabeart

    This work is intended to enable collectors to determine by what ship(s) a letters travelled and how to interpret the postage rates on the cover. Sixty pages are devoted to a study of the rates, the outgoing UK rates and those back to the UK, not always synonymous, much of which is hitherto unpublished. A short chapter follows on ship letters, then a review of the packet system from 1844-1880, after which chapters go into detail on the contracts, information to the public, routes, and detailed sailings data for all the packets that carried the mails to and from the colonies, consisting of:

    • The Toulmin Packets 1844-49 (Ward's original work reproduced by kind permission on)
    • The Early Steam Ships, private and contract (Ward's original work with many additions)
    • The Sailing Packets 1854-6 (completely new)
    • The European and Australian Line 1856-8 (Molnar/Kirk with many additions)
    • The various P&O Contracts 1859-1880 (Kirk's original work updated & re-tabulated)
    • The Pacific Routes both via Panama and San Francisco (completely new)
    • The Torres Strait Route 1866-1880 (completely new) ta
    • The Orient Line 1877-1880 (mostly new)
    2004, 422+ 8 + 2 pages, cloth, edition of 250, published at £40 plus transit, net US delivered, $105.00

    Italian Lake Mail Postal Markings by Graham Lindsey, 2004, 2nd edition, 98+6 pages, metal spiral binding, £15 plus postage, $35.00

    Stuart Rossiter Postal History Journal

    Published by the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund of the UK, a quality journal devoted to postal history, mostly GB and the Empire.

    • No. 1, 4 Articles: Air mails to China by Brian Asquith, GB Factory Inspectorate by Goeff Lovejoy, Mail Across the isthmus of Panama by Phil Kenton, Mail transiting through Europe by Cornelius Muys, 128 pages, 2000, £15, $30.00
    • No. 2, 3 Articles: Goldfields of Victoria by Rod Moreton, Pre-Soviet Russia, Registered and associated Mail by Ian Baillie, Early Mail between Constantinople and the West by Hans Smith, 128 pages, 2001, £10, $21.50
    • No. 3, 3 Articles: Railways of Finland; Cross Channel mail 1793-1815, Orange Free State 1899-1900 2002, 102 pages, card, £10, $21.50`
    • No. 4, 3 Articles: Post between GB and Russia via Prussia 1852-1875 by C. Leonard, PH of the Railway on the Island of Reunion by Peter Kelly and Seychelles Air Mails 1926-1971 by K. Fitton, 2003, 83+12 pages, card, £10, $21.50
    • No. 5, 3 articles: Traveling Post Offices of Great Britain by Harold S. Wilson, Republic of Venice Posts, a brief account until 1797 by Richard Harlow, German East Africa, Wartime Emergency Measures 1915 & 1916 by Michael Farrent,2004, 59+9 pages, card, £10 plus transit, $21.50
    • No. 6, 2 Articles: The United States of America: Suspension of mail services to other countries in Wartime, Revolution and Civil Commotion by Robert Johnson, Mail Routes through the Baltic States by Geoff Lovejoy, 2005, 117 pages, card, £12.50 plus transit, $26.50
    Alice Through the Pillar-box and What She Found There, A Philatelic Phantasy by Gerald M. King A fun book, pure phantasy, some designs taken from S. Allan Taylor's products, etc. 1978, 6+33+4 pages, in color, cloth with dj, $17.50

    New Zealand and Dependencies - A Philatelic bibliography by David R. Beech, Allan P. Berry and Robin M. Startup. An extensive and most detailed bibliography as would be expected from the compilers, limited stock and limited edition. 2004, xv+289 pages, cloth, $85.00

    The Postal History of The Army of the Black Sea 1918-1923 by John Slingsby The Army of the Black Sea refers to the British occupation from Macedonia and Thrace through to the British Military Mission to South Russia, Turkey, Transcaucasia, and North Persia 2004, 234+16 pages, card, published at 30£ plus 9.95£ transit, US delivered $70.00

    The Zemstov Postage Stamps of Imperial Russia by Alex Artuchov An excellent study, we think it is the new definitive study!

    • Vol. 1 Akhtyrka to Byezhetsk, 1987 222 pages, card, $36.00
    • Vol. 2 Chembary to Kologriv, 1990 194 pages, card, $36.00
    • Vol. 3 Kkolomna to Novauzensk, 1995, 196 pages, card, $36.00
    • Vol. 4 Odessa to Sapozhok, 1998, 190 pages, card, $36.00
    • Vol. 5, Saransk - Ustsysolsk, 2004, card, $36.00
    • Vol. 6, the final volume, 2005 ?
    The Stamps and Postal History of Nineteenth Century Samoa by R.P. Odenweller Covers the Pre-Post Office Era, Samoa Express, the Apia Municipal PO 1882-1886, etc. etc. 2004, 416 pages, 225 illustrations in color, from the RPSL, cloth, dj, edition of 500, limited stock $185.00

    Dictionary of English and Italian Philatelic Terms by Roy Dehn, 2004, 91 pages, card, published at 25 euro, $34.00

    The Queen's Stamps by Nicholas Courtney

    The story of the formation and continuation of The World's Greatest Stamp Collection. A beautifully book, color illustrations, but it is in no way just a "picture book" as it has much background information on both the collection and the actual stamp production. The text is well worth reading, enjoyable, informative and scholarly. Please see: Queen's Stamps, 2004, 337+14 pages, cloth with dj, published £25 plus transit, $39.95

    Postal History of Spanish New Orleans, A Study of the Development of Mail Service and Postal Communications to and from New Orleans during the Spanish Period, 1763-1804 by Dr. Y. H. Kouri From the Stuart Rossiter Trust, An exceptional study of all postal functions relating to the City of New Orleans during the Spanish period, with excellent historical background, also some references to the Southwest Territories. 2004, £38.50 plus transit, $86.00

    The Cancellations of Mexico 1856-1874 by Joseph Schatzkes, revised by Karl Schimmer, 1983, 314 + 30 pages, 14 color plates, new condition, not the water damaged ones, $135.00

    An Introduction to the Postal History of Denmark 1624-1950 by David Cornelius From the Stuart Rossiter Trust, 2004, 344 + 22 pages, cloth, dj, £38 plus transit, $87.50

    United Kingdom Letter Rates Inland and Overseas 1635 to 1900 by Colin Tabeart 2003, second edition, 264+8 pages, cloth, published £50 pounds plus transit, $115.00

    The Impressed Duty Stamps of Ireland by W. A. Barber and A. Frank Brown Covers the dies from 1774 through 1921 and the decimalization in 1971. 2004,2nd edition, the first appeared in 1974, 138 + 30 pages, $20.00

    Persia, Ghajar Covers and Postal History Classic Specialized Catalogue 1868-1925 by Iraj Eftekhar, Classic Persian postal history, well printed and on good paper, printed in Chicago, in English. There in no comparable volume, especially in English on the Postal History. 2003, 135+ pages, card, in excellent full color, limited stock, $145.00

    Vaccari 2004-2004 Catalog Italian 1850-1900, 11h edition Specialized priced catalog of States and the Kingdom of Italy with much information that is not easily available; Sicilian 1859 plating, maps, etc., 2003, 268 pages, over 1,100 quality color illustrations, published at 20 Euro plus transit, $22.00

    The Cities of the World, 1908

    Reprint of a German book titled Gottlieb Webersik, Geographisch-Statistisches Weltlexikon, Similar to Proud's reprint of a 1889 German book but an 1908 edition and with a bit more information. Lack of knowledge of German is no problem at all. Unlike the Proud titles the paper, printing and binding are all first rate. 1999 reprint of 1908 book, 960 pages, cloth, 75e + transit, $105.00

    The below Proud titles have the current price adjustment included.

    • The Postal History of Bermuda by Edward B. Proud From the early days through the end of the Colonial period, 1970 2003, 432 pages, cloth with dj, £45, $100.00
    • The British Sea Post Offices in the East, British Maritime Postal History by Hector Proud. Though this is vol 4 of the series it stands by itself as to covering the subject. We are also most pleased that the production qualities of this volume are far superior to the first three volumes that appeared in the 1980's. We hope Proud will revise the previous volumes. 2003, 475 pages, cloth with dj, £45, $100.00
    • The Postal History of British Borneo by Edward B.Proud, Covers Brunei, North Borneo and Sarawak, 2003, complete revision of 1987 edition, 456 pages, cloth with dj, £50, $110.00
    • The Postal History of Burma by E. B. Proud, 2002, 1000 pages, over 1000 post offices and about 4,500 postmarks illustrated, cloth, last published price £100, $200.00
    • The Postal History fo Chile by Hugo V. Brinkgreve & John C. West Covers markings from stampless through the 1940's Published by Proud-Baily, in English 2002, 564 pages plus 8 color plates, cloth with dj, £50, $110.00
    • The Postal History of British Guiana by E. B. Proud, 2000, 320 pages, cloth, £35.00, $80.00
    • The Postal History of Bahamas by E. B. Proud 2000, 392 pages, cloth, £45.00, $95.00
    • The Postal History of British Honduras by E. B. Proud, Useful sailing dates from 1842 to 1917, 1999, 352 pages, cloth, £35.00, $80.00
    • The Postal History of Malta by E. B. Proud, 1999, 320 pages, cloth, £35.00, $80.00

    Australia, New South Wales Numeral Cancellations by Brown and Campbell Besides what one would expect we have a listing of the PO opening dates 1977, second edition, 88 pages, cloth, $22.50

    Ethiopia by Roberto Sciaky

    The definitive work on Ethiopian Stamps and Postal History, extremely comprehensive and detailed, much backgrund information, a classic study and it is in English. Three volumes and a supplement. For details please see Ethiopia
    • The History, Stamps and Postal History 1936 - 1974,
      • 2003, 219 pages, cloth, $92.50
      • For an update please see 1936-1974
    • History, Stamps and Postal History, 1867 - 1936,
      • 1999, 224 pages, 16 color plates, 200 b/w illustrations, cloth, $72.50,
      • 2001, 78 pages, card, addendum to above, $30.00
    • Ethiopia from Tewodros to Menelik, Postal History from the Napier Expedition to the Independent Imperial Posts 1867-1908 A wonderful continuation to his 1999 book and the 2001 supplement,
      • 2002, 160 pages, card, with floppy disk, published 60 Euro, $75.00


    The Nile Post, Handbook and Catalogue of Egyptian Stamps by Joseph H. Chalhoub Covers most aspects and in considerable detail, all in English: 72 pages on essays, 124 on definitives, 257 pagers on commemoratives, etc. to the special stamps, Suez Canal, French Consular, Postal Stationery, issues for Palestine, Sudan, etc. 2003, 784+24+32 color plates, well produced, a massive 7 lbs in wt, cloth with dj, $115.00

    The Hungarian Hyperinflation of 1945-1946, The Postage Rates and Postal History of History's Most Impressive Inflation by Robert B. Morgan An exceptional study of 27 rate changes over a two year period, excellent history and philately, well written, 2003, 266+16 pages, cloth, from the Collectors Club of Chicago, extremely limited edition, $50.00

    Brazil 1844-1846 "Slanted Numerals" Handbook by Walter G. Tveira Covers the authentic stamps with emphasis on the issue, multiples and philatelic history along with 16 different forgeries,etc. 2001, 628 pages, cloth, in English and Portuguese, some color illustrations, $97.50

    The Postal Services of the Gold Coast to 1901 edited by John Sacher, Another superb work, history and philately from John Sacher 2003, 12 + 254 pages, cloth with dj, published 70£ plus transit from RPSL, $132.50

    The Dealers' Guide to Chemical Restoration of Postage StampsFor years we would not stock this booklet though a few used copies came in form time to time as being a Chemical Engineer I felt that it could cause more harm than good but now I think the general concepts are of value. 1976, 8th and last edition, published at $18.00, in stock at $15.00

    The Admiral Era: A Rate Study 1912-1928 by Allan L. Steinhar 1981, 166 pages, card, $10.00

    Canadian Fancy Cancellations of the Nineteenth Century by K.M.Day and E.A. Smythies. 1981, 2nd edition, 158 pages plus, $7.00

    The Stamps & Postal History of Vancouver Island & British Columbia by Gerald E. Wellburn, A deluxe book with beautiful color illustrations, originally published at $155.00 1987, 194 pages, large format, cloth with dj, $100.00

    World War II Mail from Switzerland to Great Britain, Canada and the USA - A Postal History Handbook by Charles J. LaBlonde, 2003, 222 pages with 231 illustrations, spiral bound, out of print but we have a small stock, $32.50

    Paraguay, Postal Stationery Catalog by Joseph Hahn, Raymond Todd and Bill Walton Mostly pre 1950 material but some items to date., Brian Moorhouse, Mainsheet Special Edition No. 3 2003, 40 pages, card, £8, $13.00

    Madagascar, Rail and Mail Services by C. W. Spong Indian Ocean Study Circle publication No. 10, 2003, 102+6 pages, card with plastic clasp, £12 plus transit, $25.00

    AAMC, 6th Edition

    American Air Mail Catalog, Sixth Edition, American Air Mail Society This new edition will appear over a number of years, the below volumes are now available or promised. The standard overall work on American Airmails.
    • Vol 1, US Pioneer Flights 1910-1916, US Government Flight, US Air Express, Crash Covers, Airport Dedication, Mexico First Flights 1998, 552 pages, cloth, $37.50
    • Vol 2, First Flights of US Airlines since deregulation, Glider Mial, First Jet Flights, 2003, 588 pages, cloth $37.50
    • Vol 3, Foreign Contract Air Mail Routes (FAMS), Alaska Canal Zone, etc., 2005, 486 pages, cloth, $37.50
    • The Airmails of Canada and Newfoundland from the American Air Mail Society The first volume of the new 6th edition of the AAMC. Covers: Pioneer Flights, SCADTA, Semi-Officials, Airship, Government and other covers 1926-1997, Crash Covers, Balloon, Helicopter, Forces, etc. 1997, 552 pages, cloth, $37.50

    The Work of Jean de Sperati II by Robson Lowe and Carl Walske

    A completely new work and major contribution to our literature on philatelic forgeries and forgers. 2001, xiv+218 pages and 4 color photographic plates, green cloth binding matches the first printing of original BPA work, For more details and a reproduction of one photo plate please see Sperati II, £60.00 plus transit from RPSL,

    Sperati Biography

    A new biography of Sperati is now out in French but an English edition is expected shortly. A friend has send the following comments: "Just received the Lucette Blanc-Girardet biography on Sperati 's (French text - English will follow soon). I love it! It is the first that really portrays Sperati's character with all his passions. The layout is clean, with many previously unpublished photos. Emphasis is on his life, rather than a descriptions of his stamps, but I feel it will be an essential addition to a forgery collector's library. Lucette Blanc does not always agree with the BPA and Walske account of his life but she had the very close assistance of Sperati's daughter,Yvonne Pouchard de Sperati and the family archives. They became good friends and confidants. Lucette had the time and unique opportunity to sift through masses of family documents, photos, and to interview his daughter, factors not possible with other writers..."

    Francis J. Field Airmail Booklets

    Air Section and go to Francis J. Field, revised April 15, 2004

    Mail of the Czechoslovak Legions in France by Jaroslav J. Verner Am excellent coverage of the history and markings, WW I. Each page has two columns, the left is in English and the right in Czeck, well printed, covers in full color. 2002, 84 pages, card, edition of 650 copies, $13.50

    2003 Scott's Catalog World Classic 1840-1940, in color, cloth, only one copy left, $90.00

    Fake Forgeries Experts from FIP and AIEP

    ie Association Internationale des Experts en Philatelie.

    Highly recommended, am prejudice as forgeries are one of my long standing collections. Vol 1 has in all 19 articles from world experts, all in English. Considerable emphasis on improved items, expensive stamps and covers with margins added, stamps added, well printed, in color. The intention is to publish one such volume per year in a continuous effort to fight forged and altered stamps.
    • 1998, Vol 1, 129+16 pages, card, $70.00
    • 1999, Vol 2, 172+ pages, card, limited stock $90.00
    • 2000, Vol 3, 190+ pages, card, not sold separately
    • 2001, Vol 4, 187+ pages, card, $70.00
    • 2002, Vol 5, 198+ pages, card, $70.00
    • 2003, Vol 6, 213+ pages, card, $70.00
    • 2004, Vol 7, 200+ pages, card, published 50e+transit, $70.00
    • 2005, Vol 8, 189+pages, card, $70.00
    • Set, Vol 1 - 8, enquire

    The Philatelic History of Armenia by Dr. Zareh Hovanesian Despite the extensive use of excellent color giving this work a "coffee table" appearance there is much text of value to the collector and student with respect to the authentic stamps and forgeries. A most welcomed book as there is little philatelic literature on Armenia that is in English. 2000 copyright, 357 pages, hard bound, $80.00

    Maritime Disaster Mail by Normal Hoggarth & Robin Gwynn A study of mail salvaged from disasters: casualties of war, collisions, fires, shipwrecks and stranding. A major new wrecked mail study from the Stuart Rossiter Trust 2003, 10+352 pages, hard bound with dj, 37.5£ + 15.84£ transit, $87.50

    Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways and Predecessor Airlines by Kendall C. Sanford, Imperial Airways and predecessors were Britain's international airline from 1924 to 1940 when it became British Overseas (BOAC), 96 covers and 174 cachets are shown. 2003, 12+190+18 pages, card bound, with 4 page pricing guide, 27.5£ + 9.95£ transit, $65.00

    The Indian Postal Agencies in the Persian Gulf Area by Alan Parsons. For the first time the offices at Ezras Tomb, Qalet Saleh, Baghaila and the Desert Post, Euphrates Experimental Post, Ambassadors Mail, etc. 2001, 64 pages, cloth, published £25, $47.50

    Seychelles, Postal History and Postage Stamps to 1976 by S. Hopson & B.M. McCloy An excellent work from the Indian Ocean Study Circle and the first major work on the Seychelles since H. V. Farmer's 1955 book (one copy of the Farmer book is available at $75.00). 2002, 186 pages plus 4 colour plates, cloth with dj, £40, $82.50

    The First Postage Dues, Holland's "3S" Markings 1667-1811 by Kees Adema. Fascinating markings used for almost 150 years, the world's first to show the amount of postage due, city of origin and the destination. During this period Holland was a major crossroad for Europe. Unfortunately forgeries exist and 11 are devoted to them, much to the infamous work of Raoul Eduard Philip Maier. A beautiful book, the hard covered edition of 200 copies 2002, 256 + 3 plastic overlays, well illustrated with much color cloth bound with dust jacked, the deluxe version, $88.00

    Canada's Registered Mail, 1802-1909 by H. W. Harrison, G. Arfken and Dr. K. G. Scringeour. The definitive and probably final word on the subject. From the Collectors Club of Chicago, 2002, 500+ pages, over 500 illustrations, cloth, $80.00

    Canada's Registry System: 1827-1911 by H. W. Harrison 1971, 84 pages, cloth, limited stoc,k $25.00

    Argentine Maritime Postal History by Mario D. Kurchan The Maritime book on Argentina, good reading and reference, in English and Spanish 2002, 3rd edition, 444 pages, card, $40.00

    Russia, Catalogue of Propaganda-Advertising Postal Cards of the U.S.S.R. 1927-1934 by G. V. Shalimoff and G. B. Shaw, edited by Jean R. Walton The book is in English with translations of all Russian text on the postal cards into English. Limited edition with the printing to be set based on the advance orders. For additional information Russian Propaganda 2002, to be published October, 2002, 300 pages, wire spiral binding, $50.00

    Forgeries of Portugal and Colonies by D. J. Davies Published by the Portuguese Philatelic Society and the British Philatelic Trust Bogus, Fraudulent Proofs and Reprints, illustrated in color, expected June 28th, 2002 2002, 138 pages, card, $92.00

    Japanese Forgeries

    Forgeries of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Koban Postage Stamps of Japan, Second Edition by Thomas L. Zane, Ron Casey and Lois M. Evans-de Violini The CD-Rom and the computer is an excellent way to publish and navigate the tremendous amount of detailed illustrations required to identify these forgeries for a reasonable price, the new CD-Rom contained the equivalent of 2,300 pages up from 1,600 and 2,800 images up from 1,850, any of which you can print out as needed. 2002, complete update of 1996 version, CD-Rom complete with a one year membership in ISJP, $49.95

    Reference Manual of B.N.A. Fakes, Forgeries & Counterfeits, Series II by Kenneth W. Pugh The format is 8.5 x 11 and they are punched for standard US 3 Ring Binders, binders not included. As the releases are serial numbered we will consider an order for Release 1 to be a standing order for the set. Series I of this work appeared from 1976 through 1981 in a small format, though we dislike the new page size I must admit that it is more attractive and useful. All are detailed studies of BNA fakes. NOTE: An order constitutes a subscription to future released unless otherwise requested.

    • Release 1, forgeries by Jean de Sperati
      • 2001, loose leaf, 100 pages with below supplement $55.00
      • 2002, supplement for Release 1 only, 44 pages, $17.00
    • Release 2, forgeries by Raoul Ch. de Thuin and other bisect fakes
      • 2006, loose leaf, circa 100 pages, to appear
    • Release 3, Western Canada Proof Book, a study of 850 fake lots sold on eBay as authentic over 18 months,
      • 2004, 77 pages, $38.00
    • Release 4, A photographic guide to the genuine postal issues of the Canadian provinces: British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Islands
      • 2004, 110 pages, $38.00
    • Release 5, OHMS and G officials, genuine and fake perforations and overprints
      • 2005, loose leaf, 123 pages, $48.00
    • Release 6, A detailed study of the Canada used souvenir and booklet fakes on eBay 2003 - 2005,
      • 2005, loose leaf, 46 pages, $18.00
    • Release 7, Prince Edward Islands, circa 154 pages, to appear
    • Release 8, Nova Scotia, to appear

    Reference Manual of BNA Fakes, Forgeries & Counterfeits by Kenneth W. Pugh The first series, issued as a set of three ring binders, ov 8 size, between 1977 and 1981, as 11 releases. Vol 1 & 2 binders, releases 1-5, only one available, $50.00 Vol 2 binder, only one available $7.50

    The British India Steam Navigation Company's Mail Packet to East Africa 1890-1905 by Stephen J. North, The Mail Packet contracts, the ships & table of departure and arrival, The difference in the £ and $ price is due to the low published price and the high transit charges. 2002, 2nd edition, 52 pages, card, £6.50, $18.50

    Czechoslovakia, Mail Service in the Ghetto Terezin 1941-1945 by Frantisek Benes and Patricia Tosnerova. A beautiful written and produced book, hard bound in paper case with slip case, in four languages including English. 1995, 344 pages with 15 color plates, limited stock, $95.00

    The Cockrill work on Nigeria by M.P. Nicholson Withdrawn years ago at Philip's request, an authorized reprint by Mervyn Todd, identical to the original but not as well printed. 2002 reprint of 1982-3,

    • No. 29, The Stamps & PH of the Niger Territories and the Niger Coast Protectorate
    • No. 30, The Local Bisects & Surcharges of the Oil Rivers and Niger Coast, 1893-1894
    • No. 31, The Stamps & PH of Southern Nigeria
    • No. 32, The Stamps & PH of Northern Nigeria
    • Set No. 29-32, $36.00

    Costa Rica, Photographic Artwork and Essays from the American Bank Note Company Archives, circa 1910-1950 by Brian Moorhouse 2002, 32 pages, card, £6.00, $10.00

    Victoria Postal Stationery 1869-1917 by Carl L. Stieg An excellent descriptive and priced catalog of Victoria, Australia, 2001, 219 pages, plastic prong binding, $50.00

    Air Mail Routes and Rates in South America, 1928-1940 by Mario D. Kurchan Full text in both English and Spanish, well illustrated with maps and covers. These two volumes overlap only a little.

    • Air Mail Routes and Rates in South America, 1928-1940, Emphasized the formal rates and routes, those of French lines 1999. 144 pages, card, $45.00, sold
    • The Secrets of Air Mail Routes and Rates in South America, 1928-1941, Emphasizes the rates that were not published and the Clipper Attemps, 2001, 192 pages, card, $33.50

    The "Officials" of Tibet by Armand E. Singer 1999, 39 pages, laser jet print in color, plastic binding, $35.00

    St. Pierre & Miquelon, Specialized Stamp Catalog by James R. Taylor A detailed catalog. starting with French Colonial issues of 1860-1892, 1892 issues, the 1926 "pp" stamps, 1938-1941 plate varieties, etc. through 1998 with special emphasis on WW II and the Vichy stamps, Sans RF, etc. 2001, 195 pages, plastic comb bound, $39.00

    Pigeon Mail Through History by Senor Salvador Bofarull A fun book from ancient times to the modern with the Franco-Prussian War, WW1 and 2, Santa Catalina Island in 1894, Polar Expeditions, Spanish Civil War and other services known to philately to end in 1998 with a blackmail threat to the Nestle company for diamonds to be attached to the neck of Pigeons to reveal the location of poisoned food. From the Stuart Rossiter Trust. 2001, 16+167 pages, card, £25, $40.00

    World War I in East Africa: Civil Censorship by Regis Hoffman from the Chavril Press 2001, 24 pages, card, £6.50, $11.00

    Historical Postal Catalogue of Stamps Used in the Italian Post Offices Abroad 1852-1890, Alexandria - Buenos Aires - La Goletta - Motevideo - Susa - Tunisi by Daniele Zanaria - Gabriele Serra - Francesco Dal Negro In both English and Italian, beautifully produced, large format, color illustrations of stamps and covers, for Tunis, La Goletta, Susa, Maritime agencies of the Rubattino POS, Tripoli, Alexandria, Platt Republics, Buenos Aries, Montevideo, markings, rates, sailing tables, stamp distribution, detailed catalog of stamp usage values, etc.

    • 2000, 370 plus 80 pages, cloth, illustrations in full color, 180,000 lira plus transit, $110.00

    Peru, The 1858 Medio Peso Error of Colour an Inventory by Percy Bargholtz A fine study of this interesting error. 2001, 24 pages, card, £6, $10.00

    China, A Comprehensive Illustation of Covers with Sinkiang Provisional Airmail Stamps, 1932-1933 by David Lu, Each cover is described in detail with full provenance, in both English and Chinese. Well printed with excellent English test though the general arrangement is strange. 2001, 256 pages with 8 in color, hard bound with dj (not card edition), $32.50

    Notes on the "Chung Hwa" Forgeries by A. Charles Strong Mostly forged overprints on Postal Savings Stamps of China, Foreign PO in China, Danzig, Ukraine, Russian Occupation of Lithuania, Estonia, GB Officials, Russia - British Occupation of Batum, Polish Posts in Danzig, Japanese Occupation of North China. Forged Proofs of the Russian Romanov Dynasty 1913 set, China Large and Small Dragon, etc.

    • Vol 1, 2000, about 150 pages, cloth bound, edition of 100, numbered
    • Vol 2, 2001, about 122 pages, cloth bound, edition of 100, numbered, limited stock, set $110.00

    Postal Censorship in Imperial Russia by Peter Michalove and David Skipton

    Historical and philatelic aspects of Russian Censorship, 1714 to 1917. An excellent study covering the background, political and social, civil and military censorship. Well written and a finely produced. Over 1,100 illustrations. A detailed catalog of the markings arranged by city. Of major value to any collector or student of Censorship or of Russia. For more details and a reproduction of one page please see Censorship 1989, 255 + 263 pages, two volumes, cloth, slip case, $65.00

    Rural Post of Cyprus, 1886-2000 by Ken Lewis

    CD Rom, For details please see Cyprus
    • 2001, CD Rom, $30.00

    Czechoslovakia Revenue by J. Barefoot 2001, 55 pages, card, £7, $14.00

    Wartime Airmails, the Locally Registered and Foreign Air Services of British Asia by the Chavril Press, Brief descriptions of the numerous local airlines with notes. 2001, 24 pages, card, £6.50, $11.00

    Die Private Stadtpost Stuttgart Biografic und Katalog by Horst Jacdicke

    A detailed study of the Stuttgart local posts and the social and economic conditions, a most unusual work, scholarly but also entertaining, serious but also trivia, unfortunately a knowledge of German is necessary for the text, the overall presentation is evident to all. 2000, 373 pages, most illustrations in color, 120 DM, $65.00

    Panama Telegraph Stamps by Joe Ross & Frederice Brid A catalog, the origin and history including while under Columbia, and most relevant decrees implementing the fees and general operation of the systems. 2000, 40 pages, all illustrations in color, $23.50

    Railway Letter Stamps of Great Britain & Ireland 1891-1947 by Rev. R. A. de Lacy-Spencer. Well done, the stamps are well illustrated, described and catalogued and priced, the rail lines are described with maps 2000, 108 pages, edition of 750 copies, pub £20 + postage, $37.50

    Postal History of the Spanish Philippines, 1565 - 1898

    by Don Peterson & Geoffrey Lewis

    From the stampless starting in 1565, stamps in 1854 through 1898, Spanish ships, American whaling vessels, British and French Packets, Naval and Spanish Galleon via Acapulco, India via the Persian route, etc. Limited edition of 500. For details please see Spanish Philippines

    • 2000, 237 pages, over 160 illustrations, cloth with color dj, $95.00
    Wartime Airmails The Locally Registered & Foreign Air Services of British Asia from the Chavril Press, 2001, 24 pages, card UK £6.50, $11.00

    Higgins & Gage World Postal Stationery Catalog

    The H&G is the most recent World Wide catalog. The World is covered alphabetically, Vol 7 is G and it covers both Germany and Great Britain. The first year given is the publication date of the current edition and the second year is that of a Pricing Supplement. The book format is loose-leaf, 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Please note the below prices include postage to a US address.
    • Vol 1/A, 2nd ed, 1977, 1982, $18.75
    • Vol 2/B, 2nd ed, 1977, 1986, $19.00
    • Vol 3/C, 2nd ed, 1974, $20.25
    • Vol 4/D, 1st ed, 1966, 1981, $7.75
    • Vol 5/E, 1st ed, 1966, 1982, $6.00
    • Vol 6/F, 1st ed, 1967, 1978, $9.50
    • Vol 7,G, 2nd ed, 1976, 1986, $35.50
    • Vol 8,H, 1st ed, 1967, 1981, $7.50
    • Vol 9,I, 1st ed, 1968, 1990, $20.25
    • Vol 10,JK,1st ed, 1968, 1978, $8.75
    • Vol 11,L, 1st ed, 1968, 1980, $6.50
    • Vol 12,M, 1st ed, 1969, 1979, $15.75
    • Vol 13,NO,1st ed, 1969, 1980, $13.00
    • Vol 14,PQ,1st ed, 1969, 1981, $12.50
    • Vol 15,R, 1st ed, 1970, 1982, $14.50
    • Vol 16,S, 1st ed, 1971, $19.25
    • Vol 17,T, 1st ed, 1972, 1981, $8.50
    • Vol 18,U, 1st ed, 1974, 1984, $9.00
    • Vol 19,VZ,1st ed, 1974, 1984, $10.50
    Complete Set of 19 volumes
    • Pages only, $260.00
    • Pages with 10 Binders, $325.00
    • Binders only, each if ordered with parts of the set, $7.50

    Peter Feuser Publications

    Deutsche Vorphilatelie, Peter Feuser and Werner Münzberg German Stampless markings to 1875, transit to 1885 for all of Germany, arranged by city and not by state with most markings illustrated, 13,000 cancellations from 4,300 offices, a new listing of the military 1870/1871, value in Euro. easy to use for one that does not read German,

    • 1988 and 1990, two volumes, 926 and 390 pages, cloth, sold out
    • 2000, one volume, 1,132 pages, cloth, 450 DM, Set $225.00

    Nachverwendete Altdeutschland-Stempel, Cancellations Old German States by Peter Feuser Listing by State of all cancellations of the old German States which appear later on the stamps of Prussia, the North German Confederation and the first issues of the German Empire. Most markings are illustrated in full size. Cancellations are priced for all three periods, etc. Though in German it is fully illustrated and arranged alphabetically thus a given marking and it's value can be easily found. A 90 page index makes it easy to quickly find most markings. A new listing of reused German States markings used on the German Empire issues has been added. A number of excellent maps are provided.

    • 1983, 1st edition, 684 + pages, cloth, sold out
    • 1995, 2nd edition, 765 pages, cloth, 125e + transit, $165.00

    Panama Telegraph Stamps by Joe Ross & Frederice Brid A catalog, the origin and history including while under Columbia, and most relevant decrees implementing the fees and general operation of the systems. 2000, 40 pages, all illustrations in color, $23.50

    Peruvian Civil Aviation by Herbert H. Moll The experimental flights by Chavez and Bielouvic, the flights of the 1920's and 1930's and the Faucett and Panagra Airlines 2000, 87 pages, card, $12.50

    Paquebot Cancellations of the World by Roger HoskingsQuite similar to previous editions in concept but much expanded with 1000 new listings, unfortunately a new numbering system so everything can be consistent, 8 pages in color. 2000, 3rd edition, 352+xiv, card, $92.50

    The Postal History of Malaya by E. B. Proud

    A completely new edition has just appeared, much expanded, better organized and printed than the original 1982-1984 edition.
    • Vol. 1, 2, 3, each 440, 424 & 304 pages, 2000, cloth £170, $350.00
    Original Postal History of British Malaya, 1982-1984 edition
    • Vol. 1, 362 pages, cloth, Straits Settlements, sold out
    • Vol. 2, 376 pages, cloth, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak & Selangor, $45.00
    • Vol. 3, 365 pages, cloth, Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis & Trenggan, $35.00
    • Complete set, 1982 - 1984, Vol. 1 - 3, $135.00

    Concise Guide to the Queen Issues of Labuan, by Raymond Price An excellent classic coverage, history to plating but no postal history. 1991, 121 pages, card, edition of 300, numbered, $25.00

    Australian Mails via Suez 1852 - 1926 by R. Kirk Detailed sailing data, the ships, intermediate ports & connections, dates. 1989, 324 pages, card, £32 plus transit, $71.00

    Early Routings of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company 1842-1879 by Kenton & Parsons Detailed sailing tables of the RMSPC to and from the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Spanish Main. 1999, 471 pages, cloth, £40 plus transit, $89.00

    South American Packets by Rev. J. N. T. Howat 1984, 290 pages, card £25, $60.00

    Bermuda Packet Mails 1806-1886 by J.C. Arnell & M. H. Ludington Detailed sailing tables, ships, arrival and departure dates. 1989, 161 pages, card, £28, $56.00

    The Domestic Packets between GB & Ireland by Denis Salt Mostly the complex Irish postal rates and the four water routes. 1991, 50 pages, card, £12, $24.00

    Imperial & Foreign Mails, Sea Conveyance During War 1914-1918 by G. Mark Covers the services and details mail lost by date and also by ship. 1997, 91 pages, card £20, $40.00

    Operation Overlord by Brigadier K.S. Holmes The sea-borne invasion of North West Europe, 1944-45, History of the work of the Army Postal Service 1984, 132 pages, card, £12, $24.00

    British Postal Rates 1635-1839 by O.R. Sanford and Denis Salt Comprehensive, Domestic and International rates. 1990, 163 pages, card, £20, $40.00

    British Postal Rates to Europe 1836-1876 by G. F. Oxley Well laid out by destination, seems easy to use. 1992, 130 pages, card, £30, $60.00

    London Letter Receivers 1652 - 1857 by Hugh Feldman 1998, 831 pages, two volumes, 4 maps in pocket, slip case £65+handling, $115.00

    Great Britain, Official Franking 1800-1840 by J. G. S. Scott 1983, 80 pages, card, £8, $16.00 OAT and AV2 Markings by Murray Heifetz, 2nd edition from the AAMS, Air mail markings giving transit instructions, 1938-1974 2000, 142 pages, card, $16.50

    Domestic and International Postal Rates and Fees by Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz These books are arranged in the same manner as his US works, the format is a white three ring binder with an attractive spine and front cover insert.

    • Canada, 1870-1999 by Tony and Dr. Robert C. Smith, 2000, 44 pages, 3 ring binder, $27.50
    • Great Britain, 1871-1999, 2000, 49 pages, 3 ring binder, $27.50, sold out
    On the GB we much prefer the Johnson & Peet work as it is much easier to use, the ability to look up a country and see the rates is quite nice, ie our Starnes work. Also when you refer to Zones it gets confusing as there composition changes from time to time.

    British Postal Rates 1937 to 2000 by Robert Johnson & Gordon Peet Covers all rates for the period and not just letter rates by service, country and date, postage due and Forces mail are not covered. A tabulation of adhesive stamps by value giving the intended service and period of main use, at first I said why but a quick scan makes this quite evident, can't figure out a rate, add up the stamps and see what it corresponds to, etc. Many of the UK stamps are still issued for a specific rate. A volume covering the earlier rates to follow.

    • 2000, 164 pages, spiral wire binding, £20, $32.50

    British Censorship of Civil Mails During World War I by Graham Mark A fascinating study, evidently even Picture Postcards to a Neutral Country were returned if they did not have a return address and there were special markings! 2000, 252+35 pages, card, £25, $41.50

    The Postal History of Bermuda by M. H. Ludington The standard work on Bermuda, revised and expanded from 1st edition in 1962, 1978, 432+13 pages, cloth with dj, limited stock, $195.00


    • The Postal Issues of Hejaz, Jeddah and Nejd by D. F. Warren The original edition in MINT condition, edition of 350 1927, 130 pages, tipped in map and loose plate of markings, card, $350.00
    • The Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia and the Gulf, Supplement by Neil Donaldson Didn't know there was one, and by a different publisher from the original. 1994, 38 pages, beautiful blue and gold card cover, all printed in blue, card, $35.00

    Stanley Gibbons

    Beautiful reprints of standard works by Stanley Gibbons, well printed on enameled paper, sewn signatures and cloth bound
    • The Postage Stamps of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies by B.S.H. Grant 1952, 1998 reprint, 140 pages, cloth, £25, $40.00
    • The Postage Stamps and Postal History of the Bahamas by H. G. D. Gisburn 1950, 1998 reprint, 144 pages, cloth, £25, $40.00
    • Stamps and Posts of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan by Gisburn & Thompson 1947, 1998 reprint, 120 pages, cloth, £25, $40.00
    • Shanghai by W. B. Thornhill 1895, 1998 reprint, 78 pages, cloth, £35, $55.00
    • Saint Vincent by Francis Napier and E. D. Bacon 1895, 1998 reprint, 107 pages, cloth, £25, $40.00
    • Portuguese India published by Stanley Gibbons 1893, 1998 reprint, 87 pages, cloth, £35, $55.00
    • The Four Anna Lithographed Stamps of India 1854-55 by Martin & Smythies 1930, 1996 reprint, 50 pages plus 12 plates in pocket, cloth, £45, $72.50
    Special Zeppelin Mail and Postcard Catalog 2000 by Frost Similar to Sieger but perhaps a more logical approach, the first number is the airship and the second part is the flight, unfortunately though it is in English it is evidently a translation and the grammar is not well done. 1999, 303 pages, card, $29.50

    Paris Obliterations 1849-1876 by Vincent Pothion 2000, Nouvelle édition, 93 pages, card with prices, 160 F, $30.50,

    Polish Exile Mail in Great Britain 1939-1949 by K.Kay & Ron Negus Covers the system operated by the Polish Government in Exile in London and it's maritime agencies, Polish and British field post offices and the undercover sending of mail via Portugal and other countries. 1999, 250 pages, card, £20, $55.00

    Poland 1918 Locals by J. Barefoot The locals from about 1915 to about 1919, the stamps, stationery and postmarks with valuations and a forgery guide 1999, 92 pages, £10, $20.00

    Catalogue of the Postal Stationery of Peru by Herbert H. Moll A priced specialized catalog from the UPSS covering envelopes, postal cards, letter cards, wrappers in addition to the view card issues. 1999, 100+ pages, wire bound, limited edition, $15.00

    Philatelic Fantasies of British North America, 1860-1910 by David F. SessionsA good overall coverage of the BNA Fantasies with a most useful bibliography.1999, 125 pages, card, $20.00

    May Dates, a survey of Penny Blacks, Twopenny Blues, Mulreadys and Characters used during May 1840 by Mike Jackson A detailed study of the first issue documenting the covers and postal history, far more than just a listing of known covers, fascinating. 1999, 6+334+20, extensively illustrated and annotated, £40+£5, $75.00

    Penny Red Stars, Die II Alphabet III (Plates 22 to 68, R.17) 1855-1862 by G. C. Tonna with Part 2 edited by Don Madden Arranged by corner letters, and then by plate, easy to use and definitive.

    • Part 1 - AA to JL, 1980, 8+245 pages, cloth, 35£+2£, $62.00
    • Part 2 - KA to TL, 1997, 10+266 pages, 1 addenda, cloth, 35£+2£, $62.00

    Royal Reform by Charles W. Goodwyn and from the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund. The great British postal reform between 1837 and 1841, this book is based on material in the Royal Philatelic Collection. 1999, 127 pages, 24 pages in color, 80 b&w illustrations, card, £35, $64.00

    The Reform of the Post Office in the Victorian Era, 1837 to 1864 The definitive account, a massive two volume published during Stamp Show 2000 by The Royal Philatelic Society of London, edition of 650, numbered. Excellent color illustrations of the 1840 ink and paper experimental printings. 2000, 1,304 pages, two volumes, published £150.00 plus transit from RPSL, $310.00

    The Postal History of Fiji by J.G. Rodger published by E.B. Proud but still a Rodgers book. 1999, 528 pages, cloth, $90.00

    A Priced Checklist of Indian Base & Field PO 1914-1924 Massive, Indian troops were used in Aden, Dardeanelles, East Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Transjordan, Syria, France, Belgium, Mesopotamia, etc. 1999, 20 pages, card, UK £6.00, $10.00

    Ceylon Postal History 1857-1902 by Obré J. Sanders Special emphasis on the maritime mail, postage rates and regulations. 1999, 180 pages, 17 plates in color, cloth with dj, edition, 500, $110.00

    Baltic State Revenues by J. Barefoot Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Memel, and German WWI & WWII Occupation, 1998 revision of 1988, 40 pages, card, published, £5, $10.00

    Poland Revenues by J. Barefoot 1998, 132 pages, card, £15, $30.00

    The Postal History of Sicily from its beginnings to the Introduction of the Postage Stamp by Paolo Vollmeier A magnificent book, in English, much color. 1998, 686 pages + 5 maps & tables in folder, cloth, dj & cloth sc, $250.00

    LATVIA Handbook of Philately and Postal History, The Stamps, Ruble Period 1918-1922 by Harry v. Hofmann A detailed catalog with excellent descriptions of the stamps, proofs and the forgeries. The complex postage rates are well covered. 1998, 232 pages, card, in German and English, $50.00

    From the Stuart Rossiter Trust

    London Letter Receivers 1652 - 1857 by Hugh Feldman A study of 506 London Receiving houses; location, handstamps, colors, dates, etc., In stock, a magnificent set. 1998, 831 pages, two volumes, 4 maps in pocket, slip case £65+handling, $130.00

    Serrane in Stock

    The Serrane Guide to Forgeries by Fernand Serrane A world wide work of the scope and caliber of Rev. R. B. Earée Album Weeds, How to Detect Forged Stamps however Serrane dates from the late 1920's and not 1905 thus the later Fournier material is covered. It was published in French and was rarely available however in the early 1990's the American Philatelist ran an English translation of this work for several years. 1998, 390+26 pages, cloth bound. $86.25

    British Indian Postal Stationery by Derek Lang A wonderful replacement for the awkward four volume set by the same author that appeared between 1978 and 1984, updated, consolidated and more attractive. From the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund, 1998, 222 pages, card, published £25, $46.00

    World Forgery Catalog

    World Forgery Catalog, A Reference List of Stamp Forgery Descriptions by G. Kock A compilation of literature on Forgeries, mostly the classic stamps. In essence you look up the stamp and it gives the references to the forgery literature, ie title and page number. For this first printing Scott's Catalog Numbers are included with permission but should this work be reprinted the subsequent editions will not have the Scott's numbers. Lists 3,000 stamps or sets, 7,500 forgery references 1998, 90 pages, card, $15.00, sold out, new edition expected in a year or two

    A Priced Checklist of British Army & Field Post Offices 1939-1946 Laid out by APO/FPO numbers giving the theatre of operation and dates 1998, 36 pages, card, UK £8.50, $14.00

    A Priced Catalogue of British Army & Field Post Offices 1914-1919 Laid out by APO/FPO numbers giving the theatre of operation and dates 1997, 44 pages, card, UK £8.50, $14.00

    Travelling Post Offices of South Australia by A. D. Presgrave Detailed account of the setting up of the railway, its mechanics, cancellations, etc., Another limited edition From the Stuart Rossiter Trust, 1998, 132+9 pages, card, published £25, $46.00

    The Postal History of Nyasaland by E. B. Proud 1998, 336 pages, cloth, $62.50

    The Postal History of Trinidad & Tobago by Joe Chin Aleong & E. B. Proud 1998, 520 pages, cloth, $87.50

    Turkey in Asia, Anatolia by M. Max Mayo A wonderful book on the Stamps of Turkey in Asia, beautifully produced with full color throughout the book and not only in the center, excellent detailing of the counterfeit overprints. A concordance gives the catalog numbers by: Mayo, Scott, Gibbons, Michel, Passer and, Pulhan. This book covers the stamps and fakes, postmarks are mentioned at times but not in great detail, the censor marks are covered in some detail as are the military marks 1990, 392 pages, cloth, color throughout, 52 page concordance, $230.00

    AAMC 6th Edition

    The Airmails of Canada and Newfoundland from the American Air Mail Society Covers: Pioneer Flights, SCADTA, Semi-Officials, Airship, Government and other covers 1926-1997, Crash Covers, Balloon, Helicopter, Forces, etc. 1997, 552 pages, cloth, $36.50

    Forgeries and Fakes by Alexander J. Séfi An excellent monograph prepared for the 1929 Philatelic Congress of GB going into the scientific methods of fake and forgery detection.

    • Original Reprint, "Swiss Origin Reprint", sold out
    • Ragatz Reprint circa 1960, 28 pages, card, $13.50

    The Postal History of Northern Rhodesia by E. B. Proud 1997, 376 pages, cloth, $60.00

    The Postal History of Southern Rhodesia by E. B. Proud 1997, 623 pages, cloth, $85.00

    International Postal Rates

    U.S. International Postal Rates, 1872-1996 by Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz and Henry W. Beecher The companion volume to the Beecher and Wawrukiewicz U.S. Domestic Postal Rates, 1872-1993. and a fine continuation of Charles J. Starnes' U.S. Letter Rates to Foreign Destinations, 1847 to GPU-UPU

    An extremely useful book and considerably better produced than the US 1872-1993 book. It is Mr. Wawrukiewicz's hope to issue a new and improved edition of his previous work in a few years, we hope it appears. As this is a major reference work of lasting value we do not recommend the card bound edition though it has sewn signatures. This work is Indispensable to any US collector interested in covers or postal history!

    • 1996, 415 pages, Smythie sewn signatures, cloth in stock, $50.00

    Three Centuries of Scottish Posts

    Three Centuries of Scottish Posts by A. R. B. Haldane A historical survey of the Posts from the early 1600's to 1836 published by Edinburgh University Press. A readable and scholarly book in the form of the recent work on the early US mails by Richard John, Spreading the News from the Harvard University Press. We are pleased to have purchased all remaining copies of this fine work which permits a small reduction in price. Recommended for collectors of early US and British covers. 1971, 351 pages plus two maps in pocket, with dj, $27.50

    A Philatelic Guide to the Postal History of West Indian Aerial Express and Pan American Airways 1927-1931 by Norman Alan Cohen An enjoyable and useful work, well produced for the price, well illustrated. 1997, 164 pages, plastic spiral, $23.00

    Wartime Airmails:

    • Great Britain Transatlantic & Beyond 1995, 24 pages, card UK £5.50. $9.00
    • The Horseshoe Route, The route connecting the British Empire during WW II, 1992, 24 pages, card UK £5.00, sold out
    • The Trans-Pacific Route, 1942-1945, 1997, 28 pages, card US £6.00, $10.00
    • The Locally Registered & Foreign Air Services of British Africa, 1998, 24 pages, card UK £6.50, $11.00
    Correio Aero - A History of the Development of Air Mail Services in Brazil by William Victor Kriebel The development of the airlines that carried mail in and out of Brazil, Aeropostale, Lufthansa, LATI, NYRBA, Pan Am, Varg, Condor, etc Another fine volume from the AAMS, 1997, 200 pages, card, $12.50

    19th Century Wars in Egypt and the Sudan by John Firebrace Fourteen campaigns from the French 1798-1801 through the Nile Expedition, 1897-1900, the basic history and postal history followed by pages from the author's collection. Published by the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund. 1997, 218+10 pages plus 8 color plates, published £40, $80.00

    Early Forces Mail by Professor Barrie Jay British from the 1500's through the 1700's. In stock now, from the Stuart Rossiter Trust. 1997, 57+12+4 pages, 57 illustrations, some in full color, published £20, $37.50

    The Stamps of Somalia and their Story by Giorgio Migliavacca Much history, general and philatelic. The only major work in English on Italian Somalia, enjoyable but it must be read to obtain the information and not just to look up a specific item. 1997, 112 pages, card, edition of 500, $25.00

    The Stamps & Postal History of Albania & Epirus 1878 to 1945 by John S. Phipps An excellent study with much emphasis on the history necessary to understand the philately, quite readable.

    • 1996, 285 pages, card, published £25, total edition 450 copies, $50.00
    • 2001, 36 pages, card, supplement from the Albania Study Circle in the UK, $15.50

    Some Tibetan Seals Illustrated and Described by Derrick Dawson Covers Seals of the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama, etc. Monastic, Administrative, Postal and Banknote, etc. An interesting publication. 1997, 57+6 pages, laser jet print in color, plastic binding, $50.00

    The Oneglia Engraved Forgeries Commonly Attributed to Angelo Panelli by Robson Lowe and Carl Walske A serious study of the engraved forgeries made by Erasmo Oneglia. Oneglia's work totals 788 recorded classic stamps from 30 countries including the US, fine engravings, a number of which were originally surface printed stamps. A major contribution to the study of the forgers and their forgeries. 1997, 104 pages, cloth, $47.50

    The Postal History of Iraq by Patrick C. Pearson and E. B. Proud 1996, 262 pages, cloth, $85.00

    The Postal History of Swaziland & Zululand by E. B. Proud 1996, 182 pages, cloth, $55.00

    The Postal History of Basutoland & Bechauanaland Protectorate by E. B. Proud 1996, 382 pages, cloth, $65.00

    The Postal Markings of Jamaica by Ian Potter Covers in detail the Post Offices, Railway and Special Sites, a total of 915 offices with all known cancellations from each site listed, nearly 5,000 markings in all. Fourteen chapters covers the markings used from the mid 1740's to the mid 1990's 1996, 476 pages, cloth, $70.00

    Naval Officer's Letters by Goeffrey Osborn, G.M. The Ship's Bag mail made up as bags on board Her Majesty's Ships, the Officers Concession 6d base rate, 1857-1869 and uniform rate after that. Bags were sealed to England, Cape Town and Hong Kong, etc. Published by the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund. 1996, 134 pages, card, published £15, $28.50

    Postal History of Egypt to 1900 by Samir Amin Fikry From the Royal Philatelic Society of London. The work is arranged into five sections: Pre-Adhesive, Foreign Consular Post Offices, Egyptian Posts in the Suez Canal Zone and Fifth Viceroy and Offices Abroad. It should fit well with our work on the Suez Canal Company, ie Ringström Vol 3, $45.00. As many of you know I have a personal interest in Egypt via the Suez Canal Co. and collected it while in college though this collection went toward buying my first Fournier Album. I have doubts on the SUEZ cancel on page 111, what say you! 1996, 176 pages 48 plates in color, cloth, limited stock $175.00

    Storsamlaren Hans Lagerlöf by Erik Hamberg Hans Lagerlöf, 1880-1952, Philatelist, Lagerlöf emigrated to the US and became a world class collector, his life and collections, in Swedish but with some English, well illustrated 1996, 35 pages, card, $12.50

    Hungary Revenues by J. Barefoot 1987, 108 pages, card, published £9, EP #5, $18.00

    Baltic State Revenues by J. Barefoot Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Memel, and German WWI & WWII Occupation 1988, 40 pages, card, published £4, EP #9, $8.00

    Latvian Map Stamps by J. Barefoot The 1918 stamps printed on the back of German military maps. 1987, 36 pages, card, published £3, EP #12, $6.00

    Norway Number One by V. Tuffs From the printings and platings to the cancellations and known blocks 1983, 52 pages, published £8, EP #13, $16.00

    Scandinavian Revenues by J. Barefoot 1988, 52 pages, card, published £5, EP #14, $10.00

    Russian Zemstvos by F. G. Churchin The classic work on the Russian Locals 1988 reprint of 1925 work, 92 pages, spiral bound, published £9, EP #15, $18.00

    Russian Postmarks by Kiryushkin & Robisnon 1989, 110 pages, spiral bound, published £10, EP #17, $20.00

    Russian Railway Postmarks by Kiryushkin and Robinson Lists over 2,600 Imperial Russian railway postmarks with almost 2,000 full size illustrations along with 11 maps, lists of railways, districts, Julian Calendar, transliteration system, glossary of Russian words and a valuation guide. 1994, 180 pages, card, published £20, EP #18, $37.50

    The Pioneer Period of Hungarian Air Mail by Victor G. Berecz Jr. Hungarian air mail from the 1800's through WW II, the major emphasis is WW I and just after, well illustrated and produced. 1996, 200 pages, card, in English, $12.50

    British Pictorial Envelopes

    British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century by Bodily, Jarvis and Hahn A beautifully book, fine black and white illustrations, plus 32 pages in full color. The text is worth reading, enjoyable, informative and scholarly. To see a sample of the fine color work in this book please select British Pictorial Illustration but be warned it will be slow to load. This is not an illustration that I am proud of but I can not render acceptable quality at an acceptable file size, the printed book is much better. 1986, 340 pages, cloth, from the Collectors Club of Chicago $65.00

    Prince Edward Island by G. Douglas Murray Two fine works, well done and reasonably priced.

    • 2,000 Postmarks of Prince Edward Island 1814 to 1995 Illustrations, data on the usage, including proof book data, notes 1996, 218 pages, plastic ring binding, $25.00
    • The Post Office on Prince Edward Island (1787-1990) The development of the postal service, compliments the above. 1990, 82 pages, card, $14.00

    Postmarks of Russian Empire, pre-adhesive period by Manfred Dobin In English and Russian, well illustrated with covers and hundreds of markings and maps. St. Petersburg and Moscow are as chapters, other towns are alphabetical, about 2,000 markings. Covers 1765 to 1857 but many markings remained in use into the adhesive period. An evaluation of markings in $ is given. 1993, 544 pages, cloth, $85.00

    Indian Telegraphs, 1851 - 1914

    Indian Telegraphs, 1851-1914 by Ilyas Patel and Dhananjay Desai A comprehensive and well researched and organized book, in English covering the history, forms, rates, stamps, receipts, marks and cancellations along with money orders, etc. 100 illustrations & 63 full color illustrations of the stamps. Edition of 465 copies, a good work and well produced for one from India but it is lacking in binding quality. Our copies were sent in bulk and are in excellent shape considering, limited stock, over half are already sold. 1995, 280 pages, cloth, published at $120 + postage, $130.00

    Early Forces Mail by Professor Barrie Jay British war related from the 1500's through the 1700's, well illustrated and described. 1997, 57+12+4 pages, 57 illustrations, some in full color, published £20, $37.50

    The Post & Censor & Other Marks From Prisoners of War Letters 1914-1919 by F. J. Carter and edited by M. Russell The complete new 3rd edition is now appearing with Part 1 in stock, the first edition appeared in 1932, and the second was never sold commercially.

    • Part 1, British Isles, Dominions and Colonies 1996, 35+3 pages, 3rd edition, card UK £9.5, $15.00

    Webb Hong Kong

    The Philatelic and Postal of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports of China and Japan by Francis W. Webb A spectacular work on the subject and a magnificent book. 1994 reprint of 1961 book, 556 pages, cloth, $150.00

    Australia, New South Wales Numeral Cancellations by Brown and Campbell Besides what one would expect we have a listing of the PO opening dates 1977, second edition, 88 pages, cloth, $25.00

    The Mass Flights of Italo Balbo by Robert E. Lana Flights made by Italo Balbo in 1928 to the Western Mediterranean, in 1929 to the Eastern Mediterranean, in 1930 across the South Atlantic and in 1933 to Chicago. All aspects including value of the covers. 1996, 144 pages, card $12.50

    Mandate Palestine

    The Postal Markings of Mandate Palestine 1917-1948 by Michael Sacher The original printing and not the reprint, 1995, 530 pages, 2,800 line illustrations, cloth, limited stock $140.00

    New Hebrides: Military Postal History of the US Forces 1942-1946 by Stan Jersey Over 200 covers and 100's of postal markings are illustrated. As with recent books from the Collectors Club of Chicago this one sold out in a few months, our stock is limited. An excellent philatelic coverage with a most useful brief historical one. 1995, 194 pages, cloth, limited edition, $45.00 to Foreign Addresses $49.00

    Index to Harry Hayes Auctions

    Index to Harry Hayes Philatelic Literature Auctions by Raymond Price Raymond Price in issueing a five volume master indexing of Harry Hayes auctions of philatelic literature. Harry was the most prolific auctioneer of philatelic literature to date: 64,800 lots sold in 88 sales from 1960 to 1986, perhaps 10,000 titles and 50,000 realizations in all.
    • Vol 1: The literature of the 1980's, over 900 titles, about 3,000 realizations 1993, 92 pages, card, edition of 200 copies, $45.00
    • Vol 2: The literature of the 1970's, about 2,100 titles 1995, 192 pages, card, edition of 250 copies, $47.50
    • Vol 3: The literature of the 1950's and 1960's, about 2,500 titles 1995, 240 pages, card, edition of 250 copies, $35.00
    • Vol 4: literature published from 1900 to 1949, about 2,800 titles, 1997, 220 pages, card, edition of 250 copies, $37.50
    • Vol 5, Pre 1900 publications and periodicals, 152+10 pages, card, 1998, $27.50
    We offer computer disks of Vol 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 as 3½ for the IBM PC's at $15.00 per volume or $70.00 for the set. The data is present in two files with identical content. One in ASCII with tabs between each sell so it can be used in a word processor or converted into a data base. The other file has the same data in a compressed dBase format.To see the file from Vol 2.

    Ionian Islands, The Postal History of the Ionian Islands by D. Zaphiriou A massive volume, 10 x 14 x 2 inches, the largest book published by RL. An excellent coverage of the markings and postal history, the adhesive stamp coverage is interesting but incomplete. 1987, 265 pages text, 298 pages appendix, 3 large plates separate, $115.00

    The Postal History of the AEF, 1917-1923 by Theo. Van Dam For the first time we are pleased to add the second edition of Theo. Van Dam's fine AEF book to stock. A significant expansion of the 1980 edition covering Western Europe, Russia, Siberia, Marines, Censorship, Milan, patriotic, valuations. 1990, 2nd edition, 266 pages, cloth, $42.50

    Postwar Years of Germany 1945-48, Postal History by Dr. H.F. & W. Stich An excellent work on the turmoil following the war, crammed with information, the contents warrant a much larger book. 1994, 272 pages, card $29.00

    Swiss Hotel Posts

    Studie über die schweizerische Hotelpost by Dr. Kottelat Published June 1, 1995 by Zumstein+cie in a limited edition, our copies are now in stock. The work is written in German but with the extensive illustrations it should be of much value to all Cinderella and local collectors. The postal regulations and philatelic influence are well covered, 1864 - 1900. Published at 190 SFr and being advertised in England at £120 or $190. 1995, 200 pages, 114 illustrations in color, linen bound $170.00

    Switzerland, Doe Winterthur, Marke der Uebergangseit 1850 by Hans Hunziker The Zurich issue of 1850, the interim stamps, cancellations, covers, the plating of the stamp, forgeries, etc., in German 1993, 48 pages, hard cover, 48 illustrations, 10 in color, pub SFR 48 $45.00

    Switzerland, Strubel, Helvetia assise non dentelée 1854-1862 by Hans F. Hunziker The Sitting Helvetia issues of 1854 - 1862, the history, philately, printings, shades, frankings & forgeries, in German and French., a beautiful book. 1986, 140 pages, 16 pages in color, Published 65 SFr. $57.50

    The set is now complete

    Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen

    Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen, 1857 - 1970, History - Fleet - Ship Mails by Edwin Drechsel

    Volume 1 covers the period from Lloyd's founding in 1857 to circa 1920 listing 279 ships. Vol 2 goes to 1970 when Lloyd merged with the Hamburg-American Line to form Hapag-Lloyd A.G. From the middle of the 19th century through the 1920's Norddeutscher Lloyd was the major carrier of immigrants from Europe to the United States and a major mover of the mail.

    Most ship description gives the year of building and Lloyd service, tonnage, engine, speed, passenger and crew size. Most also have a paragraph or two which usually gives the date launched and details which vary from ship to ship such as the rebuilding, ultimate disposition, important events, etc.

    • Volume 1, 1857 to Circa 1920 1994, 488 pages, 700 illustrations, cloth, dust jacket, $50.00
    • Volume 2, Circa 1920 to 1970 1995, 700 pages, cloth, dust jacket, $65.00

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